4 Weeks Together | March 2023

Celestial Cycles

Working with the rhythm of the cosmos

In Celestial Cycles you’ll learn to work with the rhythm of the cosmos for flow and impact.

  • Understand the collective (mundane) cosmic weather to be in Harmony with the seasons
  • Personalize your own daily, weekly, monthly, annually (and more) energy according to current celestial cycles with the Sun and Moon
  • Customize your strategy to rework and revamp parts of your life and Work with retrograde cycles
  • Understand your wheel of fortune based on Jupiter, Saturn and beyond

If you want in on Celestial Cycles in 2023, you must join Star Powered™ Circle by December 21, 2022 at 11:59 PM. Celestial Cycles will not be available to the public to register.

AstroBrand™ Readings

These powerful 1:1 are the most insightful and strategic consultations designed to give you clarity and focus into your highest potentials.

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