Episode 18: Living a Feel Good Life with Rachel Yellin

by | Mar 1, 2023

Rachel Yellin, a Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon and Taurus Rising has learned almost every mind, body, spirit healing modality, from traditional psychotherapy, depth-hypnosis, Yoga, to Shamanism, in an effort to heal her own hyper perfectionist tendencies. In her quest, not only did she overcome the fight to be perfect, she found the trust in her own power and body AND has guided thousands of Women as a birth professional and now as a coach. In this episode,Rachel blew my mind about how all women in our culture have almost no capacity to release anxiety because we are constantly operating from a stress mode. And she shares how she combines her most tested embodied techniques to get to the heart of enjoying, trusting and healing the nervous system and body so you can live your feel-good life.

In this episode:

  • Why anxiety is so prevalent among women
  • What holds us back from a feel-good life
  • Why our nervous systems are so stressed out
  • How we can rewire our nervous system

About Rachel Yellin

Rachel is a sexuality, relationship, health and trauma healing coach and alternative therapist. She works with women of all ages who are ready to feel vital, confident and enjoy a life they love. Since 2002, Rachel also worked as a Depth Hypnosis therapist, yoga teacher, and birth professional. She had a vibrant practice in San Francisco for 20 years and transferred that to a virtual experience on-line in 2017 when she moved to Charleston, SC. Rachel is a dynamic facilitator who creates a beautiful flow in group processes that help individuals go deeply inside themselves while being supported in the group context. You’ll love her humor, variety of skills and knowledge, and her super soothing

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