Episode 151: 8 Ways Entrepreneurs and Changemakers can use Astrology to Make More Impact

Episode 154: Happy Podcast Birthday, Full Moon in Leo, Sun enters Pisces, and Biz StarCast: Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of February 13 – 19, 2022

by | Feb 13, 2022

It’s time to celebrate and reflect with this second anniversary episode of The Savvy Luminary and the Full Moon in Leo. A heart-felt thank you to all the listeners and guests who have helped me along this podcast journey. I share the ups and the downs with delivering 2 episodes a week. I also share with you Full Moon reflections to ensure you are shining brightly in love this Valentines season. Lastly the Biz StarCast includes Mercury reentering Aquarius and Pisces season.

In this episode:

  • Podcast Birthday – reflections on the last 12 months
  • My solar return
  • Astrology of the Week – February’s most active week
  • Mercury Re-entering Aquarius
  • Full Moon in Leo
  • Sun entering Pisces

Astrology for Entrepreneurs for the Week of February 13 – February 19, 2022

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” — Helen Keller

Your perspective will undergo some changes this week, as you expand how you see things and fine-tune how you want to integrate those views. With Mercury reentering Aquarius and the Full Moon in Leo asking for us to release our insecurities and lean into appreciation, it’s a time to hope for the best and believe in your ability to garner it! Reflect on your most optimistic potential during this time that you might’ve not noticed before.

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Special Thanks To These Guests

February 14, 2022

Mercury reenters Aquarius

1:54 AM PT | 4:54 AM ET

What new perspectives do you want to give voice to?

Mercury is moving full speed ahead, still retracing its steps forward through the retrograde shadow zone and now has returned to forward-thinking Aquarius. Mercury loves being in Aquarius as he gets to revisit new ideas, thoughts of the future, and hopes for humanity. You get a second chance to clarify your New Year’s goals or resolutions to reconcile anything that has shifted during the last Mercury Retrograde.

Harness this time, now through March 9, when Mercury splashes into illusive Pisces, to galvanize your ideas and goals about the future.

Especially enlightening for Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

February 16, 2022

An opportunistic, illuminated day of joy and creative knowing with the Full Moon in Leo shining the light of the Aquarius Sun, while Venus and Mars, the eternal pair, exactly meet for strategic give and receive.

Mars conjunct Venus Capricorn 16°

6:29 AM PT | 9:29 AM ET

Receptive attunement to your mastery

Venus and Mars have been cheek to cheek most of February and will continue their dance of give and take through March. Usually Venus travels much more quickly than Mars, but because of her recent retrograde cycle, she is a bit slower than usual and Mars is a bit quicker than usual. This eternal pair shows us balance. Venus is our ability to attract the people and resources into our lives and Work, and Mars is our ability to motivate and energize ourselves in going after the things we want. The two go hand in hand, and now they are aligned in a perfect union of reception. In Capricorn, this reception is attuning to your committed, long term, strategic mastery.

Especially receptive for Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricron)

Full Moon Leo 28°

8:56 AM PT | 11:56 AM ET

Shining Bright, Hot, and Whole

Co-written with Natalie Miller

As the Full Moon in Leo takes center stage, every planet in our sky is direct, which compels a Lights, Camera, Action! moment for our truest selves.

It’s time to trust and enjoy the confidence you’re feeling. YES, your Work can be as fun as it is impactful. And YES, your passions can get you paid!!

In the glow of confident Leo, it’s lovely to give and receive compliments. It’s also a great time to appreciate your WHOLE self, including the innermost wisdom that guides you, the deep desires that push you forward, and the uniqueness that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but sure is delicious to Your People.

To fully self-appreciate, use this lunation to let go of any old stories that you’re not creative or compelling enough. Also: release the hurt that’s come from moments that have wounded your pride, and whisper a thanks for the reminder that as much as you’re a shining star, you’re also an evolving human.

