How to Personalize Your Astrology Forecast For Your Work and Leadership

by Leslie Tagorda

You may be excitedly learning about astrology and suddenly confused — wondering, “How do I apply this to my chart?”, or “How to personalize your astrology for your work and leadership”

And the most daunting question: “How can I use this in my Work and Leadership that I want to change the world with?”

Astrology is a language that even the most seasoned astrologers are still learning to speak. Whether you’re at a novice level or pretty fluent, we are always picking up new nuances on how it helps us communicate and understand the magic of life. I’m a lifelong student of astrology and infinitely delighted with learning more and more every day. So it’s okay if it feels a bit overwhelming.

The terminology of collective astrological events comes down to words such as transits, ingresses, and retrogrades.

This post will explain what many of the terms mean. The interpretive nature of these events is where the usefulness of astrology lies, as these Astro-events in particular tend to influence our perception, our focus, and even our energy levels. Their timing is always wondrous when you realize how much synchronicity can happen.

Your Astro-Dictionary:

A transit is the movement and connection of two or more cosmic energies. It’s usually used to refer to how the planets are positioned in relativity to their placements at your birth (as depicted in your natal chart).

An ingress is the forward-motion transition of a planet or energy into a different zodiac sign.

A retrograde is when a planet appears to move backwards from our perspective here on earth, signifying that planet will go into the zodiac sign that preceded the current one it is in.

Also important to note… when writing about these movements in my BizStarCast, where you can get full access to a monthly play-by-play of the movements, I provide an exact meet-up time for you to refer to. But know that this point isn’t to be taken too literally – it is very similar to how the crest of a wave function in the ocean. The crest is simply the pinnacle where much of the wave’s power is in the forward and back parts of the wave building up and leading away from the crest.

When reading about these in the StarCast or elsewhere, pay special attention to the transits, ingresses, and retrogrades that affect your natal chart too, as they’ll give you a deeper understanding of the collective climate or cosmic weather pattern we all feel. Every individual is impacted.

What does this mean? It signifies that the power of these cosmic events will be felt before and after the cosmic meetup. Some of these events will be experienced more personally in regards to the planets closer to Earth and more collectively in regards to the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The duration of the wave of energy is related to how quickly or slowly the planet moves. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, known as the inner personal planets, are closer to the Earth. So their movements through signs come rather quickly compared to the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – who respectively move slower as you progress outward in the solar system.

Thus, the inner personal planets have more transits/ingresses/retrogrades and more of a personal “touch” in our lives. The outer planets signify lots of societal themes to consider.

Why we look at this collective energy

Knowing what’s going on in the collective energy helps you in 3 ways.

  1. Gives you meaning. When you know the underlying significance of a transiting energy, you understand better how to harness that energy instead of feeling a victim to every change in weather. Do note that if you tend to be a bit more fatalistic, it can actually be healing to dig into these questions and have a framework for more deeply understanding.
  2. Allows you the tools to formulate a plan. When you know the cosmic climate, you can better prepare and decide on tasks that can be more easily done, or better left to a future time, based on what energy you may feel privy to. While it may be easy to go overboard with micromanaging every single task, simply take note of if you are leading with your stars or if the stars are leading you.
  3. Gives you strategy. Similar to planning, you can take it to the next level of being strategic by arranging your projects with cosmic alignments and even amping up the potential of your Work with timed moon rituals. When you learn your personal astrology, this is when things get really potent.

When you cultivate this practice of intentionally working with the collective astrology, you begin to recognize the patterns and signs that were always there. You begin to see how you personally respond to different cosmic events.

Recognizing the signs means that you begin to work in the flow of the cosmos instead of against them. Things carry less fatalistic weight.

Suddenly, a “disaster” simply means – something was against the energy of the stars directing us on our path, so we can work our way back in alignment. And when we say any sort of “Mazel Tov,” (the Jewish way of congratulations), we can see it as blessed things from the planets signifying we’re going on the most fulfilling route of learning!

So remember:

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all.
  • Planetary meetups come in waves that you could feel for days, weeks or even months leading up to and away from.
  • There is nothing to be fearful of, only things to learn for your highest good.
  • Get curious about what is calling to you.

Understand Your Personal Star Powers

Now, you may read horoscopes or this StarCast and say that the horoscopes never feel like you, or that you LOVE Mercury Retrogrades (I do too) while many others hate them and it’s confusing. This is because personal energies in your birth chart influence how you perceive the collective energies.

Your birth chart is your unique map to your soul and it is positioned in a way with your planets, angles (Rising, Descendant, Midheaven, Imum Coeli) and houses. As the transiting planets (the planets in the here and now) move through your chart, they “ping” your natal energies in different ways.

To personalize the StarCast to your birth chart:

  • Look at the meeting points between the stars above and the degrees in your chart. In the Biz StarCast, I provide the degrees for meet-up points, lunar phases, and retrograde cycles. When you can find these degree points on your chart, you can see if you have natal planets that will be “pinged.” If your sun, moon, or rising are pinged, you will feel that cosmic event specifically impacts you more than others.
  • Note the area of influence. In addition, when you discover the astrological house that will contain a collective event, you gain more insight by understanding what part of your life, Work, and business will be impacted by that shift. Imagine how powerful it would be to have this information at your fingertips so you can personalize and strategize everything! From New Moon Rituals to what area of your Work you need to rethink during a Mercury Rx, making space and time for these potent realizations will only give you more momentum to continue on your route.

Gotten to the end? Phew! That was probably a lot! I hope this context can help you use the Biz StarCast to your advantage even more fully than before.

If you’re saying, “Huh!?” still and/or want to understand how to translate this knowledge specifically to your Work and entrepreneurship, I have a mini training to go over this – a perfect first step!

To further learn applying the archetypes in your Work, I recommend:

Written In The Stars, is my time-tested, user-adored, personal approach to seeing each of the planets as a process, understanding the archetypes in an evolutionary way, reframing aspects as energetic gifts, and seeing Houses as areas of your Work and business.

Even if you already know your chart for personal astrology, this is a route for seeing it as your map to your soul Work. AND you’ll be able to take these StarCasts to the next level in personalization.

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