How Can Entrepreneurs Use Astrology

by Jan 13, 2020AstroBrand, Astrology

Hello, hello everybody. Happy Monday. It is Leslie Tagorda. Here your brand astrologer, strategist and designer. So I wanted to come on today because I was inspired after I had an amazing conversation with another mastermind member. She and I had just met. And we were kind of getting to know each other and understanding what each other did and how, you know, we could help each other and whatnot. And she asked me a really great question that I because I guess I’m always in the crowd where people use astrology and spiritual practices in their businesses.

She had the question, how can how can entrepreneurs use astrology?

And I was like, Oh, what a great question. I should answer this question. So I wanted to come here today and talk about all the ways that entrepreneurs and businesses, even business leaders if you’re not an entrepreneur yourself, but you’re like, you know working up the corporate ladder, how anyone can use astrology in their brand and their business, right. So what I want you to know that astrology is a precise tool and I’m going to talk about all the different ways that we can use it.

We can use it as I’ll go into each of these, but these are the ones that I’m going to cover.

Practical applications of astrology as a tool for branding, and for branding and your business visually as well as the experience of it.

Astrology as a tool for communication, astrology as a tool for positioning your business and brand so it stands out. How to use astrology as a tool for leadership, how we can step into our leadership roles better and align with our astrology. How we can use astrology to build our groups. communities, Because everybody here is trying to build a following a group a community. How we can astrology does teach us how to use, how also astrology helps us find our ideal customers, How it can give us the insight and self-knowledge on where we need to kind of close the gaps and become more whole in order to really grow our business. How to use astrology for is for scheduling, working with cosmic cycles, not just collective cosmic cycles, but also our personal cosmic cycles.

So let’s jump into it. And if you have questions, let me know in the comments, I would love to know. And we’ll go from there,

So, first of all, I just want to talk about astrology. I keep on mentioning practical, right? Astrology is not just about spirituality, it is really about aligning energies for practical usage, right, and so on. It’s not like I’ve been a practical branding person and designer for since 2004, helping hundreds of nonprofits, women-owned businesses, startups with their branding and design needs. And every time I align it to astrology, I have clients who say no, I don’t want to use astrology. Let’s just go the, you know, the standard route, right? We’re left with a lot of guesswork. We’re left with the kind of like, throwing spaghetti on the wall in terms of is this the communication style that I really want? Are these the real issues that my customers are working for? Or, oh, I have this template from another business guru. I’m just going to copy this sales page, right? I’m going to tell you, that doesn’t always work because we are unique individuals with a unique cosmic design that has specific energies that we need to align with. Otherwise, were working in disharmony.

First thing, tools for branding because you know I am I call myself a brand astrologer, I love branding. I love the ways that we can use astrology to show up and be more visible. I always talk about branding of business as the experience that somebody has with our business. It’s not just our logo. It’s the overall experience all those touch points, right. So, the experience is based on a feeling right? And so what is that feeling that our business is giving off and all of those different touch points, whether it’s your email list or social media, or your onboarding process or your, your closing process, all of those things are part of your brand.

And we can use astrology to create one of a kind brands right? So no more comparing, no more copying. Because when we look at our astrology, it’s going to pinpoint exactly the experience that we’re trying to create. Right? And the way that it does this is through psychological archetypes, right? You might have heard of other branding, gurus or experts, they talk about what is your psychological archetype for your business? Well, guess what? Those psychological archetypes were coined by the psychologist Carl Jung, who was an avid astrologer, and he brought in psychological archetypes being based on astrological archetype being right.

All of the 12 Zodiac are based on our psychological psychological archetypes that exists in all of us right and different archetypes. Come out at different times we have them all. We all have, you know, all the good all the bad, I don’t want to put judgments there. But, you know, however you feel about certain zodiacs, we all have it already in us, and certain ones come out at certain times. So when we understand in our own business brand or personal brand, which archetypes needs to come out and speak more clearly and speak more loudly, this can help us align our brands, right. So this is all based on psychology, right? If you’ve ever worked with any brand strategist, they’re always going to go into psychology, but then oftentimes, when you’re working with just a normal brand strategist, they’re just picking a psychological archetype. When you work with astrology, right? I’m going to be able to see exactly what archetypes you need to be working with in your business. Isn’t that amazing? I think it’s so fantastic.

So number one, a tool for branding using psychological archetypes. Based on Zodiac archetypes, Okay, so the next way entrepreneurs can use astrology for business is as a tool for communication, right? So, once we understand what our psychological archetype is, then we need to create the communication style in our brand, right. So with communication styles, you know, you can be friendly, you can be as informative as you can be, you know, like go get them and like very strategic and step by step oriented. And all of these different communication styles are indicated in your astrological natal chart.

