Biz StarCast – November 2022 Edition

by Leslie Tagorda

November 2022 Biz StarCast - Reaffirming your purpose

November 2022 Biz StarCast

Reaffirming your purpose

Vibe: Cheerful, Outward containers, inner freedom, focused growth

Welcome to November — if you’re like me, you’re looking forward to a change of seasons!

I feel that we need a bit of retreat and rest after this last week of October with all the cosmic shifts (the Solar eclipse, Jupiter Rx re-entering Pisces, and Mars Rx beginning). Thankfully November opens with just a whisper, with nothing big to manage.

And that’s good news because as we move further into November, things amp up! We have one more eclipse – a crispy total Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus (red moon) that has many wild cards, with the full moon conjunct Uranus opposite the Sun in triad with Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. It’s a twist of fate of an eclipse for sure, with Saturn refereeing this face off and deciding the outcomes based on your ability to commit and master radical changes.

Eclipses are not to be feared, although they can cause huge leaps forward in your life. But the leaps forward always put you on your highest path. Trust this.

Note for Fixed Luminaries: If you have your sun, moon, rising or a stellium in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), November continues to put the pressure on – turning up the intensity with this Eclipse.

I don’t intend to use the word intensity as something that evokes fear. Remember that even in the most challenging times, there is opportunity for great growth and change. And not all of it will feel heavy, for there is so much opportunity for intuitive and inspirational growth, especially with Scorpio and Sagittarius involved this November.

Coal becomes diamonds when pressure is this high. Do not fight it or avoid it. Face it, sit with it. Trust that this pressure is happening for you.

In November, the intensity will be intertwined with inspiration, purpose and hope. You’ll get to reaffirm your value, your big message and your devotion due to the pressures that November gifts you.

This month is a mix of cheer and constraint. But constraints are actually where you find your freedom. With too many options, you may feel overwhelmed into inaction. But with a clear focus as a defined boundary, your path is crystal clear. In that path, your direction is set free. The eclipse this month has a potent mix, so keep your energy focused on silver linings.

Your boundaries are the trellis from which your jasmine plant can reach for the sun. Form, freedom, and growth.

Pressure Points in November

Take a look at where these points are on your chart to see which houses and/or planets and angles may be impacted.

  • Taurus 16°
  • Pisces 28°

This month we see:

  • Mars in Retrograde all month (started Oct 30)
  • Venus enters Sagittarius (Nov 15)
  • Mercury enters Sagittarius (Nov 17)
  • Sun enters Sagittarius (Nov 22)
  • Jupiter Retrograde ends Pisces 28° (Nov 23)


  • Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Taurus 16° (Nov 8)
  • New Moon Sagittarius 1° (Nov 23)

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Planetary Purpose
In a pinch and want to remember which days are best for which task? Go with the planetary days.

  • Sunday (Sun): Create, radiate, source
    Do what you love!
  • Monday (Moon): Feel, intuit, nourish, care
    Define how you want to feel and listen to your intuition to plan your week.
  • Tuesday – Mars: Act, motivate, initiate, lead
    Take action on your tasks on this productive day.
  • Wednesday – Mercury: Think, speak, write, communicate, share info
    Get on social, send an informative email, share your voice.
  • Thursday – Jupiter: Believe, expand, teach, gratitude, promote
    Work on your website, send a press release, and promote your business.
  • Friday – Venus: Connect, combine, appreciate, beautify, soften
    Focus on money, relationships, beauty and appreciation.
  • Saturday – Saturn: Mastery, boundaries, “no”
    Take time for yourself to fill your cup.

How to use these cosmic energies:

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all.
  • There is nothing to be fearful of. Get curious about what we need to learn.
  • For larger shifts, you’ll feel the energy a week leading up to and away from.

To personalize energies:

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart.
  • Your astrological house in which the degree occurs is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic shift.

Week of October 30 – November 5, 2022

“Storms make trees take deeper roots.” — Dolly Parton

Last week, we had yet another Solar Eclipse, Jupiter Rx reentering his home sign of Pisces, Mercury entering Scorpio AND Mars Rx beginning! Luckily we don’t have as much this first week of November… except the Venus in Scorpio moving into position to t-square with Saturn and Uranus STILL in square. Some latent realizations may come crashing in this week to bring about a sense of wonder in you, after weathering many storms recently.

It’s a time to root in understanding the energies in your life pointing you toward what you value and what you are healing toward the future, where you contribute to your community from a place of joy and can alchemize the intensity into peace and awe.

