How to not freak the F out during Mercury Retrograde in your Business (May 2022 Update)

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Mercury Rx in Gemini 4°50’ – Taurus 26°05’ (May 2022 Update)

May 10, 2022 at 4:47 AM PT | 7:47 AM ET

This is the Mercury Rx cycle to make lots of space for in your schedule. This MRx cycle is going to feel “extra,” meaning a wee bit more intense than other Mercury Retrogrades, as not only is Mercury going backwards in its fast-moving home sign of Gemini, but this cycle is also longer in days and shorter in distance than average.

We will have more time than usual rethinking, rehashing, getting stuck in traffic, and miscommunicating. The lesson in all this: Slow down! Take your time! Pay attention! Get clear.

During the retrograde cycle, Jupiter and Mars will conjoin with Venus and Chiron – all in Aries. This may lead to you feeling more impulsive and eager to take action, but with the retrograde, this may not feel as aligned as you want it to! Reminder again to be aware and slow down. Road rage and the like could be at a high.

Around this time, also be vigilant for any interpersonal miscommunications and misunderstandings around Taurean themes of value and security. Anything you’re trying to rush through or be not fully present with may make you feel bogged down and stuck in a mental traffic jam.

If you have big Gemini energy (Sun, Moon, Rising or other angles), be extra kind to yourself at this time. You’ll have to move at what can feel like a snail’s pace, inching your way toward the finish line for your goals.

Mercury Retrograde Gemini – Taurus Schedule

  • 4/27 Enters shadow zone – Taurus 26°
    Notice ideas, mindset and communication themes that need to breakdown or be rethought.
  • 5/10 Station retrograde – Gemini 4°
    Make lots of space today
  • 5/21 Midpoint combust – Gemini 0° (Day after Sun moves into Gemini)
    Info overload – what is blowing your mind? Take furious notes. In the next few weeks make a plan of action.
  • 6/3 Station direct – Taurus 26°
    What is your renewed clarity? What will you now take action on?
  • 6/19 Leaves shadow zone – Gemini 4°
    Full speed ahead

Personalize Your Mercury Rx

  1. Discover your house activation
    What in your Work needs to be reclarified?
    The house(s) that contain Taurus 26° – Gemini 4° will be highlighted three times. Asking you to rethink this area of your life, business and Work.
  2. Discover natal planets that want a voice
    What are your natal planets asking you to rethink?
    If you have natal planets near or aspecting Taurus 26° – Gemini 4°, they want a say in this retrograde cycle. Each planet represents a different process. If you have a planet being pinged, what about their process wants to be rethought?
  3. Discover angles that want to chime in
    What are your roles asking you to reconsider?
    If you have angles (rising, descendant, midheaven or imum coeli) near Taurus 26° – Gemini 4°, they want to chime in. These directions relate to a role you have in your life and Work. What needs to be reconsidered?

Mercury Rx Gemini – Taurus House Reflection

Mercury Rx in Gemini/Taurus invites you to rethink your peaceful, direct voice in your Work to create the change you want to see in the World

  • Gemini Rising: Reform your changemaking leadership.
  • Taurus Rising: Reevaluate your values.
  • Aries Rising: Redefine your rallying message.
  • Pisces Rising: Re-enforce your safe communities.
  • Aquarius Rising: Reignite future-forward creative causes.
  • Capricorn Rising: Reorganize your community service.
  • Sagittarius Rising: Rekindle your co-creative partnerships.⁠
  • Scorpio Rising: Reflect on collective healing.
  • Libra Rising: Reimagine your big why. ⁠
  • Virgo Rising: Recommit to delivering on your mission.
  • Leo Rising: Reactivate your social networks.
  • Cancer Rising (Maybe 12): Restore your truth.


