Episode 33: Mars Retrograde – What to do and not do in your business

by | Sep 6, 2020

Mars Retrograde is coming, we get this cycle for about 10 weeks every 2 years or so. And it’s 2020 so of course, we’re having it this year September 9 – November 13!

Mars Retrograde is the time to reaffirm what energizes and motivates YOU in your business and brand.

Mars Retrograde is a time where we reaffirm what energizes and motivates us. Where it falls in our chart comes under the magnifying glass to highlight where we need to save energy, heal stress/frustration, and optimize our energy better.

Where it falls in our chart magnifies where we need to save energy, heal stress/frustration and optimize our energy better.

We get to Stop to see what motivates us.

Similar to when Mercury and Venus go retrograde, the energy asks us to reevaluate, reflect and redirect and because it’s Mars we are highlighting our energy, activation and power.

In this episode, I will share with you the wisdom of Mars Retrograde:

  • What is Mars Retrograde
  • Mars Retrograde schedule
  • How to personalize the insight of Mars Rx according to your natal chart
  • 5 things to do and not do in Mars Rx

What is Mars Retrograde

Mars is our energy to initiate and take action on our wants and desires (from Venus) based on what we know (from Mercury)

Mars teaches us how to productively direct our anger and frustration. Anger is an important tool but only when we learn how to express it and communicate constructively. Anger can’t serve us if we bottle it up or release in aggressive, violent ways.

  • Mars is the focus to your energy to burn for intense projects.
  • Mars Energy – Energy to get what you want/desire
    • Courage/Fear
    • Motivation/too much or all or nothing?
    • Initiative/Force
    • Aggression/Assertive
    • Anger/Frustration
  • Mars Direct vs Mars Retrograde
    • Alicia asked: differentiation between Mars direct and Mars retrograde energy
    • Going after what you want and value (Venus)
    • Acting upon the data that you have and understand (Mercury)
    • Mars Direct – aligned action / Mars Rx – re-assert – re-align
      • Drive and focus vs save energy
      • Motivation vs realigning motivations
      • Anger vs Conflict resolution
      • Frustration/Stress vs manage stress
  • Mars Retrograde – not going about action as normal
    • Closest to earth
    • Every 2 years
  • Rita asked: What if you were born during a Mars Rx?
    • Normal themes around motivation and drive you don’t approach them the same way
    • Get what you want – you don’t go about it the same way
    • The way you maintain control –
    • The way you express or experience anger
    • During Mars Rx, you’ll feel at home

Mars Retrograde Schedule

What to do at each phase

  • Mars Retrograde schedule
    • July 26 Mars enters shadow zone 15°
    • Sept 6 Mars stations 28°
      • be mindful, this energy builds up here like a revving of an engine.
    • Sept 9 Mars Retrograde 28°
      • Notice the themes of frustration – what is coming apart at this time
    • Oct 13 Mars opposite Sun 20°
      • Midway point – Mercury Retrograde
    • Nov 4 Mars stations 15°
      • Make a plan of action what things need to modify.
      • What pieces do you have left to work with?
      • What will you keep?
    • Nov 13 Mars Direct 15°
      • Another shifting of gears, feel into possible frustrations
    • Jan 3 Mars leaves shadow 28°
      • Redo and implement
  • Other transit Astrology that will add and support or modify
    • Mercury Retrograde Oct 13/ Nov 3 – thought processes

In November when Mars stops to move forward again you will have the time to reintegrate your reaffirmed energies into the world and benefit from this cycle.

How to personalize this Mars Rx to your natal energies

House it goes through shows us where you might have overextended your energy. Review and take care of any energy leaks and loose ends.

Are you taking responsibility for how your actions, passions, and influence (or lack of) have resulted in your current success or failure in your business

Take responsibility for how your actions, passions, and influence (or lack of) have resulted in your current success or failure in this area of your life.

Are there new ways to get what you want from your life?

But get certain that what you are moving towards is really what you truly desire.

5 Things to do and not do in your business

  • Do let go of stress and frustration
    • What in your brand needs energy management?
    • What in your work is causing anxiety, stress and frustration
    • Assess what can be modified?
    • Delegated?
    • Released?
    • Recalibrated?
    • Transmuted? There are times that frustrations need a deep dive, to get more frustrated to get to the bottom
  • Do re-assess motivations and priorities
    • Do you love what you are doing?
    • Or doing this for others?
    • Have your priorities shifted? Especially during this awakening time of Covid 19?
    • Do you still desire what you are working towards?
  • Do launch using the themes of Mars Rx
    • Do Work with the energy
    • Do work launch projects that focus on de-stress, re-aligning motivations
    • Do expect to put in consistent effort
    • Don’t launch long – term projects unless focusing on the Mars Rx themes
  • Do use anger and assertiveness in productive ways
    • Turn frustration into fuel
    • Anger into boundaries
    • Aggressiveness into assertiveness
    • Getting paid and paid on time
    • Telling clients no
    • Telling inquiries no
    • Consequences when expectations not met
  • Do step into your own power
    • Reconnect with your own power – it’s different for everyone
    • Your leadership style
    • Your activation style
    • Look to your Mars – zodiac, element, modality for clues
    • Mars in Taurus (like being born during a Retrograde

Questions to ask yourself

  • Are you in a constant state of stress?
    • Or are you clear with what needs modification?
  • Are you motivated by your needs, wants and desires?
    • Or someone else’s?
    • Or have your priorities shifted and you haven’t yet changed course?
  • Are you launching offers that are aligned to the energy of these 10 weeks?
    • Are you living in alignment with your unique energy?
    • Or are you overwhelmed by living up to others’ energies and expectations?
    • Or are you not familiar with your specific energies?
  • Are you being aggressive or assertive?
    • Or are you using your anger in productive ways?
    • What new strategies can you develop?
  • Are you embodied in your own power?
    • Or are you giving it away?
    • Or are you not being clear with your boundaries?
  • Are you taking responsibility for how your actions, passions, and influence (or lack of) have resulted in your current success or failure in your business

Mars Retrograde Masterclass

Mars Retrograde is coming, we get this cycle for about 10 weeks every 2 years or so. And it’s 2020 so of course, we’re having it this year September 9 – November 13!

I am holding a Masterclass on Tuesday, September 8, 2020, at 2 PM PT

In this conversational masterclass we’ll discuss:

What is Mars Retrograde

  • How you can work with this energy (vs against it) in your business
  • Reaffirm what needs your energy and prioritization at this time
  • Reorganize the things that frustrate and drain your energy
  • Continue to work with Mars in Aries through January 2021

And your favorites:

  • Chart readings for the first 10 people that sign up
  • House by house activations and what it means for you
  • Q+A time for more clarity
  • Workbook for reflection

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