November 5, 2022

Venus opposite Uranus Rx

3:22 PM PT | 6:22 PM ET

Surprise attractions
How can you be open to amazement?

Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus face off today in the sky; all the while Saturn in Aquarius acts as a pivot point in a fixed sign T-Square. It’s a day that can feel edgy and exciting all at once.

Exciting people or experiences could come knocking on your door for a day leading up to or away from this transit. Take a deep breath in, as these experiences could be ultra energizing, risky, or even maddening. As with most of these kinds of surprises, don’t judge the experience right away as good or bad. Even if a bit uncomfortable, the experience may be what you need to make an uplevel connection that until now has remained elusive in your life or business.

Saturn breaks the tension by reminding you to commit to your own mastery and responsibility in lieu of chasing any shiny objects that may come your way.

And if frustration and anger are running high on a day like today, don’t keep the anger in. Shake it out of your nervous system.

Especially stimulating for fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

Venus Scorpio 17° opposite Uranus Rx Taurus 17°

Week of November 6 – 12, 2022

“My best ideas come to me at unexpected moments, like when I’m reading children’s books to my kids (the pictures inspire me), shopping, driving somewhere, seeing different things.” — Mary Engelbreit

This week, the second of the eclipse season comes through, with a t-square Total Full Moon (aka red moon) eclipse. With the full moon conjunct Uranus opposite the Sun in triad with Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, it’s a wildcard for sure. With Saturn refereeing his face off and deciding the outcomes in both a collective and personal sense, it’s a great time to reassess your perspective of limitations.
Mercury is also forming many aspects to planets this week, prompting a reflection or even spurts of action in your thought processes and communications. Look at the beauty of what you’ve created when you believe in your message and broadcast it out.

Venus also dances with Saturn and Neptune, sparking creative tension and vision, while the Sun also gets involved to spur a reaffirmation of your identity and the magnificence of the Work you’re doing and refining right now. Prepare for a week of great realizations and surprises.

November 6, 2022

Venus square Saturn

11:34 PM PT | 2:34 AM +1 ET

External limits test your resources and relationships

Continuing on from the t-square with Uranus, Venus now squares off exactly with Saturn.

Ask yourself — what is limiting you right now and stretching your creativity to do more with less?

For a few days leading up to and away from this transit, you may be tested and limited. Maybe your creativity, relationship or money matters will be tested? Asking you to prioritize, make choices and take responsibility. While in the moment it may feel like a damper and rain on your parade, it is what you create in spite of these limitations that will allow you to outshine what you would have created otherwise.

Venus in Scorpio squares off with Saturn in Aquarius, both at 18° of fixed signs, similar to a fourth quarter moon where inner realizations allow you to shift towards commitment.

Especially heightened for fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

Venus Scorpio 18° square Saturn Aquarius 18°

November 8, 2022

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Taurus 16°

3:02 AM PT | 6:02 AM ET

Leaving Fallacy Behind
Interpretation co-written with Natalie Miller

This year’s Full Moon in Taurus is a total lunar eclipse, and it pulses with the energy of reckoning and change. It’s a moment to turn away from fear, doubt, and disinformation, and to turn toward your own sense of truth, your intuition, and the power of your intentions.

Eclipse seasons are already renowned for shaking things up, throwing wild cards into the mix, and revealing more layers of reality. In this particular eclipse, Uranus exactly conjoins the Moon in Taurus, doubling down on the energies of shock and awe, wild cards and change.

To make matters more intense, the Saturn/Uranus square from the last New Moon is still present, and we’re still feeling its pressure to reconcile our desire for stability with our desire for freedom. We’ve spent the past few years intensely experiencing instability on so many fronts, collectively and personally, globally and locally, socially and climatologically. We’re not done figuring out how to create stability that is more responsive, and freedom that is more responsible.

Oh, and it’s Election Day in the United States.

All this makes big feelings, deep frustrations, and lasting change likely. With Mercury just a degree away from conjoining the Sun, breakthrough is available to you. You can make yourself available to breakthrough by stretching into your emotions, tapping into intuition, grounding your nervous system, and taking full responsibility for yourself.