Mercury Retrograde in Libra (September 2021 Update)

In Libra – Rethink these 4 relationships in your business

  • Soul customers – the people you adore and are committed to serve via payments or contracts
  • Soul partners – the people that are committed to you to help you accomplish your goals
  • Soul collaborators – the people with common visions you are meant to uphold
  • Soul co-creators – the people in your field that do similar work but are not meant to be competitors

6 things to do in Mercury Rx in Libra

  • Rethink relationships in your biz
  • Redefine your leadership
  • Reassess partnership expectations
  • Reconnect at a deeper level
  • Relearn your most powerful offers
  • Remind your peeps your big message

6 things to not do during Mercury Rx in Libra

  • Get angry over miscommunications
  • Commit to imbalanced power dynamics
  • Rush into relationships
  • Force obligations
  • People-please
  • Be codependent

Mercury Rx in Libra Reminders

Reminder for MRx Libra 2021

✅ 9/7 Enter Shadow – Libra 10°: what are you noticing in relationships that need reorganization or re-definition?
✅9/26 Retrograde – Libra 25°: What breakdowns in communications and relationships are happening? How can you slow down to rethink things?
✅10/9 Combust – Libra 16°: What new reconsiderations are now being fully illuminated where you must express boundaries?
✅10/18 Direct – Libra 10º: What plan of action will you take to call in your soul collaborators, soul customers, and soul co-creators?
✅11/3 Leaves shadow – Libra 25°: Fully embrace your new role in powerful relationships and stand in your power.

6 astrological influences for Mercury Rx in Libra

  • Mercury dances with these planets influencing how you are meant to rethink your business relationships
    • Trine with Jupiter 3x – call in your people with your big message and vision
      • September 20
      • October 3
      • October 31
    • Square Pluto – transformative, powerful relationships – balance of power
    • New Moon in Libra 13° – Set your intention of motivation
    • Midpoint illumination combust with Sun and Mars
    • Opposite Chiron – communicate your past wounds that you’ve overcome to call in your people. Your wounds as seen through Chiron is the wisdom gift you are meant to offer through your business.
    • Goes forward the same day as Jupiter also goes forward

5 ways to personalize your Mercury Rx in Libra

  • Discover Libra 10° – 25° – The 15 degrees highlighted in your chart by 3 passes by Mercury
  • Discern the house(s) that contain this area. This is the area in your life and business where you need to rethink your business relationships (soul customers, soul collaborators, soul co-creators)
  • Reveal any natal planets or angels in this area of your chart. As Mercury passes over natal energies, it will give you a fresh perspective about your relationships and connections.
  • Uncover other Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn) energies between 10°-25°. These planets and angles will add creative tension that wants resolution in your rethinking.
  • Illuminate other Air (Gemini, Aquarius) energies between 10°-25°. These planets and angles will support your relearning.

Mercury Rx in Libra House Activations

The house(s) that contain Libra 10°-25° is the area of your business you need to rethink and reconnect to your:

  • 1H (maybe Libra ⬆️): Leadership Role – Rethink your role as a diplomatic leader, how do you want to show up as a powerful peacekeeper?
  • 2H (maybe Virgo ⬆️): Valuable Relationships – Reevaluate your relationship values and value-add. What relationships are you investing in and how are you adding value in relationships?
  • 3H (maybe Leo ⬆️): Communication Collaborators – Refine and communicate your prosperous message with others. Who can you partner with to communicate to a wider audience?
  • 4H (maybe Cancer ⬆️): Family-like Partners – Reorganize your ability to connect with others that feel like a healthy family unit. Who do you need in your closest community?
  • 5H (maybe Gemini ⬆️): Passionate Co-Creators – Reignite collaborative fun passion projects in your business that spark joy.
  • 6H (maybe Taurus ⬆️): Organizational Partners – Reorganize routines, wellness, and systems in partnership to help you keep going.
  • 7H (maybe Aries ⬆️): Soul Customers – Rethink your soul customers in your business with peace-loving, people-centric leaders.
  • 8H (maybe Pisces ⬆️): Transformational Accomplices – Reflect on healing your relationships with intimacy and truth in and through your business
  • 9H (maybe Aquarius ⬆️): Explorer Comrades – Reimagine exploring your big vision of the future and humanity with natural-born connectors.
  • 10H (maybe Capricorn ⬆️): Goal Getters – Recommit to delivering on your mission of connection and collaboration with other likable goal-getters.
  • 11H (maybe Sagittarius ⬆️): Impact Allies – Reactivate your visionary social impact of bridge-building for the future.
  • 12H (maybe Scorpio ⬆️): Wisdom Companions – Reveal what inner, soul-level peace and connection co-creators you need to bring ease to your business.

Note the rising signs are suggestions – to accurately know the house that is being highlighted for you, look for the house(s) that contains Libra 10°-25°.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini (May 2021 Update)

Mercury Retrograde seasons are meant to be inquisitive and reflective, a time to reset our mindset. ⁠

Isn’t it perfect we get these resets 3x a year? ⁠

While there is so much fear-mongering about don’t do this or that, if you know how to work with this energy vs against it, you can uncover deep new truths that fit your current reality.

