Episode 79: Branding Your Differences with Shaunda Head

by | May 19, 2021

Taurus, Aries, Scorpio brand boss woman Shaunda Head has learned to trust her intuition in her branding business to help her make decisions for both herself and her clients. Shaunda speaks of her powerful intuition as a “heavy” feeling that comforts and guides her to knowing her next move. This feeling inspired Shaunda to connect with me, as she had this knowing that together, there was something that I had that would spark something in her. Shaunda shares with us how to trust in our differences to stay true to ourselves in our brands and leads by example to spark her own healing work that in turns sparks others on the same journey – in business and in life.

Meet Shaunda Head

Shaunda Head is an Atlanta-based brand strategist and digital marketer who helps women use their differences to build their brands and create impactful marketing. She creates and implements strategies in marketing, branding and copywriting to help her clients SHOW UP and drive higher connection with their true, dream clients. In addition to building strategies and marketing funnels, Shaunda also teaches various workshops on aligning your messaging, branding and marketing in a way that benefits your full brand system.

Shaunda has 16 years of experience, including brand design, marketing, communications and business development for global companies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), UPS and E! Entertainment Television. She now coaches and consults for emerging and growing entrepreneurs — past clients consist of coaches, podcasters, stylists, therapists, bloggers, e-commerce site owners and more.

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