Now, if you have a personal brand will, of course, be using your own personal natal chart. If you have a business brand, we can run a chart for the business and there is definitely a key signature communication style that you need to align to in order for people to hear you. It’s really incredible that you know, all of us were also noisy. We’re trying to get Our voices out there, we’re trying to like get our messages out there. But often than not, our voices either don’t reach the intended destination or they fall flat. Because we all have a unique energetic key and which we need to work with. And you can see that communication key in your astrological natal chart, right? So that’s number two, using astrology as a communication tool. Right?

So number three, I’m looking at my notes here is that astrology can be used as a tool for positioning, right? When I talk about positioning, it’s a number of things right? When you think about branding and positioning you think about okay in your, in your sea of competitors, what makes you unique and different, right? astrology can tell us that in our sea of competitors, who is our ideal customer astrology can energetically pinpoint your ideal customer and the struggles that they’re dealing with all of those shadow expressions that they’re dealing with. I see this in an astrological natal chart, it’s really amazing to get that precision. So again, instead of guessing, like a lot of people can work with women entrepreneurs, a lot of people can work with spiritual entrepreneurs. A lot of people can work for nonprofits, and each nonprofit, each, each business, each organization is going to have their own unique set of problems and issues that you are here to solve. Right? And so what is that energy that you’re supposed to align to to really solve what’s underneath all of that? what’s underneath your ideal customer of a women entrepreneurs or spiritual entrepreneurs or nonprofits or startups? What is it under there that they really need? I know for me with my ideal customers, they are really looking for To build a significant business on their own terms, right, they don’t want to follow other people’s rules. They want to build it on their own terms so that they can build a life of freedom life, right?

A freedom to charge what they want a freedom to work from where they want to work, a freedom to call the shots, because I know that the energy archetype that my ideal customers work with, right, so that’s the idea of a tool for positioning, right. We can also use positioning as really getting clear on the businesses purpose or vision and all of these things, when you position your brand you just really oriented to move forward in the best way possible.

Okay. So another thing is, as you can use astrology if you’re an entrepreneur as a tool for discernment, okay? If you believe in souls and reincarnation, which I do, we are put on this earth to accomplish a certain thing. And this in this incarnation, right, our soul has a purpose, something that it wants to learn and to achieve in this lifetime, and so does your business. Right? So, when you thinking about like, when you’re thinking about growing your business or putting forth new options, you can use astrology as a tool for discernment to see where you want to grow.

Now, oftentimes, it’s not going to be the comfortable place that you want to grow because you know, you’ve been there, done that, but you want to stretch and grow and evolve and move forward and astrology can show you where how to discern your purpose and your vision for future growth so that your business, the soul of your business, the soul of you can accomplish what it was here in this lifetime to do, all right. Another way that entrepreneurs can use astrology in their business is to build their groups and communicate communities right. So, there are definitely energetic keys that are activated in the house of society of humanity of groups of community and community. There is there are again those psychological archetypes that we are working with. And so when you think about the, the top of your funnel and your business, your group as a whole, you’re all of your fans, your communities and people call it your soul community.

If you have like a Facebook group or if you have an Instagram following or what however, or a network of in person network, there is this undercurrent of energy that your I, all of these people are coming together for right in which you are the leader of this group. So you can harness that energy, that specific energy To build your groups, and you can do it in more alignment when it you know what that energy is, again, working with psychological archetypes that are very precisely pointed out in your natal chart, right? And so, one that so then you can learn how to build your groups create the marketing and the messaging that’s going to draw in those types of people that are ready to align with that energy. Okay, so, we talked about positioning and our ideal customers, but in the same vein, is the people that you’re supposed to collaborate with, right? This is your vendors, this is your co creators, there is also energies that are activated in that arena as well that you can use there. And then for me, one of the biggest things is using astrology, in business as a tool for self knowledge and insight, right? Because ultimately, we are whole beings, right? And when there’s one part of us that’s broken or not healed or needs fixing, it’s going to, it’s going to ripple across everything we build, right? So the more that we know, our own personal selves, the more we know what motivates us, the more that we know what keeps us in our tracks, stops us in our tracks, the more we know what lights us up, or shuts us down, or the types of workers that we are, like, you know, there’s some people who love problem-solving. There’s some people that love connecting. When we understand who we are, at an intimate level, that’s kind of like self-knowledge and self-discovery of really, really knowing our own selves.

We can be more effective in business because this creates boundaries now, you can say no to things that you’re not good at and yes to things that you’re great at Right, and also looking at the places that still need healing, right? Are there money stories or self-worth issues that still need healing? Are there the idea of kind of growing but then hitting an upper limit problem before you kind of grow more? astrology can tell us all of that? And what if you were armed with all of that knowledge? How much more effective and focused Could you be? So using astrology for tool for self insight, self knowledge and insight is amazing as you step into your leadership abilities in your business, right? And then of course, tool for scheduling and cycles, right.

