Episode 87: Celebrating Pride and 12 Years of Co-Creation with Jeffry Campanero

by | Jun 16, 2021

In this episode I want to celebrate Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Jeffry Campanero, my right hand man. If you’ve attended a training, received an email, or simply listened to this podcast, you’ve had an experience with Jeff. For 12 unbelievable years, Jeff has been by my side. Jeff is the epitome of a Gemini, quick, multi-talented and able to juggle many things at once. This month, we celebrate all things Jeff, with Pride, his Solar Return and his vast experience as a multimedia designer and creator. A self-proclaimed proud, gay Filipino multi-faceted multi media designer, Jeff shares what it’s like working with me, why you need a Jeff in your business, and his passion as a YouTube Creator in the Women’s Wrestling World.

Meet Jeff – Designer, Youtuber/Gaymer

Jeffry Campanero is a proud and gay Filipino multi-faceted designer and project manager for New Moon Creative. I have worked alongside Leslie for 12 years helping guide spiritual entrepreneurs to become luminaries they are born to be using Leslie’s AstroBrand™ Method.

When I’m not working with Leslie, I am a youtuber/GAYmer creating content focusing on women’s wrestling. When i started my youtube channel a few years ago, the women in wrestling were not being showcased due to the trust of the “man” and so I wanted to create a platform where these superstars can be shown to the best of their abilities.

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