10 lessons from 7 weeks of no work

by Aug 5, 2019#crystalclarity

A big warm Aloha to you, I’ve missed you!

It’s been a while, 7 weeks to be exact, since I last popped into your inbox.

But oh goodness, did I need all that time. Burnout is real!

I’m finally feeling centered and aligned to myself, my own True North.

Not some version of myself that someone told me I should be, or worse yet the version I was telling myself I SHOULD be.

But the actual me, the good, the ugly and the whole me.

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Here are my biggest take-aways from my time off…

10 lessons from 7 weeks of no work

  1. It takes 2 full weeks for me to really let go and relax. Otherwise I am still checking email and in with my team and systems I’ve built over the years who gratefully ran the biz while I was gone.
  2. My energy comes in spurts. I can get a ton of shit done in a short amount of time then I need a ton of downtime to re-energize. I need to schedule in daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly breaks. In Human Design, I’m a Projector, a born advisor that has no energy center of her own. I’m not lazy, I purely need adequate recharging time for my battery to be adequately full.
  3. The only truth that matters is that I believe in myself. In biz, we constantly get messages from outside on how or what we should be doing. Ultimately the only truth that counts is what’s inside. What I believe about myself. Whether or not I believe in myself. Yes, it’s super helpful to get guidance to help us go inward and access our own truth, but only my inner truth matters to me. Only I need myself to tell me my worth. And guess what, I’m worthy (and so are you)!
  4. Reflection time is a necessity for me in business. Inspiration is a dime a dozen and I can’t act on all inspiration. I need lots of time to reflect on my next moves. I’m not one that can make a snap decision. Only Human Design spleen peeps can make snap decisions.
  5. Be-ing is enough. I spend so much time in my head and have kept myself busy to prevent myself from be-ing, hiding from my painful truths. And when I can just be, I am already enough, I don’t have to over achieve, overcompensate, over deliver. Oh and stressing on the “how’s…” Here’s a secret: if we let the soil do its work instead of interfering, the soil takes care of everything (ask me how).
  6. Intentions can be pure and impure. Pure intentions come from aligning to your highest self and truth, your own personal True North. Where as impure intentions come from doing what we or others think we should be doing. This “shoulding” often keeps us in a state of trying too hard. I have to check my intentions to see if it’s really what I want or what I think I should want. Fuck “should.”
  7. Boundaries constantly need reinforcement. Even when you tell people you are taking a break or doing x and not y, there will always be those that choose to not hear you and want more from you. Retrofitting those boundaries is not selfish, it’s self-ful.
  8. Connection IRL is a must. Spending so much time online, I miss real life connections. Community, friendship and support is the cornerstone to my healthy life and biz. Super excited that I met some amazing biz women AND have a retreat up my sleeve for sometime around the new year so we can spend time together IRL! Hawaii, Mexico or Northern California?
  9. Comparison doesn’t have to be a trap. I read in Radical Acceptance of a coach that said when we get jealous of someone else’s success and compare ourselves to that person, we are getting triggered by what we want and what we know we can have too. When I feel comparison creeping in, my new mantra is “I’ll have what she’s having!”
  10. Self doubt is my teacher. Self doubt is something I’ve struggled with my entire life (thank you Saturn on my Ascendant in the first house). And while I have been trying to escape it, I have learned to embrace it. When self doubt comes up, I’ve been asking, what do you have to teach me? What is it that isn’t yet the best of my ability? Is what I am doubting really aligned to my highest self and my True North?
    If any of these lessons speak to you, I’d love to know!

I’m gonna deep dive a few of these themes in the coming week as I believe they have so much value for all of us in business and life.

Happy to be back!

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