With Venus conjunct Mars in the middle of Capricorn (meeting exactly at Capricorn 16° shortly after the exact Full Moon at 6:29 AM Pacific | 9:29 AM Eastern), there’s an infusion of passion into whatever we’re building. Take note of whatever’s lighting you up and turning you on: that’s where to turn up the heat.

Full Moon Reflections

1H/7H (maybe Leo / Aquarius Risings):
Reflect on your self and sense of belonging in relationships. Are you getting the appreciation and love you so desire? First and foremost, are you giving yourself the LOVE you desire from others?

In your Work, the more you love yourself, the more others will adore you.

2H/8H (maybe Cancer / Capricorn Risings):
Reflect on your worthiness and value that allow you to luxuriate. Are you pampering yourself as you’d like? Or holding back rewards until you reach major milestone equating your value with your hard work?

In your Work, the more you treat yourself well (and savor the moment without guilt), the more others will value you.

3H/9H (maybe Gemini / Sagittarius Risings):
Reflect on your heart-centered understanding and knowing. Are you trusting your heart and understanding her? Or overthinking your intrinsic passion?

In your Work, sharing your heart-centered, creative vision with confidence, the more others will hear what you have to say.

4H/10H (maybe Taurus / Scorpio Risings):
Reflect on your inner rebel. Are you acknowledging your revolutionary ways as a misfit or a changemaker authority? The more you trust in your inner authentic power, you’ll see your differences as innovative.

In your Work, the more you are outside the box, the more of an expert you’ll feel and the more sought-after you’ll be.

5H/11H (maybe Aries / Libra Risings):
Reflect on your creative, joyful, pleasure. Are you spending time with friends and really enjoying your creative time away from work?

In your Work, the more you fill your cup without worrying about being productive, the more creative energy you will have in your Work.

6H/12H (maybe Pisces / Virgo Risings):
Reflect on your routines and soul-ful self care. Are you making space for restoration and rest? Or are your routines and systems running you instead of making things easier?

In your Work, the more you are responsible for your self care, the more soul-aligned Work you can accomplish.

February 17, 2022

Jupiter sextile Uranus

4:14 PM PT | 7:14 PM ET

Awakening social optimism

There is a door that you walk by mostly unnoticed. If you look more closely, you can see it. This door is opportunity. It will open if you choose to see it AND if you choose to knock. Behind that door is a possibility of new connections and new optimism about the future, social causes, and equitable resources. It’s subtle, but there. If you choose to open that door, how will you choose to use this chance?

Jupiter Pisces 10° sextile Uranus Taurus 10°

February 18, 2022

Sun enters Pisces

8:43 AM PT | 11:43 AM ET

Season of magical possibilities

How can you bring more easeful imagination into your Work?

It’s Pisces season! A time to connect to your Divine, magical self to make life and Work easier, lovelier and in more flow. Life is an illusion, not a delusion, when we are in the game where our reality is created from our dreams and visions. The power of Pisces is to connect with all times, places and spaces with empathy, artistry, love and Spirit. An interconnectedness like no other.

Interconnectedness is about first connecting to your Highest Self, your soul, your Divine Spirit – whatever the name you have for her. Through her, you feel into your work and trust your intuitive business decisions. Through her, you access your vast inner knowing through Piscean efforts like dreaming, imagination, music, imagery, poetry. There is nothing logical about Pisces, so how do you go with the flow this season?

If you have a strong Pisces placement in your chart (Sun, Moon, Rising or Neptune on the Ascendant) you have a dreamy and artistic, musical vibe. Your superpowers are being able to transport yourself and others to other times, places, or spaces through your Work. Your compassion and empathy are your strength. Do not try to understand or logic your abilities, for as you try to grasp them, they will slip through your fingers. Life is an illusion, and you are the illusion creator – a movie director of sorts. What will you magically create?

During this season, may we all choose compassion, empathy, and divine embodiment of flow in our businesses.

For all the Piscean Luminaries, the most loving and flow-y solar return (birthday) to you.

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