Mars Retrograde in Gemini°

Reenergize Your Words

During a Mars Rx, it’s a good time to work on your energy, anxiety, frustrations and fears. Find where you are using too much energy or where you need to reallocate your fuel. Reexamining what brings you ease vs. frustration and see what adjustments you need to make in your messaging.

In Gemini, this review is how you use your voice, your message and your dialogue skills to take action, stand up for what’s right, and activate your people over a shared idea and the ideals of spiritual entrepreneurship and Work. Use this time to refine your energy and your message for maximum impact.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at 2 PM PT | 5 PM ET








Masterclass Admittance
(sliding scale)

$11 | $44 | $88

You will get access to the MRx Masterclass along with a PDF worksheet to help you dive into how you can use this upcoming Mars Retrograde in your business and Work so you do not need to freak the f out. The recording of the Masterclass will be shared as a podcast episode.

*I want to pay it forward and sponsor someone’s attendance.

Masterclass Admittance + Mini Reading (10 Max)


Along with access to the Masterclass and Worksheet, you will also get a short personalized LOOM video reading all about how Mars Rx will impact you This reading will focus on what area in your business is being activated or needs rethinking. The recording of the Masterclass will be shared as a podcast episode.

The deadline to sign up for the mini reading is October 23, 2022 at 12 PM PT

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