We feel Mercury Retrogrades on an intimate, personal level, partly because as a personal planet Mercury is so close to the Earth, and when its retrograde its even closer. And as a messenger to our Sun’s consciousness, Mercury is constantly on the run relaying information in and out of us. ⁠

What communications and mindset do you get to rethink that add to your truth?

This Mercury Rx through its home sign of Gemini shows us where we’ve outgrown our truths and need to redefine our understanding so that we can express ourselves in alignment to our current reality.

For the first half of the Rx cycle, now through June 10…

You’ll be discovering what you need to unlearn. It is not crucial to take action. In fact you’ll have a better go of understanding if you give things space to present clarity on their own. You can’t rush this.

Be prepared for things to take longer than expected, the need to re-explain or re-read.

Permission to misunderstand and not be clear.

You get this opportunity to rethink your truths and your core messaging in your business.


To learn more about Mercury Retrograde:

Gemini Mercury Rx in Gemini Meaning

Rethinking Your Mind, Facts and Truth
Get Curious = Ask + Listen

Fascinating Facts of Mrx In Gemini 2021

  • Longer in duration, 25 days; in February it was 22 days
    We get more time to reflect and rethink our new truth
  • Covers a shorter area in the ecliptic, 8° in February it was 15°
    We get to go deeper in this one area of our lives and businesses
  • Midway point, the combust, happens the same day, at the exact same degree as the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini 19°
    We get to have a blast of new downloads that quantum leap our mindset
  • Mercury only makes major exact aspects to the Moon and Neptune
    We get to clearly focus on our ideas, how we feel about them, and how we are connected to them
  • Mercury starts the Rx after it touches off with Venus at Gemini 24°
    We get to be reminded of our shared ideas and values
  • Mercury Rx is within orb of a trine with Saturn Rx in Aquarius for later part of cycle
    We get to concentrate on internalizing our newly redefined truths


10 things to watch out for in your business during Gemini Mercury Rx

5 things to do in your business

  • Review your existing content and make a plan to revise or reorganize
    Inventory your content and prioritize what you want to keep and what you want to let go. Once you prioritize, review the content you want to keep to see if there are opportunities to improve your message.
  • Refine your teaching methodologies to serve your customers better
    Dig into the why and truths of what you teach and how you teach. Look at your courses, workshops, informational posts, anything where you can deepen the connection and experience of your students.
  • Rewrite highly trafficked posts or pages on your website
    Look at your site analytics to see your highly visited posts and pages (even on LinkedIn, Medium or other sites) and see what you can revise and fine tune. Optimize and maximize them by adding links to your freebies or links to work with you.
  • Edit existing writing and communications projects
    This is a great time to do a second or third draft of your writing projects like books, articles, or guides for opt ins. The extra care you put in now will go a long way.
  • Reconnect with your closest neighborhood and communities (siblings, too)
    Whether your groups on social media, or your next door neighbors, the people you consider close to you in proximity would love to hear what’s been on your mind or what you’re working on. Make this a daily ritual during this Rx cycle and see what comes up, especially for those with relaxed Covid restrictions.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Schedule

Personalize Your Gemini Mercury Rx

  • House: Which house contains Gemini 16° – 24°
    House tells you which area of your business needs rethinking. If you have two houses being highlighted, focus on the house with the cusp line that is activated. It is that doorway to that area of your business that is being emphasized.
  • What natal planets are in mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) between 16°-24°
    Mutable planets will add creative tension to your Rethinking, their energy will want a voice in what matters.
  • What natal planets are in Air signs (Aquarius, Libra) between 16° – 24°
    Air planets will support your rethinking, their energy will work in flow with your reorganizing your truth.

