Episode 51: Capricorn and Midheaven – Committing to Your Ultimate Success

by | Jan 17, 2021

We have a few days left of Capricorn season, so to continue on the theme of last week’s New Moon in Capricorn where we decided what success feels like, we will explore how to use our energy to commit to and take responsibility for success in our business. Overnight successes are outliers, success is the long game and you have it in you to achieve all you set out to be using YOUR Capricorn energy.

In this episode:

  • Capricorn and the evolution of this energy [ 8:11 ]
  • Capricorn by planet [ 17:49 ]
  • 10H + Midheaven – Your ultimate authority [ 27:30 ]
  • User Question [ 35:53 ]
  • Astrology of 1/17 – 1/23 [ 41:37 ]

Capricorn by planet

  • Sun (to create and live)
  • Moon (to feel and intuit)
  • Rising (to lead and guide)
  • Mercury (to communicate and understand)
  • Venus (to connect and attract)
  • Mars (to initiate and motivate)
  • Jupiter (to believe and expand)
  • Saturn (to structure and contract) / containers
  • Uranus – (late 80s to early 90s) (to innovate and breakthrough) (non conformist)
  • Neptune – (mid 80s to late 90s) (to vision and empathize)
  • Pluto – current little ones, (2008 – 2024) (to transform and empower) at the deepest level

10H and why it’s important

Help us find how to best harness our work (along with 2H to earn income and 6H service to others)

Looking at one piece of the map that gives us some information yet not the entire picture

  1. Find out the sign on your Mid Heaven to understand the archetypal energy you are meant to show up publicly in your field
  2. Find the ruler of that sign to understand where you are meant to direct that energy in your work, and as an entrepreneur how you are meant to deliver on your business’s mission (what do you deliver)

You will see that this is the core frequency of these energies but these energies can evolve in so many different ways as your desires change and as you gain more experience and authority.

So go inwards, with your free will.

What do you want right now?

What do you want in the future?

How will your decision now impact how you get to where you want to be in the future

User question

Vivian asks: My question is I’m being guided to do more or focus more on my healing Academy rather than helping the business owners with being a Money Magnet activator. So is that my focus? Or shall I do that together with establishing my school for kids with purpose, which is their sole purpose?

What your questioned read on the next episode, drop a voicemail here

Astrology of the Week


A good time to strategize your tech

Jupiter square Uranus
Cultivate technical progress

What (technical) upgrades do you need to initiate in order to cultivate ease of manifesting your vision?

Jupiter in Aquarius creates tension with Uranus in Taurus. When these planets meet they symbolize technical progress. And sometimes progress is simplifying and streamlining. Or choosing technology for your business that does a specific thing versus an unruly platform that has way too many options. Sometimes progress is saying goodbye to the shiniest new tech in favor for old fashioned ancient tech. With an energy like this you are being asked to reflect on what isn’t working, to get rid of what you don’t want and to keep what will enable you to innovate.


Sun enters Aquarius – Creating tomorrow for social impact

What do you want to create in your community and society?

It’s Aquarius season! A time to create the future now. A time to create your communities and to strengthen your commitment to social impact.

The sun will be joining Jupiter and Saturn already in future-facing and humanitarian Aquarius.

We have clarified our structures and sustainability (Saturn) and our expansive vision (Jupiter) – now it’s time to create with our creative brilliance.

A harmonious time for Air signs (Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini) and a productive season for Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).


Inauguration Day in the US

2Q Moon Taurus 1°02′ – Take steady patient action

What is one step in your business you will take to build peace?

The United States has quite a bit of rebuilding to do and today a new office begins. An evolution in leadership, one that feels more representative of the population. And on quarter moon, we are all being asked to take peaceful action with the moon in Taurus.

Mars conjunct Uranus – New motivations for evolved resource management

What initiative will you take for resource management in your environment?

Mars and Uranus meet at Taurus 6° blending drive and innovation together. But the drive isn’t unbridled when it’s in Taurus. We are being asked to motivate for a sustainable environment. Taurus represents the health of our land’s physical resources. What motivates you to manage your resources?

Where does Taurus 6° fall in your chart? The house in which it sits is where in your life and business are being asked to manage the resources in your life and business.


Mars square Jupiter – Slow down to see social impact possibilities

What peaceful protest can you make that will have impact in your life and business?

Mars in Taurus creates friction with Jupiter in Aquarius.

You may feel motivated to take action and Jupiter is accelerating that drive.

The best way to motivate now is through peaceful protest.

You will be asked to take a stand and share your peaceful vision. Are you ready?


Sun conjunct Saturn – Focus and sustain your energy, A good day to take a break

What can you do to take a little break to rejuvenate?

Your creative vibrancy has some boundaries. Sometimes the best way to continue is to rest so you can focus your energy, you’ve been working hard.

Taking a break to regenerate can do wonders for your creativity.

Where does Aquarius 4° fall on your chart? The house in which it sits is where you are being asked to focus and sustain in your business.

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