AstroBrand™ Reading

Sometimes all you need is a little big of guidance to see if you’re going in the right direction

30 Minute Mini AstroBrand™ Reading | Special Offer: $111 | $199

60 Minute Full AstroBrand™ Reading | Special Offer: $222 | $298

During our Mini AstroBrand Reading we will review your natal chart, the map of the sky at the time you took your first breath. Your natal chart is the blue print that the divine gave you that charts out your unique set of gifts and challenges that will give you the most returns.

If you have a collective where you’re not the face of the brand, we can do a chart of the moment your business took it’s first breath like the signing of a lease, LLC or registering a domain name.

What you get:

  • 15 minute natal chart reading (+ pre-session research) looking at the 3 sign posts that make up your AstroBrand Map
  • Discussion of your biggest challenge in business and how your astrological gifts might give you some direction
  • Review of your visual brand or website or social media channel with actionable tasks to better align your business to your AstroBrand
  • A list of things you can take action on to better align your business to your stars
  • A recorded video of our session so you can refer back to it later

How it works:

  • Schedule your time
  • Send in your birth date, time and place
  • Show up for our video call 5 minutes before hand so you can get Zoom installed and set up before we begin

Due to the nature of the research that goes into each Mini AstroBrand Reading, I only have a few spots a week to do these, and they cannot be scheduled less then 24 hours in advance.

Do I need to have my birth time?
A: To get the most accurate reading, yes you do. If you don’t, you can contact the hospital you were born in to get your birth time. We can also play with a few times to see which Rising sign best resonates with you. There are also rectification astrologers or apps. If you choose to use this app , please know I have no association with them or their accuracy.

Want a free mini-reading?

Twice a month I select one person from my free Facebook group The Savvy Luminary to get a free Mini AstroBrand Reading where you get all the above but we both share the recording online. Head over to the Savvy Luminary and become an active member and sign up there.

These women have already aligned their brands
to their astrological gifts with this mini astro-brand reading

Alex Ellis of AE Wellness

Michelle Sanchez of Baremade Studios

Radiah Rhodes

Vickie Nathalie