Cosmic notes for Astro Techies

  • Eclipse T-square with Saturn Aquarius 18°
  • Scorpio Stellium (South Node 13°, Mercury 15°, Sun 16°, Venus 20°)
  • Taurus Stellium (North Node, Moon 16°, Uranus Rx Taurus 16°)
  • Scorpio Stellium opposing Taurus Stellium
  • Saturn Aquarius 18° STILL square Uranus Rx 16°

Mercury conjunct Sun

8:42 AM PT | 11:42 AM ET

Mercury sits in the heart of the Sun today, sparking the mid way point between Mercury Retrograde cycles. Again!? Yes, again. We get these times 3x a year and honestly, we need these reminders. During this time, instead of confusion and an urge to redo everything, there is clarity. Maybe not today as the ideas come rushing in. But tomorrow as Mercury speeds through the sky, in their wake will be clarity.

Especially on the heels of the Lunar Eclipse, this clarity may be the unexpected inspiration you’ve been waiting for.

This will likely be an intuitive knowing. Will you trust it? Please do.

Mercury 16° conjunct Sun Scorpio 16°

Mercury opposite Uranus Rx

6:40 PM PT | 9:40 PM ET

Surprises from communication through intuition
What intuitive surprises and understandings come through?

A great day to do intuitive writing.

As a collective, our intuition is on the rise today. You want to focus, but you are getting so many intuitive hits from every direction, from your emotions, to your nervous system. Words easily write themselves, people you need to talk are all messaging you.

Do not ignore or repress these intuitive messages. Listen to them and understand what they are saying. They are nudging you closer to letting go of the things you no longer want to do in your business so you can maximize your superpowers.

Especially activating for Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

Mercury Scorpio opposite Uranus Rx Taurus 16°

November 9, 2022

Sun opposite Uranus Rx

12:26 AM PT | 3:26 AM ET

Recognize creative breakthroughs
How will you integrate shocks as awakenings in your business?

We are at this once-a-year face-off with the Sun illuminating the innovation and revolution of Uranus in the sky. This face-off, similar to a full moon phase, happens when Uranus is closest to the Earth, we can feel his shake-ups and quantum leaps from our nervous systems through to the Earth that we stand upon. Seismic ideas and after-thoughts are ripe for a day like today. Keep your journal handy for some inspiration.

Especially astounding for Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

Sun Scorpio 16° opposite Uranus Rx Taurus 16°

Mercury square Saturn

11:52 PM PT | 2:52 AM + 1 ET

Say less, no need to over-explain
What can you say less of or communicate without saying a thing?

In certain situations like today, there is no need to over-explain or reiterate your asks. What can you do to get across your message that goes beyond words? This type of communication will have a much greater impact with energy like today.

Mercury Scorpio 18° square Saturn Aquarius 18°

November 10, 2022

Venus trine Neptune Rx

4:22 AM PT | 7:22 AM ET

Heightened manifestation
What beauty do you now recognize?

There is something subtle today that feels so true and powerful. This something feels more energetic than tangible. It’s as if someone has put on your rose-colored glasses, and now you can see the truth and beauty that was already there. You feel an openness despite the challenges that allow you to feel compassion and kindness. If you choose to do anything with this energy, be gentle, be magical, and experience the pleasures of life. When you do, your attraction and charm powers will work their magic in your business and romantic life.

Especially magnetic for Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

Venus Scorpio 22° trine Neptune Rx Pisces 22°

November 11, 2022

Sun square Saturn

12:04 AM PT | 3:04 AM ET

Limitations have gifts
What creative excess is holding you back? What can you limit to create more freedom?

For a few days before and after, you will find creative vibrancy in your limitations. This can be so freeing to work within tight confines and restraints. Often when we have tight frameworks from which we can operate, our creativity soars in what’s possible with these new constraints. Notice how you are being asked to work with less AND how this restriction is juicing your creativity.

Sun at Taurus 13° squares off with Saturn at Aquarius 13°. Look to 13° +/- of Fixed signs in your natal chart — if you have planets or energies, these will be activated and add to your creative tension.

November 12, 2022

Mercury trine Neptune Rx

10:36 AM PT | 1:36 AM ET

Inner creativity
What love, spirit, beauty, or intuition bubbles forth?

Despite all the crunchiness in the sky, this aspect softens and lets Spirit flow through you, leaving an understanding of the balance, beauty and truth of this time. What is this beautiful message that you now receive?

Especially enlightening for Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

Mercury Scorpio 22° trine Neptune Rx Pisces 22°

Week of November 13 – 19, 2022

“In life, an abundance of confidence gives us higher motivation, persistence, and optimism and can allow us to accomplish things we otherwise might not have undertaken.” — Whitney Tilson

The theme of this week involves viewing life through a lens of optimism and looking at the possibilities you can explore and create.