So, earlier when I was kind of overviewing, about all of the different ways that you could use astrology, for business, I was mentioning that we have both collective cycles. Collective cycles are the same cycles that affect all of us. Right? So that’s the planets as they are today. stars as they are today the cosmos as they are today. And then we also have our personal cycles, right? A personal transits. Meaning based on our natal chart, where are we in the cycle of growth or the cycle of rest? And all of those interplay, when you are building your brand or your business, right? So, of course, we have these macro cycles, right? The seasons of the year, right? And we can look at a practical basis, like if you work with money or an accounting, right, you know, the end of the year is really important and right up through tax season. Right, you are busy, right? And so those are practical terms, right?

But then also, if you’re working and creating courses or if you’re creating other memberships, you can tie it to these different things. cycles that work with not just like the season the Zodiac season, but you can also make sure that you’re working with benevolent cycles, cycles of growth, right. So, more often than not, you would never want to launch anything or start a business during a retrograde cycle like a, like a Mercury Retrograde or Mars retrograde, make some of the outer planets retrograding That’s okay. Because they’re, they’re such a big archetypes and you’re not going to feel it too much. But you would never want to start or launch anything during a Mercury Retrograde that happens three times a year.

So knowing those cycles to not launch anything big unless it’s like a relaunch of something unless you really understand what that energy means and you’re using it effectively, right? Of course, there are daily cycles like the moon cycles, the moon cycles, it goes through a zodiac sign every two and a half days. It also goes to the cycle of waxing and waning. And when you know those cycles when you know when to push forward and like actively work versus to relax and receptively work, you’re just going to learn to work with the cycles and not feel like you’re always pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing, and then that leads to burn out, right. And then those micro cycles, there are things called avoid Of course, when the moon it’s a technical term, but I’ll just say you never want to like post any social media during avoid Of course, because it just won’t get seen. I tested this myself. And I can tell if I accidentally post things during avoid, of course, those posts never get any traction.

So again, working with the macro, and the daily and the micro cycles when you know them, and then of course, your own personal cycles, right? Everybody here is probably heard of a Saturn return. That’s when Saturn returns to the place every 28 to 29 years of it returns the exact place when you were born. And because Saturn has a 28 year cycle, depending on where it is, in your cycle, you’re going to want to like let go of all these boundaries, are you going to want to create boundaries, right? So I’ve seen more often than not people start businesses are right around their Saturn return. I see this all the time. In fact, my business I started this business the original form of this business back in 2004, right during my Saturn return, and I continue to see this right. Jupiter is another fantastic planet to work with and looking at your own personal, your own personal transits because wherever Jupiter is it expands. And so when you’re working with Jupiter, energy, looking to win to Looking at where Jupiter is transiting using that harnessing that energy of expansion when you know what sector of your business, it’s transiting, then you can use that energy for even fuller growth right now. So for me personally, right now, Jupiter is transiting my house of committed relationships. So this is all of my ideal customers. This is all my partnerships. And guess what I’m focusing on this year. partnerships, right?

You might have heard that my 2020 where it is connection, it’s because I want to connect with more people on a more intimate and meaningful way instead of just kind of on the surface like a true Aquarian. I’m Aquarius. So anyway, so working with your personal planets and understanding those transits are really going to help you optimize and maximize growth in your business, right or even or even knowing if it’s a cycle of paring back because those things happen. We can’t just expect sustained growth all the time, all the time. That’s not how it works in nature. That’s not how it works in our business and to know those cycles, and to acknowledge those cycles and to be to work with them, instead of getting stressed out with things don’t work exactly as the way that you intended and planned.

So anyway, I hope that this was informative, all of the ways that entrepreneurs can use astrology for business again, to recap, you can use astrology for a psychological archetype being tool for your branding. You can use astrology as a tool for communication and understanding your communication keys and style. You can use astrology as a tool for positioning your brand so you know your purpose, your vision and the people that you’re supposed to help as well as what gives You your unique superpowers, right? You can use astrology as a tool for discernment, where to grow where to stretch that’s really going to fulfill your souls purpose.

You can use astrology as a tool for building your groups and your communities because ultimately a successful business is dependent on its strong group and community. You can use astrology as, as a tool for self-knowledge and insight. And lastly, of course, using astrology as a tool for scheduling using cosmic and personal cycles on a micro daily, macro, daily and micro level. All right, well, I hope you found this informative. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave it here in the comments. It’s been a pleasure. Talk to you later. Bye.

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