Episode 32: Lunar Nodes – Stuck in the Past or Reaching Your Potential?

by | Aug 30, 2020

The lunar nodes are important signals in your business that show you where you are meant to stretch into your full potential and the traps that you can get stuck in with past patterns. I share how I used a nodal transit to shift an offering in my business to be more aligned and I teach you how to use your Lunar Nodes by sign, house placement and other factors so you can move into your soul’s desire.

In this week’s episode, I also share:

  • How I shifted my business as a result of this Lunar Node transit ⁠
  • How you can move your business forward using your Lunar nodes⁠
  • And the intense Pisces Full Moon we have coming up⁠
  • Astrology of the week August 30 – September 5⁠

Nodal Inverse

So earlier this week, I was kind of having like this inner struggle now it kind of felt a little bit like a crises but not exactly like super intense like a Pluto or Saturn transit. It was much more subtle, but it was just really definitely this kind of nagging feeling.

When I took a look at my chart, I was having an astrological awakening of sorts, I was experiencing my nodal inverse.

A Nodal Inverse is when your natal lunar nodes meets your natal South Node, but this time in reverse and because the nodes exist in pairs, they are in polar opposites and this usually happens every 19 years starting at the age of 8.

Lunar Nodes

They are calculations of where the sun’s and moons ellipticals path in the sky cross at the exact same degree.

North Node represents

  • Where you’re supposed to be going
  • Where our soul wants to expand
  • Where we want to pick up life message and express itself.

South Node represents

  • your past patterns that you can sometimes get stuck.</li
  • where we can fall back on these skills and experiences because we’ve experienced them

Nodes in our Business

The importance of the nodes will help us really understand and direct our next offering so that its more in alignment with what our soul wants.

North Node in Business: It helps us make descriptions that will keep moving things forward and catch us from falling on back past patterns that no longer serve us.

Nodes by the Sign/Polarities

    • Aries – Libra: Aries represents the trailblazer and Libra represents the connector
    • Taurus – Scorpio: Taurus represents the worthiness and Scorpio represents the healing and transformation
    • Gemini – Sagittarius: Gemini represents the gathering of information and Sagittarius represents the synthesizing of diverse information
    • Cancer – Capricorn: Cancer represents the nurturing archetype and Capricorn represents the structure.
    • Leo – Aquarius

Leo represents the passion and Aquarius represents the innovation.

  • Virgo – Pisces: Virgo represents the order and efficiencies and Pisces represents the infinite flow and relaxation


Nodes by the House

    • 1H & 7H: Are you meant to lead as a lone trailblazer verse are you supposed to co-create and collaborate
    • 2H & 8H: Bringing your own wealth together verses sharing that wealth or leveraging other people’s wealth in order to maximize.
    • 3H & 9H:

We are looking at learning learning information from other like minded people (3h) and taking that information and sharing it with a wider world (9H)

  • 4H & 10H: Private vs Public Life or Family life vs Professional Life
  • 5H & 11H: We’re looking at your ability to create with passion (5H) and using that creation and passion for social impact (11H)
  • 6H & 12H: We’re looking at routine and wholeness of your day to day operations (6H) verses your ability to be in ultimate flow (12H)

Mars Retrograde Masterclass

Mars Retrograde is coming, we get this cycle for about 10 weeks every 2 years or so. And it’s 2020 so of course, we’re having it this year September 9 – November 13!

I am holding a Masterclass on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 2PM PT

In this conversational masterclass we’ll discuss:

What is Mars Retrograde

  • How you can work with this energy (vs against it) in your business
  • Reaffirm what needs your energy and prioritization at this time
  • Reorganize the things that frustrate and drain your energy
  • Continue to work with Mars in Aries through January 2021

And your favorites:

  • Chart readings for the first 10 people that sign up
  • House by house activations and what it means for you
  • Q+A time for more clarity
  • Workbook for reflection

Astrology of the week

Work with me


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