With the planets forming trines, Neptune, the planet that inspires you to dream bigger and transcend your obstacles, forming multiple aspects, and Jupiter, the Expander of potential, at home in Sagittarius as Venus touches down in that sign, there is positivity and newfound vision brimming in the air.

Take this week to feel sparked and lit up and take action where you see fit, while retaining a hopeful and grateful perspective and attitude of reflection throughout the days.

November 14, 2022

Sun trine Neptune Rx

7:43 PM PT | 10:43 PM ET

Your generosity is your inspiration
What have you received that you can share?

There is an energy of connection to super-consciousness or your intuition for a day up to and away from this exact meeting point. No matter what you do, your creative force seems to pour through you from beyond. Tune into this energy and use it for good. This can be highly transformational and powerful, so use this good for yourself and for others. Pass it forward. Your good deeds are being rewarded.

Especially expansive for Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).

Sun Scorpio 22° trine Neptune Rx Pisces 22°

November 15, 2022

Venus trine Jupiter RX

1:36 AM PT | 4:36 AM ET

One of the luckiest days of the year!

Expansive mutual feelings
What are you here to nourish? What nourishes you?

For a day leading up to and away, there is a softness and trust manifesting. You feel safe and secure, more than you have recently because you have learned to trust and connect to your highest self. Even if this feeling is just a hunch or is subtle, this yields a profound change in how you receive guidance from Spirit and your highest self. Trust this guidance to lead you to your true purpose and potential.

Especially supportive for Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Venus Scorpio 28° trine Jupiter Rx Pisces 28°

Venus enters Sagittarius

10:09 PM PT | 1:09 AM + 1 ET

Connect through inspiration and exploration
What expansive connections will you call in?

Now through December 9, Venus graces the optimistic sign of Sagittarius. For the next few weeks you feel a sense of abundance, luck and if you can channel this energy into your business, you have a certain charm. Your attitude in the way you approach people and resources has lightened and now becomes self-fulfilling. Be on the lookout for opportunities through people or resources that help you and your business expand your mind — whether this is travel to far off places, or your ability to connect your big message across the globe. Connect with those that dream as big as you and hold a similar vision or belief system.

If you have your natal Venus in Sagittarius, you value and connect with others over morals, beliefs, justice, optimism, spirituality, and expansiveness. Balance your openness with others that go big — but also stick to their ability to accomplish their big dreams.

If you have planets or angles in Sagittarius, as Venus graces through, she will share her blessings with your natal energies. Give thanks to fully enjoy.

November 16, 2022

4Q Moon Leo

5:27 AM PT | 8:27 AM ET

Master doubt

A great day to explore self love

This mood won’t last long and allows you to master doubt so you can master your goals. With today’s Leo 4Q moon, you may feel hyper critical or doubtful in your life and Work with the 4Q Moon facing off with Saturn. This may feel like a sense of doubt or dread that really wants you to focus on all that you actually accomplished. To separate fiction from truth.

Practice self love today as a balm for doubt. Review the facts in your Work… praise from happy customers, journal entries from happier days. Toot your own horn and focus on gratitude. You have accomplished so much, and the only person whose recognition you need is your own.

The last quarter moon phase is an integration phase in our lives and business. A time to cultivate all that we have learned and assess what we want to continue with and what we want to churn back into the earth as nourishment for the seeds we’ve planted.

Mercury trine Jupiter Rx

7:43 AM PT | 10:43 AM ET

Your sensitive words expand possibilities
What opportunity to communicate your purpose will you harness to inspire?

A great day to start an inspirational communication campaign or send a powerful message. You’re feeling confident, your creativity is aligned with your heart and your loving message inspires others. Harness this energy to send out your big, heartfelt message.

Especially supportive emotionally for Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).

Mercury Scorpio 28° trine Jupiter Rx Pisces 28°

November 17, 2022

Mercury enters Sagittarius

12:42 AM PT | 3:43 AM ET

Spread and share inspirational ideas
What is your big dream you want to shout from the rooftops?

Mercury zipped through Scorpio and now is in Sagittarius through December 13. Still stepping on the gas and speeding through Sag for only 2.5 weeks. Mercury, who represents your perception, understanding and communication, loves being in Sagittarius as it can take all its facts and ideas and weave them into ideals and inspiration. You have a vision in your business. Time to uplevel your core messaging to elevate and inspire others to join your purpose.

