Episode 121: Creating Aligned Design and Visual Identities Using Astrology

by | Oct 13, 2021

In celebration of Libra, Venus and all things beautiful, I wanted to share my brand, logo and visual identity design process using my AstroBrand™ method. In episode 77, I shared about the charts that needed to start with good design and how to design using your Ascendant and midheaven.

In this episode, I share with you our exact design process and showcase 6 recent do-for-you logo and brand design projects with some visionary soul-customer love sharing their experience.

Remember that your brand’s visual identity is a reflection of your brand’s vision and voice. If you don’t have those energies and power dialed in first, then no matter how pretty your visual identity is, it will simply be decoration.

Here are the projects that were featured in this episode:

  • Mind Witchery by Natalie Miller (@msnataliemiller)⁠
  • Green Schools National Network⁠
  • Amazing Grace styling by Grace Van Cleave (@gracevancleave)⁠
  • Be More Connected & Soulful Abundance by Elyse Preston (@be.more.connected)⁠
  • The Alchemy Collective by Shirin Eskandani (@wholeheartedcohacing)⁠
  • The JourneyPen Project (@shelbybach)

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Design Process

  • AstroBrand™ Reading
    • 2 or 4 Pack session to figure out your What, Why, Who, How
  • Moodboard
  • Logo Design
    • Logo Concepts
      • BW Concepts of Logo Mark
      • BW Concepts of Logo Type
      • Final Logo in BW
    • Selecting Colors
      • Select Color Palette ideas based on Moodboard + Astrology
        • 1 Foundational Color Palette
        • Supporting Color palette (to change in the season)
      • Colorize Logos with the approved color palette
    • Create other design assets/elements
      • Social Media Template
      • Teaching Documents

Our Team

  • Leslie – Art Director
  • Jeff – Production
  • Ellie – Art Deisgn/Concept

Results in branding when not using astrology vs when using astrology

  • Not using astrology
    • Guessing
    • Getting ok results
    • The long cycle of experimenting
    • Not confident in knowing when something was it
  • Using astrology
    • No guessing, clear energies to capture
    • Everything is energy, planets, luminaries, colors, symbols, aspects/harmonies
    • Stretching into energies that are the most visible and aligned vs the colors that are safe and comfortable to create an impactful brand
  • Result
    • Astrology gives us the substance and foundation of the brand archetypes and energies that need to capture
    • Astrology gives us the specific energies to capture visually through aligned colors that best represent the person and business, not
    • just guessing, going with trends, or feeling comfortable which is a sign of not

Our Recent AstroBrand™ Design Clients

Elyse – Be More Connected & School of Soulful Abundance

“I was definitely pleasantly surprised with how smooth and intuitive this whole (design) process felt. I have had the experience of working with a few other designers and it felt like a little bit more of a heavy lift in terms of having other designers understand my goals, desires and vision for my brand. Because Leslie and Jeff understood me and understood my birth chart, it really helped the design process feel so much more flowy, smooth and easeful.

With this new visual identity, I felt competent and supported to increase the visibility of my business during my launch season. I was able to reach my goal of over 1000 people subscribed to my virtual summit, and then reach my enrollment goal of 10 women of color into the first cohort of the School of soulful abundance.” -Elyse Preston

Grace Van Cleave – Amazing Grace Styling

“Leslie’s branding gave me the confidence to show up in the world, which is what I want for my clients. I want my clients to have that – that the external looks great so that they feel confident in spreading their message. So it’s the same thing. I am absolutely amazed by what they were able to come up with. What I appreciated most is that it’s very easy with a personal stylist to just kind of say, “Oh, you know, I’ll just whip something up that’s super feminine and cutesy and girly,” and that works for some people. But that’s not my client. And that’s not me. I want something that really captures people – like this is like nothing else. And they absolutely did.” -Grace Van Cleave

Green Schools National Network

“I’ve worked on many rebrands over the course of my career and I think it’s definitely a sign if people don’t notice if people don’t ask if they don’t inquire or comment. With thee new look, we have heard such extraordinary feedback from day one of relaunching the new website and announcing our rebrand from all of our partners, from those who have never worked with us, for those in our candidate pool who we’ve been interviewing for new jobs, everybody has mentioned, the the new branding the colors, and how it makes them feel connected to the mission of the work that we’re doing.

The biggest aha, is that New Moon Creative (and AstroBrand™) exists, that somebody out there leading this work from this perspective. When I was introduced to them, I was like, “Oh, my God, where have they’ve been my whole career?”

Since we’ve launched, it’s added to our confidence as an organization that is growing and scaling. You know, before we knew that, there were some things that we wanted to update on the website. And we were kind of a little passive when it came to promoting ourselves and tooting our own horn. But we are now so proud of the visual image and the branding and the new language that we’ve written for the website that we can’t, resist the urge to share more about who we are, what we’re doing, and our passion for shaping education for a sustainable future.” -Jennifer & Victoria

Natalie Miller – Mind Witchery

“I feel like my, my brand glitters, like something multi dimensional. It feels like something I think that not only works right now, but it’s also something that I feel I can, expand into. This feels like it’s me now. But it also feels like there’s room to grow. That’s just the best feeling.

It’s a little bit witchy. And it’s a little bit Woo, and it’s a little bit extra, sort of evokes that more rebellious occult element. I love the subtle ways that it does that, like through a font choice, or through the way that some of the accents work within the brand. I could not be happier.” – Natlaie Miller

The JourneyPen Project by Shelby Bach

“Leslie and Jeff took my design to a new level. That level was taking my dream vision and giving it this beautiful depth and beauty that I couldn’t have done on my own. I have to say the ease of using what they’ve given me is through the roof. I hadn’t realized how much I had been holding back in my marketing and drawing people to my website because I was embarrassed that it was a mess and I am so excited to see what comes through next as I really jump into the whole rebranding of my business.” – Shelby Bach

The Alchemy Collective by Shirin Eskandani

“As entrepreneurs, we start out and we kind of have an idea of who we are. And our branding ends up reflecting who we are. But it often looks like it’s the same thing as you go on to different pages that are in your genre of work. Mine is coaching. And things really start to look the same. That’s something that’s so incredible about Leslie’s work is that none of her pages (and designs) look the same. There’s no one formula. Leslie and Jeff are following your formula. And I think that is what makes them so incredibly exceptional and amazing, it captures your essence. It’s almost like you don’t have to verbalize to Leslie and her team what that is. They already know because they have that really deep understanding of who you are. It was an incredibly easy process. They were able to create my favorite landing page of all time, and really create a spirit and energy that is so suited to who I am.” – Shirin Eskandani

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