Episode 36: How To Identify and Attract Your Ideal Clients Using Astrology

by | Sep 27, 2020

Are you like me and have struggled to serve one type of ideal customer, or to know even who you are meant to work with? Guessing at what other biz gurus call your ICA (ideal client avatar) or detailing a useless demographic, deciding on what type of car your ideal customer drives. You are uniquely designed and star-powered to serve the energies of a soul customer based on your astrology and in this episode I’m going to give you the key to unlock this mystery so you can call in your soul customer with joy and ease.

In this episode:

  • What your ideal soul customer is and isn’t
  • 5 ways to use your astrology to identify and call in your soul customers
  • The powerful astrology of the week

What your ideal customer is and isn’t

Is not your ideal clients:

  • An avatar Ideal Client Avatar
  • Demographics
  • Who you should be working with just because you can

Is your ideal clients:

  • Ever-evolving
    • Experiences, your evolution
  • Based on who you want and love working with
    • Who lights you up
    • Who gets you excited?
  • Energetically designed with your AstroGraphics
  • A committed relationship to transform and co-create

The biggest key to finding your Ideal Customer

Energy archetype, psychographics, or I call Astro Graphics. Modern psychology is based on ancient archetypes based in ASTROLOGY

Understanding the myths and the energies of these archetypes can be applied to so many different industries and types of clients. This energy stays constant but is in a spectrum of evolution and change, just as you change.

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5 Ways to Identify and Attract Your Ideal Customers Using Astrology

1. Lead and step into the power of your RISING SIGN

You do you. It’s honestly as simple as that – when you start with your rising sign. People are already experiencing you as your ascendant (aka rising) so lead with it in your brand identity to become an authentic magnet to your soul customer. No copying or comparing here!

To learn more about your rising sign, listen to Episode 12: The Leader You Are Meant To Be of the Savvy Luminary Podcast


Your 7H descendant sign is the energy you are designed to co-create with and commit to. The sign on the 7H descendant captures the spectrum of energies that your soul customers have. It’s not to say all your soul customers will have this sign. It means that they will embody the traits of this astrographic (archetype).

  • Aries/Libra – Relationships
  • Taurus/Scorpio – Values and Finances
  • Gemini/Sagittarius – Communication and shared ideas
  • Cancer/Capricorn – Security and status
  • Leo/Aquarius – Creativity and Purpose
  • Virgo / Pisces – Health

3. Understand your DESCENDANT ASTROGRAPHICS (Archetype)

You want to get into the heart of your 7H descendant to understand the range of expressions, from the low vibrations (problems) to the high vibrations (aspirations), of your soul customer. By understanding the full spectrum, you can plot your customer journey based on this energy.

4. Specify using your other 7H ENERGIES

If you have planets, luminaries or other energetic points in your 7H you can use that to specify even further the energies (problems as well as aspirations) of your soul customer. Each planet or energy will color and add more information to your soul customer’s experience for which you are designed to serve.

Look at your natal chart and see what other planets you have in the 7H. Check to see if you have other signs in the 7H that is more than 23°.

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What do you want? Who do you love working with? What experiences and problems do you love addressing? What aspirations do you love helping people attain? Sprinkle in that magic of what you truly love doing to identify and attract those you are meant to commit to and work with.

How to attract your ideal clients

  • Grow into your own rising sign, lead from your rising
  • Irresistible to your ideal customers
  • Communicate and build relationships – this is going to look like different things

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