Episode 91: Cancer – Your Power to Create Belonging

by | Jun 30, 2021

Cancer is the energy you need in your business to create emotional safety and inclusion so that you and your customers can attain your desired results.⁠

Aligned transformation and growth in business and life can only happen when we feel secure.⁠

Security and belonging roots from within us and we can ripple out this soft-powered energy in the communities and safe spaces we build in our business.⁠

If you want true results for you and your customers, you need Cancer energy to create emotional boundaries and safe spaces.⁠

In this episode learn all about the Cancer Archetype and how you can use it in your business.⁠In this episode:

  • What is Cancer (8:10)
  • Why Cancer is important in your business (26:07)
  • What happens when you don’t use your Cancer energy (28:45)
  • Ways to unlock Cancer in your brand (36:23)
  • Cancer by the Planets (39:19)
  • Cancer by the Houses 43:23)

As an Aquarius, I often feel like I’m too “out there” for my friends, family and even clients.

In my family, I’ve perpetually felt like the black sheep as mixed race, not really fitting in.

In my friend circles, I’ve often felt like the odd duck because of my love of niche weird things like Latin American Classical Music, or all things crystals, astrology and astronomy.

In my business circles, I often feel like a mystery because my business is anything but ordinary as a business and brand astrologer working to innovate how we brand and approach leadership.

But what I’ve learned, that this “otherness” that I feel is self-created.

The truth is that my family loves me wholeheartedly, my friends love my quirks, and my biz besties love my unique approach to brand strategy.

Belonging and inclusion starts with us.

We have to love and include ourselves before others will.

And in our businesses, we must create safe spaces for others to feel like they belong. Belonging in our businesses is created from knowing that we have shared values, shared experiences, and going after shared results.

The safe spaces we create for ourselves and others is the foundation for aligned transformation and growth to happen.

The space holder – Cancer.

We all need the Cancer Archetype in our businesses to hold space, create safety, and to set boundaries.

What is the Cancer Archetype?

  • Water
  • Cardinal
  • Polarity: Capricorn (safety/security)
  • Symbol: The Crab
  • Traditional astrology: Divine mother
  • Ruling Planet Moon: Nurturing, primal needs, receiving
  • Healing, sensitive, emotional, receptive, caring, protective, soft
  • Mantra “I FEEL”
  • Rules the 4H in Business
    • Safety
    • Security
    • Belonging
    • Safe communities
    • Family
    • Home

Why it’s important to use the Cancer Archetype in your Business?

We need Cancer in our business!

  • To build physical security – we all deserve to live abundantly
  • To know that we have and are enough – to contribute back and share
  • To recognize our value – what do we have to contribute
  • To build wealth
  • To create the legacy – the farm

What happens when you don’t use the Cancer Archetype?

Systematically we’ve been taught the shadows of Cancer

  • Don’t trust others
  • Exclude
  • Others aren’t safe
  • It’s better to care for others than to be cared for

All to serve capitalist and patriarchal hierarchies

  • We don’t prioritize self care
  • We don’t validate our feelings
  • We don’t trust our intuition
  • We don’t understand what we need
  • We dont value care taking (child care, adult care)
  • We don’t value emotional intelligence

Emotional Security and Belonging is Necessary for Growth and Success

  • We create our own emotional security
  • We create our own sense of belonging
  • We create inclusion and protection in our communities
  • We create protected safe spaces with boundaries
  • We create self care for ourselves first before we serve others

Cancer Archetype Wounds

  • intercepted – key is Gemini
    • Coming from communicating your needs and having understanding
    • Speaking to process emotions
    • Karmic Planets / Energies
  • Moon
    • ancestral healing
    • family codependency and enabling stories,
    • needing to feel emotionally secure
    • Childhood – connection to getting needs met from caretaker
  • Saturn
    • Doubt to mastery
    • restraint to responsibility
    • Not safe to have emotions – bottle them up
    • Not safe to care or have compassion
    • Too responsible for others
  • Chiron
    • Wounds that may never heal
    • The wisdom that becomes valuable assets when you share what you’ve learned
  • South Node
    • Moving into grounding and focus (Capricorn)
    • Not getting stuck and enabling/overgiving/rescuing

Ways to Unlock the Cancer Archetype in your brand and business

  • Strong Cancer (Sun, Moon, Rising, or Moon on the Rising / MH)
  • Cancer on the Cusps/Houses – The area of your business where you are meant to build prosperity and physical security
  • Cancer wounds
    • Interceptions, chiron and Karmic energies
  • Cancer by the Planets – The specific archetypal energy you were born with and get to use
  • Moon by the sign

Cancer Archetype by Planet

The energy I have to build acceptance and belonging in my business

Sun: I radiate kindness and caring as my superpower zone of genius
Moon: I need to feel emotionally safe to be successful
Rising: I lead and initiate by holding space for self and others
Mercury: I communicate (often non-verbally) acceptance with my heart
Venus: I attract and partner with community-based values and belonging
Mars: I am motivated by emotional safety, security and acceptance
Jupiter: I expand my purpose with compassion and ability to hold safe spaces
Saturn: I sustain and preserve my boundaries for self care so I can focus
Uranus (1948-1956): I innovate and evolve to create radical acceptance
Chiron: I recognize my deep family and enabling wounds and share what I have learned through my offers
North Node: I stretch into healing, caring and kindness to direct my business
South Node: I fall back on what I know about being a caretaker without getting stuck in a pattern

Neptune 1902-1915: I blend into a feeling of vast compassion
Pluto 1913-1939: I transform the power of safety and inclusion

This is a gift that I must use with responsibility.

Cancer Archetype by House: Your energy to create safety in your business

Find the house cusp ruled by Cancer.

This is the area in your business where you need to create inclusive safe spaces, and prioritize self-care and emotional security.

Cancer Energy – I create safety, inclusion, and prioritize self care and emotional security in my business’s:

1H (Cancer Rising): Inclusive brand identity and leadership
2H (Gemini Rising): Brand values and added value of emotional security through my offers
3H (Taurus Rising): Self-love-oriented messaging and communications
4H (Aries Rising): Building safe spaces that provide financially for my family
5H (Pisces Rising): Healing experiences that allow me to practice self care
6H (Aquarius Rising): Service to others and routines that are emotionally grounded
7H (Capricorn Rising): Partnerships with caretakers and healers
8H (Sagittarius Rising): Leveraging family money and resources to add value
9H (Scorpio Rising): Healing journeys that allow you to expand emotional wellbeing
10H (Libra Rising): Primary mission to deliver on kindness and caring
11H (Virgo Rising): Safe communities and friend networks that provide housing or other care
12H (Leo Rising): Charitable opportunities so that others may feel safe


  • How you are you building inclusion, safe spaces, nurturing, acceptance, family like community for yourself and your customers?
  • See how you have Cancer in your chart somewhere by house or by planet
  • Where in your life and business you have this caring energy by house
  • Remember that this is a gift, and with a gift comes a responsibility to use, appreciate and share.

What will you do with your Cancer energy?

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