Leslie Tagorda

Brand Navigator

My gift to you

30-min Brand Clarity Call

Let’s illuminate your brand and find out
where you are unaligned to brand who you are

If you are a good fit,
I will invite you to Crystallize Brand Coaching Circle

In 30 min, you will see the roadblocks to the vision of your ideal brand and the steps to get there

Apply for the 30-min clarity session if:

  • You are seasoned women business owner needing to pivot in their business
  • You are a new business owner wanting to get solid start
  • You are an action taker and will do the work needed
  • You are open to committing to growing your business
  • You want to show up as your best self

During our call we will:

  • Uncover your vision for your business.
  • Assess where you are today, what’s working and what’s not working.
  • And determine where you want to be.

And if I think you might be a good fit, I may invite you to my intimate brand coaching program, Crystallize, where I work with a very small group of women to expand their brand’s using my practical and magical AstroBrand™ system.

Patty L.

Clinical Western Herbalist

Lisa T.

Realtor Intuitive


Farmer + Brewer

Anne P.

Event Planner and Coach

Crystallize Brand Coaching Circle starts February 2020

If you’re serious, ready for take your business to the next level and really ready to invest in yourself, please do not hesitate. I know you feel it!

Leslie Tagorda

A former hiding web and brand designer turned visionary brand astrologer and strategist committed to transform your brand from aspirational to inspirational

Your investment will be in the several thousands of dollars, but you’ll get so much more in return!

  • Astrological insight into your true purpose, strengths and challenges (aka gifts in disguise)
  • Energetic alignment to attract your ideal customer
  • Belief in the value you offer and the courage to charge your worth
  • Intimate feedback on your brand so you know you are headed in the right direction, I’m gonna get in your business!
  • Systems for telling your brand story and expertise that grows your community
  • Focus on how to share your vision with your world
  • Strategies to package and present your offerings so it shines bright like a diamond
  • Tips to implement your brand’s shiny new vision, voice and style
  • Support to step into and claim the inspirational visionary you are meant to be

Much love and abundance!

Crystallize Brand Coaching Circle starts February 2020

Heartset training starts as soon as you sign up

Brand Clarity Call Application

Deborah T.

Shamanic Healer & Artist


Spiritual Healer and Coach

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