Gemini Mercury Rx House Reflection

Which house is being highlighted by Gemini 16° – 24°?
This house is the part of your business needs a fresh perspective*

Permission to Change Your:

  • 1H: Identity
    Rethink your role as a curious leader, what is your big message that you are really meant to share.
  • 2H: Values
    Reevaluate your intellectual values, you are not here to change anyone’s mind, but to understand how you are adding value.
  • 3H: Mind
    Refine and communicate your big message to teach others through your business as a truth teller.
  • 4H: Heart
    Recreate your safety and security by gaining an understanding on what you need and sharing your needs with your closest community.
  • 5H: Passion
    Reignite inquisitive creative passion projects in your business that spark play in your inner child.
  • 6H: Service
    Reorganize teaching and learning as acts of service through your business where listening is as important as speaking.
  • 7H: Relationships
    Rethink your collaborative partnerships in your business with other curious creatives to create a shared message of understanding.
  • 8H: Healing
    Reflect on healing your voice to be heard as a necessary part of your truth in and through your business
  • 9H: Dreams
    Reimagine sharing your big vision of a diverse and equitable future built on understanding and inquiry.
  • 10H: Goals
    Recommit to delivering your breakthrough message as a platform to building equitable success through listening and empathy.
  • 11H: Impact
    Reactivate your greater social networks of truth tellers through humanitarian education efforts and activism
  • 12H: Wisdom
    Reveal what reformations of inner, soul-level truth are needed to restore ease and understanding in your business

* If you have two houses being highlighted, focus on the house with the cusp line that is activated. It is that doorway to that area of your business that is being emphasized.

For example, if you have 12H and 1H being highlighted, your 1H is emphasized because your Ascendant (1H cusp) is pointed out.

If you want to take a deeper dive in to this MRx in Gemini

I have a free downloadable worksheet so that you can learn more about how you can use this MRx energy in your business or if you want to take a personalized mini new moon reading, you must pay a minimum of $47.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius (Janaury 2021 Update)

Rethinking Equitable Success
Redo, rethink, reorganize your business’s role in making change for the future

Our first Mercury Retrograde cycle (Jan 30 – Feb 20) is almost here and you don’t need to freak out!

I love Mercury Retrograde cycles because we get to hit pause and rethink, reorganize, reflect, and reiterate.

Mercury will be highlighting Aquarian energy in your business over the next few weeks.

This deep dive allows you to rethink all those Aquarian ideals (social causes, change, innovation, your larger groups, friends…) and the role of you and your business to act on this change.

If you don’t go with the flow of this retrograde energy, you risk feeling resistant to change instead of feeling like an agent of change.

During the retrograde cycle, Mercury is going to be meeting up with a boat load of Aquarian energy, joining up the Sun, Venus, Jupiter (and getting really close to Saturn –oh and the Moon too) ALL IN AQUARIUS.

That is one Aquarius assembly bringing in the future!

The future is about social and environmental change that leads to equitable success!

And you, change-making entrepreneur, have a front line role to bring in this needed change.

Are you ready to see how you are meant to rethink radical change to create equitable success in and throughout your biz?

Mercury Retrograde Schedule

  • 1/15 Enters shadow – Aquarius 11°
  • 1/29 Stations Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 1/30 Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 2/8 Combust – Aquarius 19°
  • 2/19 Station Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 2/20 Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 3/13 Leaves shadow – Aquarius 26°

7 things to do in your business during this Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

To rethink equitable success and make radical change

  1. Realize your privileges
  2. Reiterate your social values
  3. Reflect on your desired vision of the future
  4. Reimagine your business as a role model
  5. Rewrite your brand values
  6. Reconnect with changemaking cocreators
  7. Reignite your larger circles and communities

Personalize Your Mercury Rx

  • House: Which house is being highlighted by Aquarius 11 – 26°
    House tells you which part of your business needs rethinking
  • What natal planets are in fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo between 11°-26°)
    Fixed planets will add creative tension to your Rethinking, their energy will want a voice in what matters.
  • What natal planets are in Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra between 11° – 26°)
    Air planets will add support to your Rethinking, their energy will work in flow with your reorganizing.

Mercury Retrograde House Activation

Which house is being highlighted by Aquarius 11° – 26°?
This house is the part of your business needs rethinking equitable success

  • 1H: Rethink your role as a changemaking leader and how you share that power with others
  • 2H: Reevaluate your social values, how they add value to your business, how you share that value with others
  • 3H: Refine and communicate your radical message to promote your business as an agent of change
  • 4H: Recreate your safe communities of diverse beings to create innovative inclusion in your business
  • 5H: Reignite future-forward creative enterprises and causes that set your business and brand apart
  • 6H: Reorganize your innovative ideas of service through your business as being part of a greater whole
  • 7H: Rethink your collaborative partnerships in your business with other changemakers bringing in the future over a shared cause
  • 8H: Reflect on healing the past as a necessary part of healing the future in and through your business
  • 9H: Reimagine sharing your innovative vision of the future as a contribution to the wider world
  • 10H: Recommit to delivering your breakthrough innovation as a platform to creating equitable success
  • 11H: Reactivate your greater social networks of changemakers through humanitarian values and activism
  • 12H: Reveal what innovative reformations are needed to restore truth in and through your business

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer (June 2020 Update)

Mercury Retrograde is happening in the sign of the watery sign of cancer, this time last year, Mercury was also retrograding in cancer, there’s been this theme of mercury retrogrades going through the water signs for the last couple of years.

