Where would your brand be if
it was aligned to its star-mapped soul?

Unlocking your Brand’s Soul is a 2-hour New Moon ritual and workshop led by Leslie Tagorda, a brand navigator and Aquarius #bosslady.

You’ll be challenged to dig deep into the soul of your business.

You’ll discover that your brand is so much ore powerful than you thought.

You’ll have 120 minutes of community building, intention setting and brand strategy to empower your brand based on its astrological sun sign so you can take inspired action.


Best of all

The day after our event, the moon is new and the new moon energy of the day urges us to plant the seeds of intention.


What is it that you might want to plant for your brand?
How would that impact your business?

As a brand navigator, I’ll use the energy to guide us all in examining where our brand currently is and discovering where our brand’s soul desires to go.

We’ll look at how our sun, moon and rising signs create a unique-to-you Brand Map that aligns what you do to the people that need you most and how to harnesses your true inner desires to show up authentically in the world.

You will leave with inspired action steps to move your brand forward!

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These like minded lady bosses
are ready to align themselves…

Jane Austin

Lauren Noble Stewart

Keri Vaca

Patty Liu

About Leslie Tagorda

Your brand navigator

I’ve been designing visual brands and websites since 2002 and a lover of all things astrology since I first found out I was an Aquarius in elementary school. Earlier this year, I felt stuck in my business and decided to take time to reflect and do brand archetyping exercises that I normally reserve for my clients… but something wasn’t working. In classic brand archetyping, you choose one archetype and this one-dimensional brand just didn’t fit, nor inform me on how to move forward.

The aha moment came when I realized that in astrology, we are made up of different signs and archetypes that create a combination that makes us uniquely US… so it makes sense that brands must have a special divine combination too! This realization led me to create an astro-branding system that becomes the North Star for your brand, shining the light on where to go and how to get there. I’ve used the system and it has reignited my business with inspired action to move forward. I want to share this astro-branding framework with you too!