July 8, 2019 Update

If you’ve been feeling you’ve been hearing a ton about Mercury Retrograde (MRx), thank the Internet and the fact that it happens 3 or 4 times a year. Now that we are officially in our 2nd round of 2019 (Mercury stopped and stationed to go backwards on July 7, but you have most likely already felt the shadow period where Mercury slows down before stopping since back in June), you have some choices on how to deal with this sometimes stressful time.

The three MRxs this year focus in mostly emotional, intuitive water signs. In March Mercury went backwards in Pisces. Now in July Mercury starts in fiery Leo until July 19 3:06am UT the first 1/2 of the cycle and then heads into Cancer for the remainder. And in November when MRx happens again we will explore Scorpio.

So what does this have to do with our day to day lives besides messing with traffic, our tech, our communications and the usual suspects?

Take a deep breath, you don’t have to freak the F out.

Mercury is how we give and receive information. A filter of how we connect with others and our inner/outer worlds. Each Mercury sign processes information differently so it’s important to understand your specific Mercury placement.

When Mercury goes backwards, we get to reconsider if things are going the way we like in the part of our life that Mercury is highlighting. AND how we are receiving the info coming to us and how we are communicating the info we are sending out to the world.

To know where this retrograde is activating your life, look up your transits in your favorite astrology software and look at the house in which the Rx is happening, this house placement will tell you what area of your life needs reflection. Also if there are any aspects or relationships to natal planets. This will give you more insight as to different energies that need reexamination.

For me MRx is in my 2nd house of values and material possessions and strong trine to my natal Moon which represents my inner emotional and intuitive self.

So for me, I can interpret that with the Leo/Cancer energy how to bring creativity into my life so that it serves my emotional needs and when I’m in my happy place of creating, this will readjust my financial situation!

What a perfect time for me as I take a sabbatical from client-focused work.

Interesting to note that Rx is the symbol that represents the retrograde AND it’s the symbol that represents a medical prescription.

For me, my interpretation for myself is exactly what I need for myself personally and in business.

So think of these MRx as healing times where we get to prescribe ourselves a course of action to reflect, reorganize and restore our lives so we can redirect it in the right direction after the MRx is over.

What is your prescription for yourself this MRx season?

February 27 2019

The sky isn’t falling, you don’t have to freak the F out.

Yes Mercury is about to go retrograde, you may already be feeling some of that energy since we have been in the shadow period (the placement in the sky where Mercury will appear to retrace while it’s in retrograde). From Earth Mercury, during retrograde will be move backwards in the sky.

  • Shadow Feb 19 – Mar 4
  • Retrograde Station Mar 5
  • Retrograde Mar 6 – 27
  • Direct Station Mar 28
  • Post Shadow April 16

Wanna know more about Mercury Retrograde motion?

Astrologically, the planet Mercury symbolizes the energy that rules, communications, technology, travel, negotiations, transactions, etc.

You know, most everything in modern business life.

And retrograde will take place entirely in the sign of Pisces.

Pisces, traditionally ruled by the Moon, is emotional, compassionate, sentimental, and most definitely mystical. The modern ruler, Neptune represents the watery depths and illusion. Pisces naturally loves the emotional depths, deep ocean dives, and she can go with the flow, often needing structure and containment.

Think everything emotional and instinctual.

Energetically, when Mercury goes backwards, it’s going into a Yin state, a non-active, restorative state. When Mercury goes forward it’s driving the bus on so many modern-world things, it’s no wonder Mercury goes on retreat 3 times a year for 3 weeks each!

If we could only give ourselves permission to retreat like this in our own lives to restore…

But I know, we can’t just stop. Shit still has to get done!

And with this retrograde all in the sign of emotional Pisces, ruled by the moon, we can use the energy to be reflective and intuitive with our decisions.

This is the perfect time to be a bit Yin and approach our lives and businesses to:

  • Reflect
  • Relax
  • Restore
  • Reorganize

We get a redo!

5 things to do in your Business during a Mercury Retrograde.

  1. Redo – You had a prospect/collaborator/opportunity you really wanted to work with but you haven’t heard from them in a while. Check in and reiterate your interest and why it would be a great fit.
  2. Review – Your contracts, agreements, policies, and other negotiation or contractual tools you have.
  3. Refine – Your content that performs well to see if you can optimize it even further. Think your freebie opt-ins, sales pages/funnels that have been active a while, blog posts that get a lot of traffic…
  4. Backup – Yep, backup your shit. Even if your stuff is on the cloud. Good practice to have it archived every once in a while.
  5. Relax – Yes, take more time for self care. Relaxing is just as important as doing, you’ll get to restore your reserves and do an even better job.

See, there’s not really a need to freak the F out if you bring a little INTENTION & REFLECTION into your life, during this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.

Lastly, here are a few tips to prevent headache this Mercury Retrograde season:

  • Be intentional
  • Slow down
  • Check your work
  • Backup your files
  • Turn off your mobile in the car
  • Pad your commute time
  • Speak with someone you want to forgive

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