AstroBrand™ Sessions

Astrological guidance + business/brand strategy, pure a-ha!

Gain specific beyond-branding insights to grow your visibility. Learn your unique brand positioning, communication keys and leadership styles that magnetize your soul customer. And get strategies to integrate them into your business.

Why AstroBrand™ + Business Astrology?

Did you know that there are no two natal charts exactly alike? Your natal chart is the map of the sky at the time you took your first breath. This Divine assignment specifically maps out your unique energetic keys, strengths and potential.

During our sessions we tune into your natal chart using my AstroBrand framework of business and personal branding. The AstroBrand framework pinpoints psychological archetypes that we can use in your brand and that when aligned, makes your brand truly authentic so you can go on to be known, liked and trusted.

If you have a business collective where you’re not the face of the brand, we can run the chart of the business by selecting the time of its first breath such as the signing of a lease, LLC or registration of a domain name.



1x 60 Minute Session

Perfect for

  • Personal brand overview and map
  • Understanding your strengths
  • Turning your vision into purpose
  • Identifying your ideal customers and their struggles
  • Defining energetic communication keys
  • Assessment of a marketing, sales or brand collateral for alignments



$599 (10% discount)
2x 60 minute sessions

Use within 1 month

All the insight of positioning + continued coaching and strategy sessions for bigger implementations
Perfect for

  • Small projects like a sales or landing page
  • Social media design review
  • Deal customer engagement strategies
  • Deeper dive into aligning to your brand map



$1132 (15% discount)
4x 60 minute sessions

Use within 2 month

All the insight of a project + continued coaching and strategy sessions for bigger implementations
Perfect for

  • Strategy and implementation on larger projects like a website launch, email opt ins, brand story writing, or social media planning
  • Support for deeper dives into transformational personal branding so you can turn your challenges into gifts



1x 60 minute session

Available to people who have already purchased a full session. We will focus on 1 question.

How it works

  • ✓ After you purchase, you will be sent a link to schedule.
  • ✓ All sessions are held online on Zoom and recorded + transcribed for your reference.
  • ✓ For accuracy and best results, you must know your time and place of birth.
  • ✓ For those that do not have your birth time and date we will lack the ability to define some of the energetic keys to unlock your brand.

Luminary on Call

Personalized star-charted, cosmically-timed guidance for goal-getting Luminaries

You want personalized star-charted, cosmically-timed guidance for your goal getting! You’ve already made those big leaps in calling in your people, amplifying your visibility and investing in yourself.

A sample of what I can guide you on:
✓ Dates for your launch
✓ When to submit your next book proposal to the publisher
✓ Best pitch for an up-level collab or prospect
✓ When to take your next retreat
✓ What messaging is really going to amplify your brand

Client Love

“Leslie, you’re amazing at what you do!! Please keep shining your light for others.”

I felt reassured that I’m speaking to the right folks who fit the ideal clients. I was reinvigorated to continue my dedication to my meditation practice. I’m continuing to explore how to embrace the strong side of me that people are drawn to and understanding how it is part of my “curb appeal.”

Steph Gaudreau

Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor + NTP

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate this was so generous and really amazing. It’s not even a skill, but it’s a gift. It really is a gift. Thank you.”

– Radiah Rhodes

Managing Partner at Evók Life by Design

“I have implemented all of Leslie’s suggestions and I have noticed a shift and change in my business and the way in which I am relating to my ideal clients”

– Kelly B.

International Medium & Intuitive

“I feel so empowered. This reading was what I was looking for. I have so many key takeaways, but I’m so happy I could dig into how I’m naturally built and use that info in my offers and communications. That is so valuable to me.”

– Shaunda Head

Brand + Marketing Strategist

“I needed to get this insight from Leslie to take steps towards aligning my brand with my astro/natal chart.”

– Lindsay B.

Financial Therapist

” I feel highly illuminated. So I can’t wait to go back and really sort of parse through, especially things that you’re talking about those second, and third house cusps.”

– Alison Mondel

Transformational Voice Coach at Sacred Voice Studios

“I feel so empowered. Armed with more knowledge about who I am and how it applies to my business.”

– Robin Z.

Empowered Path Alchemy

“Leslie’s AstroBrand Reading sessions are wonderful! ”

Her style, depth of knowledge and personable approach helped me realize where my strengths are and potential growth edge is for both me personally and my business. Through the lens of Astrology and her skills in making that translate to my business, I have seen more focus and growth in a way that feels aligned to how I can pivot my business in these changing times. Don’t miss working with her!

Susan T.

Susan Yoga

“Just minutes into Leslie’s AstroBrand reading I knew I had found what I’d been searching for! ”

As a spiritual entrepreneur, commonplace approaches to brand development felt empty to me. I was in search of an approach to branding that would honor both my highest calling and the spirits of those I’m meant to work with. Through her unique approach to astrology, she was able to see the big picture of my life’s work, and then provide me with actionable steps to branding that felt aligned, soulful and empowering.

Karen Marzec

Founder of Energy Medicine for Modern Living

Meet Your Wayfinder

I’m Leslie Tagorda (she/her), a multiracial, brand astrologer, and strategist. An Aquarius boss woman and Human Design Projector, I call myself a Brand Navigator as I guide transformational visionaries to reach for and exceed their expectations using my own system of an empowered brand and biz astrology called The AstroBrand Framework™.

Since 2004 I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and social impact organizations clarify their brand story, express themselves through their websites, social and brands so they can stop hiding and shine brighter like the luminaries they are meant to be.

I host a podcast and Facebook community The Savvy Luminary – Astrology for Entrepreneurs. And when not star gazing and advising, I’m a professional classical clarinetist touring with my nationally-recognized chamber ensemble or playing in the pits of groups like the San Francisco Ballet and the San Francisco Opera. Alas, with our global pivot – all gigs canceled.

I reside in the occupied land of the Ohlone Ramaytush currently called San Francisco with my husband and son.

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