Episode 86: Biz StarCast: Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of June 13 – 19, 2021

by | Jun 13, 2021

Last week was quite a doozy with the New Moon Eclipse and the midpoint of our Mercury Retrograde, and this week, we have a fairly quiet week, which is the perfect time. for integration. This week, we have the Sun squaring Neptune, and the second meeting of Saturn and Uranus, where we get to look at your outdated social structures in your business that needs dismantling. Then we end our week with our 2Q Moon, where we act and organiza to take a practical step to get closer to your vision.

Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of June 13 – 19


Sun square Neptune

4:40 PM Pacific | 7:40 PM Eastern

Outside experiences guide you to your soul’s desire

What experiences are putting you on your Soul’s path?

You are coming to a realization, something you have already felt but have denied. Something your intuition and soul has been asking you to create and do. Notice what experiences have been directing you onto your soul’s path, the path that you really desire but have denied because of conditioning. Will you answer the call this time or still put it off? Will you trust in Spirit? Yes you can.

Sun Gemini 23° squares off with Neptune Pisces 23°


Saturn Rx square Uranus

3:01 PM Pacific | 6:01 PM Eastern

Re-evaluate structure evolution

What outdated social structures in your business are you now dismantling?

The signature that defines all of 2021 has an exact square off today. When Saturn and Uranus meet it is about evolving systems and structures that hold society together. When they square off like in a 4Q moon phase, its this structure that is finally getting the inner psychological breakthrough that leads to system change.

And with the big work that we as humanity are facing, this is a three step process where we are at the second step. Back in February, on a collective level we noticed how broken our society really is. On a personal level, you saw how what you have built is not sustainable or equitable.

Now, we see what exactly needs integration and repair. Maybe we don’t yet have the answers but now we have a direction in which we can start to clear the path.

In December, we start step three where we will then have clarity on what we will rebuild to create a just and equitable social structure. And personally, you will have the clarity to what you need to create your just and sustainable business.

Saturn square Uranus 2021

Collectively we can look at all the social issues that still need just solutions or the environment that is on the brink unless we each do our part. In our businesses we can feel this as the need to simplify. To focus on the things that will make the biggest impact and to work in a way that feels sustainable. We are all past the need to hustle. And in 2021 we get to choose how we repair the system, integrate the things we need to evolve and keep and say goodbye to the outdated.

  • February 17
  • June 14
  • December 23

Saturn Rx Aquarius 13° squares Uranus Taurus 13°


2Q Moon Virgo 27°09′

8:54 PM Pacific | 11:54 PM Eastern

Act and organize

What one practical step will you take that will get you closer to your vision?

It’s time to take action! Action for Virgo is based on practicality, healthy, and daily practices. What action can you effectively take a step forward? One that you can build upon as a daily routine that will help you get closer to your big vision? It’s also at this time Jupiter steps on the brakes before going retrograde. This focus on 2° of Pisces brings up old beliefs that need to disintegrate so that you can realign your vision and big dreams.

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