Episode 82: June 2021 Highlights and Biz StarCast Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of May 30 – June 5

by | May 30, 2021

Get ready, June is another BIG month of shifts where we get to reflect and get really clear on our truth. While business will still proceed, June isn’t exactly the month to cross off those tasks on your list or launch your next dream project. The energy of the month is really about slowing down to get clear about your truth, feel into your deep emotional wealth and open yourself up to trusting in Spirit to help guide you. Are you ready? I am!

Biz Starcast: June Highlights

Re-evaluating Clear Communications

June’s star powers are asking us to rethink.

To tap into our mind, heart and soul to get clear on what we perceive, what we want to feel and what we are called to do. It’s in this intersection where we find our truth.

If there isn’t a clear intersection between our mind, heart and soul we can’t build aligned businesses that nourish and sustain us.

In May, you were able to see that your worth isn’t tied to how much you give back or help others. Your value is purely from you being you. All that you give back makes you part of our reciprocal ecosystem.

In June, you’re going to make space to rethink what is possible and create a new belief system that allows you to connect the dots between what you want and what you love.

It is possible to build a business that is nourishing and pleasurable.

June’s star powers support your energy to:
Rethink your new truth by leaps and bounds
See the systemic responsibilities you need to break through in your business
Prioritize feeling and safety to create belonging
Re-envision your big dream and highest potential

This month we see:
Mercury Retrograde in Gemini (through June 22)
Venus enters Cancer (June 2)
Mars enters Leo (June 11)
Saturn Rx and Uranus exact square off for the second time (June 14)
Sun enters Cancer and Solstice (June 20)
Jupiter Retrograde (June 20)
Neptune Retrograde (June 25)
Venus enters Leo (June 26)

New Moon Solar Eclipse Gemini 19° (June 10)
Full Moon Capricorn 3° (June 24)

Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of May 30 – June 5


4Q Moon Pisces 11°59′

12:24 AM Pacific | 3:24 AM +1 Eastern

Relax and flow

What inner consciousness is now aligned to your soul?

A great day to relax and spend time alone or with spirit.

The last quarter moon phase is an integration phase in our lives and business. A time to cultivate all that we have learned and assess what we want to continue with and what we want to churn back into the earth as nourishment for the seeds we’ve planted.

With the Pisces 4Q moon, spend some inner reflective time connecting with your soul and spirit.

Venus enters Cancer

6:19 AM Pacific | 9:19 AM Eastern

Connect through emotional safety

With whom in your life and business do you need to create belonging?

Venus enters sensitive Cancer where she desires to luxuriate in self-care, nurturing, and all things close to home. Now for just three weeks until June 26, it’s time to value your emotions and what you need to feel safe. Connect with those that you consider like family during this time to nourish your sense of belonging.

It’s a great three weeks to establish guidelines to build safe communities in your business. These guidelines would outline what safety and inclusion means and the consequences of not abiding.

These guidelines in turn connect with your soul-aligned customers and co-creators as they will definitely know that they belong.

If you have any planets or angles in Cancer, over the next three weeks, Venus will share her peace and abundance on your natal energies.


A wonderful day to give and receive acknowledgement

The Sun, our creative vibrancy and Saturn, our dedication and commitment are in harmonious flow today while the two lucky planets Venus, our values and Jupiter, our beliefs are also in flow today. With so much ease, it’s a wonderful day to give and receive. What better way to warm your heart than to share a generous hug or note of gratitude — all as you warm their heart.

Sun trine Saturn Rx

12:05 PM Pacific | 3:04 PM Eastern

Commitments are validated

What signals are you now receiving that focus and confirm your dedication?

For a day leading up to and a day leading away from you will receive affirmations that you made the right decision. Because of this you will be able to focus your creative and communicative energies to enable you to work towards your commitment.

Pay attention to these messages and signals. It is quite possible that those signs have been there all along but you have only learned to recognize them. So that you can recognize and trust said signals more often, pay attention to what these signals look and feel like.

Sun Gemini 13° in harmonious flow with Saturn Rx Aquarius 13°.

Venus trine Jupiter

4:33 PM Pacific | 7:33 PM Eastern

Lucky lovely day

Who can you shower with appreciation?

It’s a beautiful day to appreciate everything and express that appreciation. There is a good chance you are feeling on top of the world, with your senses heightened. Share the love and let the people in your business and life know how much you care about them. As you fill your heart you will fill theirs. And with full hearts what might you attract? Be on the lookout for lucky chances.

Venus Cancer 1° in harmonious flow with Jupiter Pisces 1°. If you natal planets or angles in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) near 1° you will feel even more of a boost of luck and generosity.


A great day to find meaning in decisions you now must make.

With Mercury Rx squaring off with Neptune at the same time that Mars is opposite Pluto, there are deciding factors coming to the fore. You are meant to look at the meaning behind the face value of what’s happening to you now. This meaning is where you are now getting crystal clear on your truth that drives you.

Mercury Rx square Neptune

12:05 PM Pacific | 3:05 PM Eastern

Revisit your artistic communications for dreamy insight

What dreamy awareness now gives you deeper understanding?

A few weeks ago around May 22, you tapped into your big visions through your artistic pursuits. Maybe you didn’t completely understand what was coming through to you from outside sources. Now with this second square off you get to revisit this energy and take a second look. This time your perception is fine tuned and you can see the truth of the experience that is giving you insight. What is the vision and spiritual truth now coming to you?

Mercury Rx Gemini 23° squares off with Neptune Pisces 23°

Mars opposite Pluto

12:45 PM Pacific | 3:45 PM Eastern

Power and drive are illuminated

What surge to transform is driving you now?

You will likely need to make a choice at this time. A choice based on who you want to become vs a choice based on who you think you should be. Spirit has been showing you your soul’s vision. Your heart has been showing you that only you can make yourself feel secure. You know. You trust. You have this.

Mars in Cancer 26° opposite Pluto in Capricorn 26°

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