Episode 115: Libra: Your Energy To Partner and Co-create In Your Business

by | Sep 22, 2021

The Libra Archetype in your business is the energy you need to co-create, partner, and commit. Your business is built on relationships that you have with your committed ideal customers, relationships you have with your larger communities, and business besties that support you all to help your business thrive. In this episode, I show you how to cultivate the highest ideals of Libra of commitment and partnerships while not getting stuck in the people-pleasing and co-dependency, Libra’s downfall. Remember, alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much – Hellen Keller.

In this episode:

  • What is Libra
  • Why Libra is important in your business
  • What happens when you don’t use your Libra energy
  • Ways to unlock Libra in your brand
  • Libra by the Planets
  • Libra by the Houses

Libra Season/Archetypes

  • Air & Cardinal Sign
  • Symbol: scales,
  • Glyph based on an Egyptian, setting sun – ruler of the 7H
  • Ruler of the 7H
  • Peacemaker
  • Creator
  • Highest expression/vibrations
    • Balance, partnerships, teamwork
  • Lowest expression/vibrations
    • Avoidance, Co-dependence, indecision, people-pleasing

Libra in our brand where we need to partner, show up friendly, and create peace and balance.

How we show up in our brand, where we need to show up

Libra on the cusps of our houses give us even more specificity of where to direct

Libra on the Cusp – House by House

Find what cusp is ruled by Libra.

I create opportunities to collaborate and create harmony in my business’s

  • 1H: Brand and leadership ability
  • 2H: Values and how I add value to my customers
  • 3H: Communications and how I promote my brand
  • 4H: Emotional groundedness and home base
  • 5H: Creative joy and purpose
  • 6H: Day to day operations, automation, and ability to delegate
  • 7H: Collaboration with my ideal customers and co-creators
  • 8H: Ability to transform and heal
  • 9H: Expansion and ideal vision
  • 10H: Ultimate mission in my work
  • 11H: Social impact and community building
  • 12H: Ability to restore, retreat and surrender

Libra Wounds

  • intercepted – the key is Virgo
    • Coming a place of wholeness and routine
  • Karmic Planets / Energies
  • Moon
    • codependency
    • Putting others needs over your own
    • Wanting to be committed but not committed to yourself
  • Saturn
    • Doubt to mastery
    • Constraint to responsibility
    • Learning to put boundaries in your relationships
    • Learning how to prioritize your needs
    • Learning how to master diplomacy and face conflict
  • Chiron
    • Wounds that may never heal
    • Yet become valuable assets when you share what you’ve learned
    • Not connecting
    • Not safe to depend on others
    • Not safe to be in relationship
    • Wounding around collaboration
    • Wounding around keeping the peace
  • South Node
    • Moving into self direction and putting self first (Aries)
    • Not getting stuck in codependency

Libra Energies

Look to see if you have any planetary energies.

These are gifts to work within your business.

  • RISING: I lead and guide…
  • SUN: I create and radiate…
  • MOON: I feel and heal…
  • MERCURY: I think and express…
  • VENUS: I attract and connect …
  • MARS: I motivate and energize…
  • JUPITER: I expand and believe…
  • SATURN: I build and structure…
  • URANUS: I innovate and individuate…
  • NEPTUNE: I flow and inspire…
  • PLUTO: I distill and transform…
  • NORTH NODE: I stretch and move into…
  • SOUTH NODE: I release and let go…

… with collaboration, partnership, friendliness, and harmony.

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