November 19, 2022

Mars Rx square Neptune Rx

7:43 AM PT | 10:43 AM ET

Devotion through action
To what ideas and vision will you devote yourself?

Our second of three meet-ups of Mars and Neptune during this Mars Retrograde cycle. Mars, while moving forward, squared off with Neptune back in October 12, 2022, and will now do so again today and again on March 14, 2023.

As Mars explores Gemini at this time, Neptune, the planet of unification and transcendence, asks you to affirm, reaffirm, and realize truths through your devotion to Spirit. You are likely affirming a mindset or idea with Gemini involved, or grounding an idea into your body through spiritual movement. What do you now see as being reaffirmed? You had a foreshadow back in October, and you are harnessing your devotion to the Spirit realm to guide you.

Especially actionable for Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

Mars Rx Gemini square Neptune Rx Pisces 22°

Week of November 20 – 26, 2022

“Would you like to know your future?… Not knowing is the greatest life motivator. So enjoy, endure, survive each moment as it comes to you in its proper sequence – a surprise.” ― Vera Nazarian
Opportunities to further the growth of your Work abound this week with the Sun entering philosophical and expansive Sagittarius. Do you see the vision that’s been laid out for you? If you haven’t yet, you will soon.

Feel the inspiration with Jupiterian aspects/Jupiter ending its retrograde, to also the Sagittarius New Moon helping you dream big. It’s a time to have your mind blown and adjust your vision and future.

See the meaning in the journey that’s already transpired today — embrace the change and give thanks for the person you are, who came through it all to answer your soul’s calling.

November 20, 2022

Sun trine Jupiter Rx

8:07 PM PT | 11:07 PM ET

Vibrant visionary manifestation
What have you shared that is seeing expansion now?

Such a lovely energy for today, one that is optimistic, expansive, gracious. What you have shouted from every rooftop is now bearing fruit of how brilliant you are at what you do, and how grateful you are for the challenges you’ve overcome to get to where you are in your Work. It’s definitely a day to receive what you’ve worked hard at. Notice what you are receiving now.

Especially radiant for Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Sun Scorpio 28° trine Jupiter Rx Pisces 28°

November 21, 2022

Mercury conjunct Venus

2:55 PM PT | 5:55 PM ET

Express your appreciation
How can you show your thanks beyond words?

A great day to send a gift or note of appreciation

You are still feeling the effects of Mercury squaring off with Saturn, so the desire to say less remains. Yet, your heart is full with appreciation, and that can’t go left unacknowledged. Maybe send a gift to show how grateful you are. Words of your appreciation will come back to you.

Mercury conjunct Venus Sagittarius 6°

November 22, 2022

Sun enters Sagittarius

12:20 AM PT | 3:20 AM ET

Season of inspirational visioning
Time to dream big and reflect…

Now through December 21, we celebrate Sagittarius and bigger-than-life dreams and purpose. Sagittarius’s power comes from belief, vision, gratitude, morals, and hope.

Sagittarius is constantly on the search for meaning, whether it’s in the next beautiful thing, the next exciting thing, the next exotic thing. Adding ritual to daily routines to add symbolism. Adding meaning to daily symbols to create ritual. That is how you honor Sagittarius — through meaning, ritual and gratitude.

As an energy, Sagittarius goes big! But going big isn’t always a good thing. Going big can tip over into overdoing, overreaching, overspending, over overing! As long as you are aware of this and keep help around to reign it in if need be, proceed forth!

In your business, Sagittarius is the ability to give purpose, to manifest dreams, to discover new truths, and establish social justice on the principle of morals.
Call on your Sagittarius energy to turn your dreams into purpose and your mission into vision.

During this season, may we all choose hope, choose to dream big, and choose to give meaning to our purpose in our businesses.

For all the Sagittarius Luminaries, the most expansive and optimistic of solar returns (birthday) to you.

November 23, 2022

New Moon Sagittarius 1°

2:58 PM PT | 5:58 PM ET

Exceeding Your Expectations

The New Moon in Sagittarius brings a big, beautiful breath of fresh air after the pressure cooker of the last lunar cycle. This is an expansive, optimistic, purposeful lunation.

It’s safe – and time – to get your hopes up.

