Jupiter enters Aries - Your Inspired Leadership

by Leslie Tagorda

Jupiter enters Aries - Harnessing Inspired Leadership

With this celestial energy, you are being asked: How will you energize and fascinate yourself in a way that subsequently lights up others?

Jupiter enters Aries on May 10, 2022, and will stay in Aries through May 17, 2023 (with a dip back into Pisces between October 29, 2022 – December 20, 2022 during Jupiter’s annual retrograde).

Jupiter, a social planet (along with Saturn), is the only one of the outer planets to change signs in 2022. Jupiter takes 12 years or so to trek around the Sun, spending about a year in each sign.

Jupiter has been in and out of his traditional home of Pisces since May 13, 2021. But because of its retrograde motion, it spends 4 months each year appearing to go backwards in the sky.

Jupiter went back to Aquarius before diving back into Pisces at the end of December 29, 2021. Jupiter is now zipping through Pisces and will leave his traditional home to move into passionate, fast-forward-moving Aries.

Aries in your Work and business is about self-direction, movement forward, leadership, taking a stand and initiative.

Jupiter in your Work and business is about exceeding your expectations, connecting your vision to your purpose and exploring the meanings of why to inspire.

When Jupiter, the planet of exploration, expansiveness, purpose, and justice moves into fast-acting Aries, things can go from impulsive to explosive quickly. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you know how to make use of this quick and big energy.

I invite you to see this big shift as a movement into Inspired Leadership in your change making work. With the social justice and environmental climate, we can no longer be apathetic and see what will happen.

We are all being asked to take a stand for what’s right and equitable for all.

This is where we need YOU to put on this energy of Jupiter in Aries and advocate in your Work because change is happening.

If you have natal planets or energies in Aries, expect flashes of luck and abundance as Jupiter makes its way through and spreads its optimism your way.

These flashes could be an expansion in your philosophy and deep understanding, or it could be a physical sensation that drives you to take action.

However, you choose to express this energy in your Work, and feel the heat, charge, and passion to be an inspirational leader. After all, as an Entrepreneur or changemaker, you ARE a leader.

Why not motivate your people with inspiration with passion?

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