So we are really identifying, amplifying the themes of cancer on a personal level in our communities as well as on a global level.

You can see how this Mercury Retrograde right in the middle of our year is really asking us to rethink and reconsider and reintegrate Cancerian themes in our personal lives, in our communities, as well as in our world.

On Monday, June 15, at 2pm Pacific, I’ll be hosting a Mercury Retrograde Sur(re)vival Guide. I actually would like to call this eight revival guide, because we don’t have to think about Mercury Retrograde as this time where we’re just trying to keep our head above water.

6 Things to Do During Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

  • Reflect
  • Replenish
  • Reconnect / to our heart’s desires, higher self
  • Re-acceptance / rethink our emotions
  • Re-intuit / listen to your gut/intuition/spidy sense
  • Restore (Home)

What Mercury Retrograde wants you to reconsider House by house

Restore, Replenish and Realign your sense of:

  • 1H: Self and brand identity
  • 2H: Values and finances
  • 3H: Connection and messaging
  • 4H: Emotional security and community
  • 5H: Creativity and passion
  • 6H: Order, wellness, and routine
  • 7H: Relationships and collaborations
  • 8H: Self-trust and true transformation
  • 9H: Beliefs and promoting yourself
  • 10H: Accomplishment and ultimate mission
  • 11H: Humanity and your social impact
  • 12H: Releasing and reconnecting to highest self


Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (November 2019 Update)

What do you need to trust + create in your life so you can feel powerful?
Rebuild and deepen self trust – connection with own power

What is a Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is a 3 week period that happens about 3x a year when Mercury appears to go backwards in the sky from our vantage point on Earth.

Mercury is considered a personal planet and it’s the Messenger in between our creative energy force (The Sun) and us here on Earth.

Because it’s a personal planet, we feel Mercury’s energies intimately!

And if we are rushing about our day, not making space for this Mercury Retrograde energy, we will feel like the sky is falling.

Traffic jams, blackouts, tech glitches, miscommunications abound.

But if you make space and pad your time, Mercury Retrogrades are deep and powerful medicines to help us re-examine parts of our life.

And this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio – let’s just say that this is deep, powerful medicine!

Mercury In Scorpio

Mercury generally rules communication, the way we process information, learn info, communicate info, technology, short distance travel, as well as siblings.

When Mercury is in Scorpio (which it has an extended stay from October 3 – December 9) Mercury asks us to go deeper.

Tell our truths. Be more “authentic” Be aware of what information needs to come through. Scorpio’s intensity asks us to be emotionally honest, to change our limiting beliefs and to do the deep healing and transformative work that will enable us to become more intimate with ourselves and others.

What’s not to like? Unless you like to RESIST.

And when you resist the things that need the deepest transformation, well you know that doesn’t work well unless you enjoy being batted around like a tennis ball on a court.

Why Mercury Retrogrades are So Important

This MRx is particularly important because of the New Moon we just had on Sunday Oct 27. All the intentions we created around our Scorpio’s deepest desires and healings will ONLY be realized if we do the deep inner work and build our self trust. And this is what the Mercury Retrograde medicine is all about – to do the inner examination.

Asks us to redo things in our life. Reexamine, reorganize, reprioritize. Such a lovely way for the Universe to give us the energy to make sure we are on the right path. And if we’re not to pivot!

When Mercury goes backwards, our thought processes may take a bit longer. We may experience our ability to think and communicate in a different way than usual. For example, I have a lot of Air in my elemental makeup. So my ability to think is generally really easy for me. During a water retrograde like this one in Scorpio, I may start to emotionally feel things in order to comprehend information coming at me… and trust me, this is not my natural state.

For Mercury Rx in Scorpio, we are being called to rebuild and deepen our self trust and to rebuild that connection with our own power.

