Episode 123: From Fight to Flow with Powerhouse Tihanna Louise McCleese

by | Oct 20, 2021

POWERHOUSE. That is the only word that captures Libra Sun and Rising (with Pluto on the ASC) and Gemini Moon, Tihanna Louise McCleese (@tihanna_louise). ⁠

As soon as I saw her chart and experienced her presence over a Zoom screen, I knew that POWERHOUSE was her energy. ⁠

But things weren’t always in FLOW for Tihanna. ⁠

She knew she had the POWER to make change and often, especially when she was younger she chose to FIGHT. ⁠

Ultimately, when she learned how to surrender, her need to fight turned into flow. ⁠

Now a leadership and executive coach, she shows by example how to become more visible by being vulnerable and authentic through sharing deep, often painful transformations.⁠

From always fighting, ending up in Federal prison to surrender, true power, and trust, Tihanna embodies her power now with grace. ⁠

Tihanna worked with me in an AstroBrand™ intensive and shares how that process set her business up for success with her comprehensive brand book that focuses, simplifies and guides her team to creating stunning, on-brand collateral – saving huge amounts of time, energy and money. ⁠

I hope you enjoy this powerful conversation with Tihanna Louise McCleese. ⁠

Tihanna Louise McCleese

Tihanna Louise McCleese

Tihanna McCleese is an Executive Communications Life Coach, as well as a national speaker who turned a layoff into a legacy. Tihanna mixes the “woo” with the “wow” by using her intuitive healing and tarot readings to help clients break into their true authenticities. In other words, she gets C-level executives to jump into the mode of better public speaking by easing into an intimate connection with themselves and others.

Fifteen years of experience has given Tihanna the belief in the power of knowledge first and foremost. Self-awareness bleeds into communication which hurls into communication in full force. This has given her the purpose and mission of On The Edge Coaching, bringing people into the light of perfect alignment to themselves.

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