Episode 133: 7 Ways to Express Gratitude In Your Business

Episode 133: 7 Ways to Express Gratitude In Your Business

by | Nov 24, 2021

For those of us in the United States are celebrating a complicated holiday of Thanksgiving. But how do we honor thanksgiving without spiritual bypassing or looking at the superficial positivity of appreciation? In this episode, I share 7 different ways to elevate gratitude in your life and business so that you can tap into this most powerful energetic expression to improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual abundance. To the Luminaries celebrating Thanksgiving, happy a wonderful holiday. And to all you Luminaries, I am so grateful for you, your listenership has inspired me to continue on my path of sharing astrology and spiritual wisdom for you to use in your business.

7 Ways to Express Gratitude In Your Business

  1. Gratitude for the land that you currently occupy.
    1. You are a benefactor from the protections of the spirit of that land
    2. And benefactor of those that have stewarded that land before you
    3. Find out who are the first peoples of the land you currently occupy
    4. Ground your feet on that land and thank the spirits and ancestors of that land
    5. Google who’s land am I on and you’ll see many resources and sites
    6. I currently live on land of the Ramaytush Ohlone – who still live here and run cultural and land rematriation projects as stewards
  2. Gratitude for your ancestors and spirit guides
  3. Gratitude for your family, friends
  4. Gratitude for your colleagues, community and clients
  5. Gratitude for your abundance and physical needs
    1. Environment, freshwater, food, clothing, home, WIFI
  6. Gratitude for your health and abilities
  7. Gratitude for how you impact others and add value
    1. Emotional care or labor – cooking
    2. Helping your customers with their results
    3. Making a neighbor smile
    4. Making a collaborator’s life easier
    5. Leaving a positive review for people’s work

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