Mercury Enters Shadows October 11

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2019

October 31 – November 20

Oct 11 – Shadow
Mercury puts on the breaks enters the area where it will reverse

Oct 31 – Station
Mercury comes to a complete stop before going backwards

Nov 20 – Station Direct
Mercury comes to a complete stop before going forward again

December 7 – Post Shadow
Mercury moves forward but retraces its backwards steps

Where is Mercury Medicine asking you to reexamine your life + business?

Mercury will be transiting backwards from 27° back to 11° in Scorpio. Any planets or luminaries you may have in Scorpio, Gemini or Virgo 11° – 27° will be triggered.

Look at the planetary energies that are being activated to help you understand the energies that need re-examination. You can also look at the Astrological House that Mercury will be traveling to understand what are of your life needs extra attention and TLC.

For me, I won’t have any planets triggered, but Mercury will go backwards through my 6th and 5th houses really bringing into focus my holistic health and my ability to play. I’ve been talking about this as part of my New Moon intentions because I have not been prioritizing my health or play and it’s taking its toll on my business. We need to live a whole life in order to have a thriving business.

And of course because Scorpio is involved, this is where I have a high level of shame that needs to be reexamined. I’ve been ashamed of my weight for all of my adult life and it’s time to do something about it. Also, while it seems counter-intuitive for my creative biz, all my creativity is in the form of work. I don’t actually do any creating just for fun! That can really put the cramp on everything else.

So for this MRx, I’ll be focusing on how to bring back some fun into my health and business. There is a ton of digging I will do.

What do you need to trust + create in your life so you can feel powerful?

When I ask myself this question, it is true, I must create trust in my own body and my own ability to have fun in order to live a full and embodied life. Right now the spokes on my wheel of life are very much lopsided towards work! I will feel more powerful when I learn to live in my body and become more healthy.

6 things to do in your business to get the most of this energy

You don’t have to freak the F out during Mercury Retrogrades if you decide to use the energy to your benefit. Because this MRx in Scorpio is about reexamining Trust and Power within your life and business, what needs addressing?

  1. Re-build the trust in yourself.
    Only you know what’s right for you. Ask those deep questions that allow you to focus inward vs letting others tell you how you should do it. Especially in business when so many gurus want to tell you how. The best guides show you the questions to ask yourself so you can create trust and confidence from within
  2. Re-consider your truth
    Do you truly understand your Truth? Or are you adopting the truth of someone else from your family, your partner, or others? What is your belief that makes you unique?
  3. Re-congnize your shame
    Shame is powerful prevents us from going after the things we truly desire. Everyone has shame, you’re not alone and there is no way to rid shame. There is only befriending shame, understanding why it’s there and then working with it vs resisting it.
  4. Re-enforce your boundaries
    Are you aligned to your priorities? Are you considering what is best for yourself and your business? Or are you putting everyone one’s needs ahead of yourself? What do you need to reinforce so you can accomplish your goals?
  5. Re-iterate your needs
    People will forget what you need. It’s a pain, but we have to constantly remind those that forget our desires. And to those that choose to ignore your desires, well you know what to do with that relationship!
  6. Re-define your possibilities
    Is what you’re reaching for a big enough dream for where you are now? Is it time to redefine what is possible? If you’ve been doing the work and evolving, you may need to move forward your dreams!

Want to understand your Mercury Rx Prescription?
Schedule an AstroBrand Reading and we can take a deep dive so you can rebuild and deepen self-trust to connect to your own power.

July 8, 2019 Update

Leslie Tagorda

If you’ve been feeling you’ve been hearing a ton about Mercury Retrograde (MRx), thank the Internet and the fact that it happens 3 or 4 times a year. Now that we are officially in our 2nd round of 2019 (Mercury stopped and stationed to go backwards on July 7, but you have most likely already felt the shadow period where Mercury slows down before stopping since back in June), you have some choices on how to deal with this sometimes stressful time.

The three MRxs this year focus in mostly emotional, intuitive water signs. In March Mercury went backwards in Pisces. Now in July Mercury starts in fiery Leo until July 19 3:06am UT the first 1/2 of the cycle and then heads into Cancer for the remainder. And in November when MRx happens again we will explore Scorpio.

So what does this have to do with our day to day lives besides messing with traffic, our tech, our communications and the usual suspects?

Take a deep breath, you don’t have to freak the F out.

