Episode 03: 7 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Astrology in Their Business

by | Feb 9, 2020

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Aloha and welcome to the savvy luminary, and a strong podcast for entrepreneurs. I’m your host, Leslie Tagorda. A grant astrologer, designer and spiritual business owner who has helped hundreds of businesses and nonprofits go from stuck to unstoppable. I am here to inspire you to make confident and focused moves that shine the light on your business through astrological insight, brand strategy and interviews with other spiritual business leaders. I believe you are here to share your magic and shine brightly like the luminary you are meant to be. Okay, let’s dig into this week’s episode.

In this episode

  • Third and final of the 3 intro episodes to lay the foundation.
  • In the first intro episode I told you a little bit about me and my background so you could get an understanding of my approach and filters
  • In the second episode I shared my vision of this podcast, why I was motivated to create one and who it’s for
  • In this third intro I want to share the ways that entrepreneurs can use astrology in a practical way to operate within their business with more clarity, courage and confidence.

Today I want to discuss

  • How it’s a powerful and precise tool for business
  • What I do and don’t use astrology for
  • 7 practical ways for any entrepreneur to use astrology in their business

We have a lot to cover in this foundational episode so let’s dig in!

Astrology as a Precise tool for Business and branding.

  • Archetyping and psychology
  • So many uses of psychology in business, from branding to strengths finding, to sales and everything in between
  • We don’t bat an eye when we use psychology
  • But much of modern psychology is based on ancient astrological archetypes – Carl Jung – a founding father of psychology used astrology extensively when working with patients.
  • Key insights into the ways we can operate with more alignment. Like a car with mis aligned tires

What I won’t be using astrology for

  • I am not here to talk about forcasting
  • While I’m here to talk about collective and personal energies and how to utilize those cosmic cycles, I am not here to create predictions.
  • Astrology is about free will
    • You have choices
    • What you do with those energies
    • How you chose to express yourself
    • Poker

Term to understand – The Natal Chart

  • What is the natal chart
    • Map of the stars
    • Positioned in houses that represent areas of our life or business
    • At the time you were born
  • Your natal chart
  • Your businesse’s natal chart If you’re the face of the brand, the speaker, we look at your chart so you can step into your leadership role
  • If your business has a collective culture that is beyond you, we look at the businesses chart
  • Domain, llc, rental agreements

1.  Astrology for Strengths finding and Insight

  • Like all tools, you can use them in an empowering or disempowering way
  • My brand of astrology is to use it as an empowered way.
  • And because of free will, it’s like a game of poker, you can win with a poor hand or loose with a great hand.
  • What will you do with your strengths and weaknesses
  • When I work with coaching clients my style of astrology is to ask questions based on what I see in the chart. It is my intention that these questions allow you to uncover your own inner truth on how to manage your brand and business
  • I love to use astrology to build clarity, courage and confidence
    • Clarity – recognize our value, own our value, communicate our value
    • Courage – do the scary risky things in business like putting yourself out there
    • Confidence – a practice that builds so you can keep showing up.
  • ASTROLOGY: Gives us insight into our strengths, challenges and how we can rise to the next level of who we are ideally meant to be
  • RESULT: WHEN we know our astrological makeup, we can validate our feelings but also give our selves permission to be exactly who we are instead of trying to be someone else.

2. Branding and Psychological Archetyping

  • This is the core of my entire business
    • More than just the identity, it’s the heart and soul
    • Every other way to use astrology, for me comes from this heart of branding
    • Branding is the experience that someone has with your business
      • Every touchpoint
      • Visuals, communications, social media, onboarding/offboarding, systems
      • What is that lasting feeling that your ideal customer is left of your business
  • All branding experts can agree that branding comes down to psychological archetyping – creating a feeling or impression
  • If you’ve taken any branding personality type or psychological type –
  • Carl Yung
  • I’ve built an entire branding framework and coaching program around using our astrology to become more visible.
  • ASTROLOGY: can show us how to be uniquely ourselves – branding from within
  • RESULT: When you brand by your stars you no longer have to copy or compare – you are free to create a one of a kind brand

3. Identifying Soul Customers and Communities

  • Need to know who your customer is, energetically and archetypally
  • Their hopes and dreams, frustrations and fears
  • More specific than a customer avatar, astrology can see who you are ideally supposed to work with
  • Also, who you’re supposed to form networks and communities with
  • ASTROLOGY: can show us their exact struggles and their exact dreams
  • RESULT: When you know the energetics of what your customers and communities need

4.Communication Styles & On-Brand Messaging

  • Our brand personality is the basis for our communication style
  • More than personality, our messaging and voice allows our business to connect and engage
  • Brand stories, marketing messages, sales and promotions
  • ASTROLOGY: Can tell us our communication style, how to communicate, words that are resonate
  • RESULT: When we use astrology to understand our communication style we can create marketing and promotional messaging that is completely aligned with our energetic

5. Positioning & Discernment

  • Where to direct and grow towards you vision
  • What types of offers resonate with your design
  • What your soul or the soul of your business wants to accomplish in this lifetime
  • How your offering is unique and different than others in your field
  • ASTROLOGY: Can indicate our offer’s impact and purpose and give it differentiation
  • RESULT: when we use astrology to position our business, we can differentiate ourselves from competitors and create offers that are magnetic

6. Leadership Development

  • Guide we are meant to be, people see us in a certain way, stepping into that purpose – step into that type of leadership
    • Grow into that leadership style
    • Makes us more trustworthy as we are already being seen like that.
    • Sometimes it’s a stretch
    • Gives us confidence
  • Strengths finding, focus on our strengths delegate everything else
  • Understanding our triggers and challenges – transmute them into gifts
  • Often the things we’ve figured out are our gifts to offer our customers,
  • Understanding our self-limiting beliefs – so we can transmute them and heal our relationship with them
  • ASTROLOGY: Astrology can validate what we mostly know to be true so we can stretch to those highest ideals and look at them as assets vs liabilities
  • RESULT: When we embody our natural tendencies and love our perceived challenges, we can focus and work in our Zones of genius and delegate everything else

7. Scheduling & Cycles

  • When we know our collective and personal cycles this helps us
  • Operations & Systems
  • When and when NOT to launch
  • When to post social media
  • When to relax, when to dig in
  • Not so much forecasting or predicting the future
  • But aligning to nature to work with the inherent energies
  • Collective cycles
    • Macro/seasonal
    • Monthly
    • Daily
    • Micro – void of course
  • Personal cycles
    • Panet transits, moon, personal, outer planet collective Saturn + Jupiter
    • Specifying collective cycles to our personal cycles
  • ASTROLOGY: Knowing our personal and collective cycles we can harness energies and prevent burn out
  • RESULT: We cultivate patience and harness energies on our behalf. We can work and rest with more ease and less guilt – we build trust working with nature’s cosmic cycles.

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