Episode 59: Biz StarCast For the Week of March 06 – 13, 2021

by | Mar 7, 2021

Biz StarCast of Week of March 06 – 13, 2021.

Did you get to listen to the mid-week episode? Let us know what you think. We continue to get a little rest in our second week of March.

A fairly quiet week astrologically, which is needed to integrate and ground the shifts we have been feeling since Mars entered Gemini. This energy wants you to get curious about what motivates you in your business.

We start off our week with the Sun conjunct Neptune which will get us ready for the upcoming Pisces New Moon.

Stay tuned for the mid-week episode where I dive deeper into the Pisces energy and how you can use this new moon energy for your biz.

In this episode:

✨ Astrology of the week of 3/06-13/2021

Astrology of the Week

Sun conjunct Neptune

3/10/2021 | 4:01 PM PT | 7:01 PM ET

Vibrant powerful vision

What makes you feel creative, artistic, imaginative and connected to your Highest Self?

A great day to let your imagination soar.

It’s been a quiet time in the cosmos and much needed. As the Sun (creative vibrancy) and Neptune (visionary Spiritualist) meet in Neptune’s home of Pisces, we go through deep and meaningful interconnectedness to all.

“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop” – Rumi

Let this be your theme for today. How do you drop into the ocean, and how can you feel out into all the deep mysteries of knowingness? Is it a guided meditation? Is it watercolor? Is it singing mantras? Dive oh so deep today and let your creativity and vision soar. Your Spirit will guide the way if you let it.

Look to Pisces 20° to find that sweet spot on your chart. The house that contains that connection point is where you will find more access to your Divine.

New Moon Pisces 23°

3/13/2021 | 2:21 AM PT | 5:21 AM ET

Today I plant the seeds to bring in more ease and flow with connection to my Divine in my business and brand.

What does connection to spirit help your vision?

Beautiful and dreamy, this New Moon is your connection to the Divine. Imagine your most divine self, showing you the past, present, and future vision. She has chosen this path that you are on of spiritual entrepreneurship. Goddess, you know entrepreneurship is for the courageous of heart. And the most courageous of hearts are those that can hold vast empathy and compassion.

When you dream of the visions for your business, how simply can you attain this vision? How in ease can you work? And what can you accomplish when in flow?

Shortly after the New Moon, Venus will meet up with Neptune adding to the beauty, imagination and charm.

Decide today what ease and flow looks like to you in your spiritual business.

What does your connection to Spirit want you to see?

What is the biggest, dreamiest, most beautiful vision you can conjour of you in your business?

The house that contains Pisces of 23° is the area of your business for which desires a fresh intention based on surrender, ease and flow.

Venus conjunct Neptune

3/13/2021 | 8:08 PM PT | 11:08 PM ET

Creativity + imagination flows

What is your higher octave of creativity and connectivity?

A great day to meet soul-level co-creators and customers.

Shortly after the Pisces New Moon, Venus and Neptune meet at Pisces 20°45′. Venus is our ability to connect with the right people and the right resources, and Neptune is this same energy but at a higher frequency, connecting to all through the Spiritual plane. When these two lovely energies meet, everything beautiful and sublime come together in dreamy vision.

This is a great energy to feel and create great beauty. The challenge is to take that vision from so high above and bring it down to this Earthly plane without losing this fleeting yet intense love.

Capture this beauty not by holding onto the last detail of what it looks like but instead by remembering, in your heart and soul, what this big vision feels like and how you are meant to embody it through the generous work you offer through your business.

Leaves shadow – Aquarius 26°


Thoughts flow quickly

What have you rethought about the future of your business?

You made it, our first Mercury Retrograde cycle is officially done. Mercury has left the shadow zone, meaning it has left the area of the sky where it first appeared to backwards about a month ago.

Your thoughts are now moving freely and you most certainly have clarity of what you want for the future in your business. For the next 2 days (yes, 2 days only) get your thoughts on paper so you can recall your ideas as Mercury will spend just a few days in Aquarius before it moves into Pisces, where Mercury, while moving forward, will be in a state of dreaminess and abstract thinking.

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