Mercury is how we give and receive information. A filter of how we connect with others and our inner/outer worlds. Each Mercury sign processes information differently so it’s important to understand your specific Mercury placement.

When Mercury goes backwards, we get to reconsider if things are going the way we like in the part of our life that Mercury is highlighting. AND how we are receiving the info coming to us and how we are communicating the info we are sending out to the world.

To know where this retrograde is activating your life, look up your transits in your favorite astrology software and look at the house in which the Rx is happening, this house placement will tell you what area of your life needs reflection. Also if there are any aspects or relationships to natal planets. This will give you more insight as to different energies that need reexamination.

For me MRx is in my 2nd house of values and material possessions and strong trine to my natal Moon which represents my inner emotional and intuitive self.

So for me, I can interpret that with the Leo/Cancer energy how to bring creativity into my life so that it serves my emotional needs and when I’m in my happy place of creating, this will readjust my financial situation!

What a perfect time for me as I take a sabbatical from client-focused work.

Interesting to note that Rx is the symbol that represents the retrograde AND it’s the symbol that represents a medical prescription.

For me, my interpretation for myself is exactly what I need for myself personally and in business.

So think of these MRx as healing times where we get to prescribe ourselves a course of action to reflect, reorganize and restore our lives so we can redirect it in the right direction after the MRx is over.

What is your prescription for yourself this MRx season?

February 27 2019

The sky isn’t falling, you don’t have to freak the F out.

Yes Mercury is about to go retrograde, you may already be feeling some of that energy since we have been in the shadow period (the placement in the sky where Mercury will appear to retrace while it’s in retrograde). From Earth Mercury, during retrograde will be move backwards in the sky.

  • Shadow Feb 19 – Mar 4
  • Retrograde Station Mar 5
  • Retrograde Mar 6 – 27
  • Direct Station Mar 28
  • Post Shadow April 16

Wanna know more about Mercury Retrograde motion?

Astrologically, the planet Mercury symbolizes the energy that rules, communications, technology, travel, negotiations, transactions, etc.

You know, most everything in modern business life.

And retrograde will take place entirely in the sign of Pisces.

Pisces, traditionally ruled by the Moon, is emotional, compassionate, sentimental, and most definitely mystical. The modern ruler, Neptune represents the watery depths and illusion. Pisces naturally loves the emotional depths, deep ocean dives, and she can go with the flow, often needing structure and containment.

Think everything emotional and instinctual.

Energetically, when Mercury goes backwards, it’s going into a Yin state, a non-active, restorative state. When Mercury goes forward it’s driving the bus on so many modern-world things, it’s no wonder Mercury goes on retreat 3 times a year for 3 weeks each!

If we could only give ourselves permission to retreat like this in our own lives to restore…

But I know, we can’t just stop. Shit still has to get done!

And with this retrograde all in the sign of emotional Pisces, ruled by the moon, we can use the energy to be reflective and intuitive with our decisions.

This is the perfect time to be a bit Yin and approach our lives and businesses to:

  • Reflect
  • Relax
  • Restore
  • Reorganize

We get a redo!

5 things to do in your Business during a Mercury Retrograde.

  1. Redo – You had a prospect/collaborator/opportunity you really wanted to work with but you haven’t heard from them in a while. Check in and reiterate your interest and why it would be a great fit.
  2. Review – Your contracts, agreements, policies, and other negotiation or contractual tools you have.
  3. Refine – Your content that performs well to see if you can optimize it even further. Think your freebie opt-ins, sales pages/funnels that have been active a while, blog posts that get a lot of traffic…
  4. Backup – Yep, backup your shit. Even if your stuff is on the cloud. Good practice to have it archived every once in a while.
  5. Relax – Yes, take more time for self care. Relaxing is just as important as doing, you’ll get to restore your reserves and do an even better job.

See, there’s not really a need to freak the F out if you bring a little INTENTION & REFLECTION into your life, during this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.

Lastly, here are a few tips to prevent headache this Mercury Retrograde season:

  • Be intentional
  • Slow down
  • Check your work
  • Backup your files
  • Turn off your mobile in the car
  • Pad your commute time
  • Speak with someone you want to forgive

Pss: My friend Ceca’s invited me and several other women biz owners to speak, panel style on her podcast Truth and Dare Cancer, Episode 20 to talk about struggles and inspiration we all have in our lives. Whether or not you have/had Cancer, this is a fun and inspirational episode!

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