Mars Opposite Uranus

by Nov 22, 2019Astrology

Mars Opposite Uranus

Razzle, Dazzle is the energy that has been building up. ⁠

Mars is at a tug of war with Uranus today. So while Mars is your archetype to fight, take the lead and activate, Uranus the inner rebel wild child wants to do things their own way. ⁠

These two hard headed energies amping up in the sky pulling each other with strength and tenacity, who’s going to win? ⁠

Collectively we all might be feeling on edge… it’s a good thing that Venus conjunct Jupiter will serve as a referee for this energy otherwise, whoop, watch out!⁠

Be safe with this energy, your nerves wont be the only one on edge. ⁠


Are you feeling it? What’s razzle dazzle feel like for you?

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