Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces - Spiritual Visionary Expansion

by Leslie Tagorda

Jupiter Neptune Conjunction - Harnessing This Energy In Your Work

The great meet up of 2022 is that of Jupiter, your visionary beliefs and big why, and Neptune, your interconnected soul attunement, at Pisces 23°59’ on April 12, 2022 7:24 am PT / 10:24 am ET / GMT 3:24 pm GMT / +1 2:24 am AET.

It’s a significant and soulful energy important to all spiritual or soul-centered entrepreneurs, as we are opening up a new cycle of visionary ideals and spiritual integration in our lives and work.

It’s a new cycle of breathing back life and spirit into Mother Earth and all the elementals that support our Work and purpose. We are here to better life and collective healing on this planet with this energy.

We are reminded that we are at a crucial point in humanity, that we are all interconnected to each other, and to all living beings on this planet and to Mother Earth herself.

As I see it, we are being asked to take a big leap into our spiritual tools, to make a connection with all of consciousness. And to make sure that our Work not only allows our personal growth, but that the impact of our Work pours into collective consciousness’s growth.

Yes, it’s a big ask. And it starts with a simple observation that we are all interconnected. Every choice we make impacts the rest of the world.

Spiritual Visionary Expansion

You’ve likely been feeling this sense of deeper intuitive trust, vibrant dreams, and signs from the Universe building for some time now. Back in February 2022, Jupiter and Neptune officially were in “orb” of a conjunction, which meant that for all intents and purposes, their energies were coalescing in the interconnectedness of Pisces.

Jupiter, a social planet, symbolizes growth, exploration, freedom, optimism, justice, philosophy, spirituality and vision.

Neptune, an outer planet, symbolizes compassion, interconnectedness, imagination, intuition, and magic, as well as spirituality and vision too.

Deep “why” (Jupiter) meets deep feels (Neptune).

On April 12, these two most visionary planets meet up exactly in their home sign of loving Pisces. In different systems, Pisces is a resting place for them — Jupiter is the traditional ruler and Neptune the modern ruler.

As Jupiter and Neptune meet, they are creating a new beginning of expansion based on inspiration, ideals, imagination, spirituality and vision.

In your Work and business, use this time to harness the power of vision and spiritual awareness.

Create a new paradigm where soft powers like kindness, intuition, love, and gratitude have a strategic and powerful place at the decision-making table.

The Virgo Moon at 0° is also here at this moment, as the hand holding together the strings of all the planets as if they are balloons trying to float away. The moon asks you to make spirituality part of your daily route in your Work so that you can feel more organized.

Bring forth your spiritual tools in your Work and get ready to inspire your own growth, and that of the people you serve.

Jupiter-Neptune facts

Jupiter and Neptune meet every 13 years, and the last time was in 2009 in Aquarius. At that time, Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States on a message of Hope and Change. A historic election as the first African American to hold this high office, it fell in line with the themes of these two visionary planets.

Bitcoin was also invented as a digital currency to break free from centralized control. It was also a visionary event — a way of commerce that is accessible to everyone in the world with Internet access.

Jupiter Neptune Shadows

Everything is just pure love and light with Jupiter and Neptune! Yet there are always shadows and projections to look for with any alignment.

Be on the lookout for religious extremism, disillusionment, bigotry, fanaticism, and evangelism.

In your personal and Work life, also be aware of escapism, and ask, are you running away from facing your fears or shadows?

Caution against fantasies getting out of control and turning into fanaticism.

Awareness is so important when going into a vast energy. Listen to your intuition. And remember your intuition will not have an emotional charge like excitement or fear. She will sound neutral and point you where you need to go.

Astrology of Jupiter/Neptune conjunction

At the exact meet up of Jupiter and Neptune, the rest of the cosmos adds even more meaning to this opening and fresh start for the next 13 year cycle.

Moon Virgo 0°
Asks: How can you make spirituality part of your daily routines in your Work so that you feel more organized?

Saturn Mars separating conjunction in Aquarius
Asks: How can you harness your spirituality as a strategic part of taking innovative, focused action in your Work?

Saturn Aquarius square Lunar Nodes Taurus/Scorpio
Asks: How can you honor your own magic, ancestors and Spirit of the Land on which you reside in your Work?

How to harness the power of Jupiter / Neptune conjunction in your Work

Over the next few weeks, play with the energies of Jupiter and Neptune. They are inviting you to.

Make some time to “vision” your vision!

  • Journal or meditate, especially when you first wake up
  • Your dreams will have many messages for you now

Create space to deepen your purpose

  • Review your brand vision and purpose
  • Start connecting more dots with your soul’s why to what you are doing in your Work
  • Practice the 5 why’s exercises in your big messaging. Why do you do what you do? Why? Why? Why? Why?
  • Find how that why connects with your soul customers

Get in touch with your well ancestors and the spirit of the land on which you occupy

  • Create a deeper relationship with your spiritual guides, your intuition, your well ancestors and the spirits of the land you currently occupy
  • Leave them offerings of gratitude
  • Include them in your Work ceremonies
  • Ask permission in your Work from them, especially if things are not clicking as you’d like them. Maybe there is a different way

What are you most excited about for this grand conjunction? It’s really the highlight of all of 2022.

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