Harness the Power of Aries New Moon

by Leslie Tagorda

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse Taurus 10°

April 30, 2022 | 1:28 PM PT | 4:28 PM ET


Be open to quantum leaps!

Initiating Intuitive/Compassionate Worth

What new seeds of quantum leap value, worthiness and abundance do you want to plant?

Comfort, Pleasure, and Peace are not usually words we associate with eclipses . . . and yet those are the vibes this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus is radiating.

The New Moon is ruled by a deliciously attuned Venus in Pisces, who’s there alongside fellow benefic Jupiter and dreamy Neptune — all three of them reminding us of What’s Good, and insisting we see how everything is interconnected. The energy of our surroundings, both material and emotional, has deep resonance in our being, and thus also in our Work.

It’s time to buy the good (delicious and nutritious) food, to invest in the good (ethical and comfortable) clothes, to live in a good (beautiful and harmonious) home. Our material choices reflect and express our values, including our self-value: this eclipse asks us to choose wisely.

Mars adds heat and Uranus contributes sparks to this eclipse: if you’ve been clinging to your limitations and refusing to step into more abundance, you may have a Let Go or Be Dragged moment! Be open to quantum leaps into abundance.

Overall, this moment offers you an invitation to approach your material reality with more hope, imagination, and Spirit. Your comfort and peace are fundamental to your Work.

New Moon Eclipse ♉️ asks: Where are you open to rolling the dice to receive more?

Get ready for an abundantly rich awakening. You may have heard that you are not supposed to create an intention on an New Moon eclipse, but TBH, I’m not that person. I love taking risks and being open to possibilities.

And this eclipse… it is one of the most juicy and abundant New Moons all year. Will you not step up to the table and roll the dice?

The New Moon, exhaled in Taurus is cozying up with Uranus and North Node asking you to stretch into your fullest appreciation of self, separate from how much you produce.

New Moon aspecting Mars along with all the benevolence of Jupiter, Venus and Neptune is asking you to energize your soul’s motivation – as you know you’ve been under estimating yourself here.

Then Pluto, we DO talk about Pluto. Pluto is containing, in a harmonious way, this potent catalyst of regenerative transformation.

You are here to choose to be open to receiving this roll of the dice. To not judge the roll as good or bad, but be open to the outcome that puts you on your highest path.

Can you let go of controlling the outcomes to truly trust in the roll of the dice that is here to put you on your true path this eclipse?

Share your aha’s!

New Moon Solar Eclipse ♉️ Personalizations


Today I am open to quantum breakthroughs in abundance and trust.

  • Taurus Rising (or 1H): Where have you been underestimating your leadership potential? Your soul community needs you to catalyze change.
  • Gemini Rising(or 12H): Where have you been underestimating your regenerative potential? Your soul mission is calling when you are rested.
  • Cancer Rising(or 11H): Where have you been underestimating your hopes and dreams? Your new vision is emerging when you dream bigger.
  • Leo Risingor 10H): Where have you been underestimating your expertise? Your deep healing is ready when you let go.
  • Virgo Rising(or 9H): Where have you been underestimating your freedom of choice? Your soul relationships are here to support you when you ask.
  • Libra Rising(or 8H): Where have you been underestimating your ability to heal (yourself and others)? Your sustainable service is powerful when you let go of what’s not yours.
  • Scorpio Rising(or 7H): Where are you underestimating your committed relationship? Your pleasure and joy are at the surface when you commit to the right things.
  • Sagittarius Rising(or 6H): Where are you underestimating your imperfect creative process? Your rooted being is deepening when you love all the parts.
  • Capricorn Risingor 5H): Where are you underestimating your impactful play? Your mindset and perception is clarifying when you actually have fun.
  • Aquarius Rising(or 4H): Where are you underestimating your ancestry? Your true value is ready for a growth spurt when you claim your birthright.
  • Pisces Rising(or 3H):  Where are you underestimating your voice? Your leadership and direction is expanding when you find your authentic voice.
  • Aries Rising(or 2H): Where are you underestimating your intrinsic value? Your highest consciousness is ready to take lead when you break free from hustle.

Note: For accuracy, the house that contains New Moon at Taurus 10° is the area of your life that desires a roll of the dice.

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