How to find your birth time

by Leslie Tagorda

Why is it so important to have an exact birth time?

If you’ve been curious about astrology for some time, and want to see which archetypes (found in the 12 signs, dictated by the planets and cosmic energetic points in the sky) reflect you specifically — it’s likely you’ll want to find out how to generate your natal chart for yourself! Most astrology newbies like to go to the free reports online as their first look at astrology. Thus, they like to go to online natal chart generators to learn more.

One of our favorites to generate a birth chart is When you get on the site, you’ll find you will need your date of birth, the city you were born, and … the exact time.

Most sites will need this from you! It tends to be not the type of information someone knows off the top of their head. It is always best to have the time on hand — because it provides important information on how the cosmic cycles affect you. So definitely text your mother, dig through your family home, or do whatever it takes to get that birth time.

Without it, your birth chart is incomplete. It only tells what energies and planetary prominence you were incarnated with, but not the timeline in which you’re rotating.

Steps to find your birth time

  • Find a copy of your birth certificate
  • If you can’t find your birth certificate, contact the hospital or the county you were born to grab a copy of the birth certificate.
  • Find a Rectification astrologer who can reverse engineer your birth time based on events in your life. —- they are hard to find, so if you find a rectification astrologer you like, let me know. I need referrals.

What does the exact birth time do?

You are made up of more than just what signs the planets were in when you were born. You also had a particular sign that was “rising” with the sun when you were born — this is the sign of your ascendant, in what is known as the “house” system of astrology. It’s essentially the role you play in this life, and the face you wear to the earth. The birth hour will tell you which sign was the most prominent in the sky, and what rotations your life will see with that sign as the forefront of your life. It’s different than the Sun in that the ascendant tells of the micro variances of your life and what themes you frequently play up and wrestle with as an active energy you are embodying; whereas the Sun instead speaks of a big picture idea of “what” you radiate naturally in absolution irregardless of time.

There are 12 houses for this part of your soul that dictate areas of your life from relationships to possessions to public status, and the 12 different zodiac signs are placed in these houses and rotate through cycles based on the planetary transits in the sky in real time.

The birth time also tells you, based on whether you were born during the day or night, which planets will play bigger parts in your chart (want to learn more? I definitely go into this deeper with each client with my 1:1 AstroBrand™ readings. Sign up here to learn more).

In essence, not having your birth time makes it harder to track how transits will affect you or have already affected you.

If your birth certificate is not easily available, contact the hospital or the county you were born to get a copy.

These times are extremely valuable if you want to go deeper into astrology!

If you were adopted or the records were lost, not all hope is lost. Some astrologers out there do specialize in chart rectification, which is a process where they can figure out your ascendant sign without your birth chart. DM me and I can find more info to find a good fit for you.

All in all, it’s important to find the birth time if you want to go deeper into astrology. Otherwise your chart will continue to feel like only representing part of you without the whole!

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