You probably somewhat understand the idea that the love we have for ourselves (our worthiness) is relational to the prosperity in our lives.

And the complex, often tangled, layers of self love/self loathing, courage/fear, confidence/self doubt, prosperity/lack ebb and flow.

If you’re running a business, these ebbs and flows directly impact our profits.

The short of it is…

In our brands, when we clearly understand:

  • What we are good at, we understand our value
  • Who needs our expertise and help the most, we understand that we have a beneficial impact on others’ lives
  • Our personal values and stand by them in the way we do business, we are a magnet to others that share those same values

Our recognition of our ability increases our confidence.

And when our confidence increases, our perceived value increases.

And when our perceived value increase, our profits increase.

What can I do to level up the confidence?

Glad you asked.

It was New Moon at 3:35p Pacific yesterday (Saturday) afternoon and the New Moon energies stay with us for about 48 hour. It’s a ripe time to set intentions. When we set intentions, we are putting our vibe into the universe asking for a certain result. And if we don’t ask, most of the time, we don’t receive. So setting an intention is a lovely way to go inward, clarify what you really desire, and ask the universe to help create that intention.

This New Moon in Taurus, the lovely, dependable, earthy sign, asks us to set intentions around (self) love and money in our lives and business.

It’s not too late to do a simple intention-setting ritual (clear your space, clear your mind, get specific for what you desire, ask for what you desire, let go of the outcome, and give thanks)

For this new moon set intentions by asking yourself:

  • What areas am I an expert?
  • What am I really good at?
  • Who really needs my expertise and guidance?

When we get really clear about these 3 things, we start to recognize our value. We begin to get really clear about what we have to offer and who benefits most from our help. From this clarity, our confidence blooms because we can see that we do have something of value to offer and there are people that need my help/guidance.

Result of self care and self worth

When we honor ourselves and understand our value we no longer give ourselves or time away to others that are not worthy. We take good care of ourselves and replenish our cup because we see that we can only be of help to others if we are at our best.

On Friday, I had my monthly online New Moon Ceremony and Illuminate Your Brand’s Soul workshop. Even if you have watched this workshop before, this one has a focus on value and money. It’s such important info, I want to share it with you too. Watch the replay of Taurus New Moon Ceremony and illuminate Your Brand’s workshop (replay up for 48 hours).

Last thing,..

Are you ready to claim your confidence and clarity?

Crystallize is my flagship 12-week branding program.

It’s for women business owners who are ready to work through their self doubt, claim their confidence, get clear in their business, and grow their profits.

I’ll be talking more about Crystallize in the coming weeks.

But here’s what’s coming up:

  • May 6: Crystallize Summer open for applications
  • May 10: Fast-action bonus ends (1 extra hour of 1-1 strategy with Leslie – $300 value)
  • May 31: Early bird discount ends ($500 off the program)
  • June 14: Doors close and Getting Started training begins
  • July 1: Crystallize Sumer brand coaching circle starts for 12 weeks

Have questions? Email me anytime.
Want to see what ALL you get with Crystallize? View program details.
Ready to jump in and apply? Schedule your complimentary 30-min Brand Clarity Call.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

And remember to set those intentions, I’d love to hear what seeds you want to plant in your business.

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