The stellium in Sagittarius — including Moon conjunct Sun, and Venus just passing its conjunction with Mercury — buoys your spirits and helps you see how every challenge you’ve faced has helped you grow. All that you’ve had to adapt to, overcome, surpass, and heal from has ultimately intensified your power and clarified your purpose and path.

Mars Retrograde in Gemini is both trining Saturn in Aquarius and squaring Neptune in Pisces, offering an opportunity for focused, intuitive action. You can meet unresolved conflicts with new solutions, ancient wisdom, or both.

Charge up your body, mind, and heart on the good vibes of this New Moon, and then channel your light into inspired steps forward. You can trust yourself and that the best next step always reveals itself when you’re ready.

Cosmic notes for Astro Techies:

  • New Moon (out of sign trine OR sign based square) Jupiter Rx Pisces 28°
  • Sagittarius stellium (Sun 1°, Moon 1°, Venus 9°, Mercury 10°)
  • Mercury Sagittarius 10° square Chiron Aries 12°
  • Mars Rx Gemini 21° trine Saturn Aquarius 19°
  • Mars Rx Gemini 21° square Neptune Rx Pisces 22°
  • Jupiter Rx Pisces 28° sextile Pluto Capricorn 26°

Jupiter Retrograde ends Pisces 28°

3:02 PM PT | 6:02 PM ET

Readjust expansive vision and growth
What new beliefs and possibilities are ready to explore?

Jupiter stomps on the brakes to move direct today. Since July 28, 2022, the Social planet Jupiter made his annual backtrack in the sky, tracing his route back from Aries 10° to Pisces 28°, the point that he stops at now to move forward again today. This annual cycle gives us a chance to reconnect the dots between our big dreams, our big purpose and our big beliefs so that we can exceed our expectations. To create what we want as a collective, we fundamentally have to believe in our ability and the possibilities.

Since July, observe what in your life now has a new meaning? What beliefs have been established? What of your big purpose and dreams have been maximized?

Week of November 27 – December 3, 2022

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.” — Maya Angelou

This week, Mars Rx is the star of the show. With structure-defining Saturn, Mercury, the planet of communications and thought processes, and Venus, the planet of values and finding your pleasure, all facing off with aspects to Mars in the chatty sign of Gemini, there will be plenty of moments to think about how you are taking action to emphasize and live out your message.

The message underlying your Work will be inevitably one you learn to understand more and more even in your daily life. Reflecting on its interpretations and ideas this week will bring you much needed clarity and relief that it matters — because it does!

November 28, 2022

Mars Rx trine Saturn

9:56 AM PT | 12:56 PM ET

Focused motivation
What will you prioritize that will have lasting momentum in your business?

A great day to reaffirm your communication systems

Mars Rx, our motivation and drive, is in flow with Saturn, our discipline and responsibility. As they’re both in Air signs (Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius), you will want to socialize and share information. So how can you create foundational and lasting systems (Saturn) that will allow you to re-prioritize engagement (Mars Rx) — most likely across tech platforms or social media?

You don’t have to look far, for you can just look at what has been working for you already in your immediate attention. Where are you getting the most engagement? What topics seem to spur conversation? Start there and build on those. You don’t have to have it all figured out today, but get those ideas on board to your team so you can make use of this great energy!

Mars Rx Gemini 19° trine Saturn Aquarius 19°

November 29, 2022

Mercury opposite Mars Rx

12:30 PM PT | 3:30 PM ET

Continuing on yesterday’s recommitment to your communications, Mercury now opposes Mars Rx to ask for more clarity and an illuminated perspective. This perspective wants to be more expansive, have more meaning, reach even further. Where can you affirm your message more and more in your communications? Go big on it. The energy is right for it and you have validated what resonates.

Especially potent for Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

Mercury Sagittarius opposite Mars Rx Gemini 19°

November 30, 2022

Venus opposite Mars Rx

9:18 PM PM PT | 12:18 AM +1 ET

Venus, still hand in hand with Mercury, now also opposes Mars Rx. This face off is like a full moon where the light of both personal planets Venus (who is brighter) and Mars wants to show off. It’s a time like this that Mars is asking you to reaffirm, again – this time for your values and most committed relationships. When it comes to values, money in your bank, the people you surround yourself with, and more, the heart of it all is you and how worthy you feel. With Mars facing off with Venus, Mars is asking you to stand up to your own sense of value and worthiness. What is being energized now in your expansive value?

Venus Sagittarius 18° opposite Mars Rx Gemini 18°

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