Episode 151: 8 Ways Entrepreneurs and Changemakers can use Astrology to Make More Impact

Episode 153: Finding Your Own Belonging & Identity with Klarrisa Frank

by | Feb 9, 2022

Being mixed blooded or multicultural can lead to not ever feeling accepted. Experiences, even if long ago in your childhood, shape your identity. In attempts to try to fit in, you often lose sight of who you really are. In your Work, this shows up as not finding your expertise or conforming to an identity that doesn’t match your essence. Scorpio, Aquarius, Aquarius Klarrisa Frank, multi-ethnic, and a US expat living in Amsterdam shares how we can each find pride in our multicultural identities and reframe differences into our super-powered value in our Work! A must listen to anyone who has ever felt like they didn’t belong.

Meet Klarrisa Frank

Klarrisa Frank (she/her) is a Scorpio sun, Aquarius moon & rising leader. She’s originally from the west coast of the US but has been living in Amsterdam now for almost 5 years. She’s a first-generation Chinese multiracial American who loves biking along the Dutch canals, taking care of her plants, and is currently exploring how to make ceramics. For work, she guides leaders to be seen and heard for their expertise so they can get more opportunities to do good work in the world. She especially loves working with multicultural folks including those who identify as BIPOC, multiracial, immigrants, and/or expats.

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