Episode 41: Coming Back to Yourself with Astrology

by | Nov 1, 2020

Earlier last week, I received a short and impactful review on Apple Podcasts from Zack Luz saying, “So excited this exists! Enjoying this so far! Love her energy.” And on my Facebook Group, The Savvy Luminary, he requested to hear an episode about the before and afters of AstroBrand reading recipients. ⁠

Thank you Zack for the review and inspiration for today’s episode!⁠

I reached out in the group, asking if anyone wanted to share their experience with their AstroBrands. ⁠

In today’s episode, I share three stories from amazing entrepreneurs who gained insight on themselves through their stars AND took inspired action that expanded their business for the better! ⁠

In today’s episode we will cover:⁠

✨ 3 special interviews with AstroBrand customers sharing the experience and how they’ve implemented their readings into their business⁠
✨ Lindsay Bryan Podvin (@Mindmoneybalance), a multiracial financial therapist [ 8:48 ]⁠
✨ Grace Van Cleave (@gracevancleave), a personal stylist with a political past [ 26:04 ]⁠
✨ Karen Marzec (karen.marzec), a soul centered energy bio worker [ 45:20 ]⁠
Astrology of the first week of November [ 1:02:42 ]⁠

I see astrology as a practical and specific tool for business + branding!
Your natal chart is a map of the energies and gifts🎁  you were given to work within this lifetime.

And the business you created is an extension of your soul’s consciousness and purpose.

My flavor of astrology is:

  • Empowering vs fear-mongering
  • Meaningful vs judgmental
  • Inner discovering vs outward seeking

As a brand designer and strategist, when I started using astrology professionally, my and my client’s results exceeded all our wildest expectations.

Using astrology I was able to:

✨ Validate energies we dismissed because of the “shoulds” we’ve unintentionally adopted
✨ Reveal superpowers we dismissed because if it’s so easy and natural for us, then everyone should be able to do it
✨ Decode soft powers we repressed because we’ve been told it’s too much and not enough at the same time
✨ And amplify powers of attraction we diluted because we try so hard to fit in but end up looking and acting like everyone else.

When we harness our star powers we:

  • Reach our highest potential
  • Recognize our natal talents
  • See our challenges as assets

No natal chart is alike and there is no one else with the same powers to do what you do, in the way you do what you do.

As we approach 2021 I have a few invitations for YOU:

🎧 Listen to my weekly astrology for entrepreneurs podcast on your favorite podcast player: The Savvy Luminary

⭐️ Schedule a breakthrough AstroBrand™ session where we chart your star-powered brand and position it exactly to your design (leadership role, true values, ideal customer astrographics (archetype + psychographics), brand visibility, and communication style- I can see all of this in your chart)

Meet Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

of Mind Money Balance

Lindsay Bryan-Podvin is a biracial financial therapist, speaker, and Plutus-nominated author. In her therapy practice, she uses shame-free financial therapy to help people get their minds and money in balance. Additionally, she’s expanded her services to help therapists with their money mindset, authentic niching, and non-bro marketing. She lives with her husband and their dog in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Meet Grace Van Cleave

Personal Stylist

Grace Van Cleave – Personal Stylist to successful and budding women entrepreneurs, De Moines holding down the blue front. I grew up a complete political junkie (yes, I was the girl in 5th grade stealing her father’s Newsweek). I moved to Washington, D.C. the day after college graduation and quickly started building a pedigreed resume. I was well on my way to the career I always thought I wanted. One month into being a stylist, I found out that I would be losing my regular job (oh, how I don’t miss the volatility of political work!). I took the opportunity to throw myself into Stella & Dot while I looked for a new job. Still, I simply couldn’t fathom doing anything else other than politics, even as I was getting better and better at being a stylist and making more and more money

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Meet Karen Marzec

Energy Medicine Expert and Intuitive Healer

Karen Marzec an energy medicine expert and intuitive healer. She was born with the ability to see the energy and has dedicated her life’s work to using that gift to help others. Her work is focused on helping people connect with the empowerment, healing, and joy that comes from nourishing a conscious connection with the divine energy that moves through the human body.

A life-long entrepreneur (thanks to her 10th house stellium), Karen opened her first fitness and wellness studio at the age of 20, launching her into two decades of research on how fitness and movement can serve as tools for shifting energetic patterns held in the body. She is the founder of Energy Medicine for Modern Living and the creator of The Biofield Method.

Karen is available for online energy readings and healing sessions. She also offers an experiential online group program for women called Cheetah, which combines energy healing, animal spirit medicine, sound and movement to release energy blocks from the body.

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