Episode 74: May 2021 Highlights and Biz StarCast – Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of May 2 – 8

by | May 2, 2021

May 2021 we have some big shifts like Eclipse season starting and Retrograde season continues with both Mercury and Saturn joining Pluto in Retrograde. And the first week of May starts off with both Mercury and Venus gliding into curious Gemini during the first full week. It feels like a wonderful transition of energies in May that will help you get curious and tap into how you are meant to share your values and big message with the world.

Are you ready? I am!

In this episode:

  • Thoughts on Spiritual Entrepreneurship and Pluto Rx
  • May 2021 Highlights – BIG shifts are on its way
  • Astrology of the Week May 2 – May 8

Biz Starcast: May Highlights

Building Shared Values

Get ready, May is a BIG month and it’s time to pour your money and your resources into your values and express your contribution to the world.

What you will notice is that your values have shifted significantly in the last year and what was once true for you in terms of what you value, how you add value through your business and how you build value may no longer be the same.

It is during this month that you break free from all the old shoulds and responsibilities and build new containers of sustainable and reciprocal value through your business.

May’s cosmic shifts are here to support you with all of this so you can build your worth, not by judging how much money you have in the bank, but by the contributions you pour into the world with your genuine star power.

In April, you were able to envision what it means to be a leader and start to take aligned initiative in your business.

In May, you’re going to have the star powers on your side to recognize the old paradigms that you’ve outgrown and need to break free from and how to express your big message based on the value you contribute to the world.

You’re getting really clear on your value and how you’re meant to contribute and the cosmos is here to support you.

May’s star powers support your energy to:

  • Know your value and invest in what you value
  • Harness beauty, imagination and gratitude to express value
  • Break old rules to create new structures for equitable change
  • Unlearn outdated truths and let it go with a bang
  • Make space for rethinking your new truths and reality

This month we see:

  • Mercury entering home sign of Gemini (May 3)
  • Venus enters Gemini (May 8)
  • Jupiter entering traditional home of Pisces (May 13)
  • Sun enters Gemini (May 20)
  • Saturn starts retrograde in Aquarius (May 23)
  • Mercury starts second retrograde of 2021 in Gemini (May 29)


  • New Moon Taurus 21° May 11
  • Full Moon Lunar eclipse Sagittarius 5° May 26


Mercury trine Pluto

2:19 AM Pacific | 5:19 AM Eastern

Your said truths have power

What messages are making an impact on your understanding now?

A great time to fine tune your message for grounded, practical impact!

For a few days before and a few days after you will have the support of the cosmos to ground some of your messages. For example, if you’ve been struggling with your big message being to vague, this energy will give you the grounding you need to clarify in a way that clear, step-by-step YET with powerful impact.

Notice too for signs and messages from others or the Universe that may impact and simplify your thoughts.

Mercury at Taurus 26° is in supportive flow with Pluto at Capricorn 26°. Look to late degree of Earth signs in your natal chart, if you have planets or energies, these will get a supportive boost.


Today is a big day with four energetic shifts happening in the span of 24 hours with a focus on simplifying your thoughts in order to make a bigger social impact.

In the wee hours, Mercury squares off with Jupiter, then the Sun squares off with Saturn – all in Fixed signs. If you have strong fixed energies (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) you’ll be feeling this.

Later in the day we have our 4Q moon in Aquarius where it’s time to relax with your friends and chat the night away as Mercury enters its home sign of engaging Gemini.

Mercury square Jupiter

2:33 AM Pacific | 5:33 AM Eastern

Communications go far

What understanding now inspires your capacity to expand your beliefs?

A great time to simplify your big message for more social impact.

Greater awareness and new found belief shows you where you need to change and simplify your messages to be more innovative and have more social impact. For a few days leading up to and a few days following, you may feel the urge to streamline your big impact messages. You may now have the clarity and belief in your uniqueness for which you are compelled to share with your larger communities. Change the world with this new clarity!

Mercury at Taurus 28° squares off with Jupiter 28°. Look to the late degrees of Earth and Fixed signs in your natal chart, if you have planets or energies, these will be activated and add to your clarity.

Sun square Saturn

3:02 AM Pacific | 6:02 AM Eastern

Limitations have gifts

What creative excess is holding you back? What can you limit to create more freedom?

For a few days before and after, you will find creative vibrancy in your limitations. This can be so freeing to work within tight confines and restraints. Often when we have tight frameworks from which we can operate, our creativity soars in what’s possible with these new constraints. Notice how you are being asked to work with less AND how this restriction is juicing your creativity.

Sun at Taurus 13° squares off with Saturn at Aquarius 13°. Look to 13° +/- of Fixed signs in your natal chart, if you have planets or energies, these will be activated and add to your creative tension.

4Q Moon Aquarius 13°35′

12:50 PM Pacific | 3:50 PM Eastern

Relax and be with friends

What can you easily do today with friends to get some inner emotional clarity?

A great day to relax with friends.

The last quarter moon phase is an internal integration phase in our lives and business. When you slow down to review all you have done to work towards your intentions, you have the chance to internalize all that has happened. This is your time to cultivate all that you have learned and assess what you want to continue with and what you want to revise. It’s time to compost and churn back what is not needed as nourishment for the seeds you’ve planted.

With the Aquarius 4Q moon, spend some of this integration time relaxing with your friends sharing your hopes and dreams.

Mercury enters Gemini

7:49 PM Pacific | 10:49 PM Eastern

Thoughts are curious and quick

What information will you share to engage?

Mercury returns to its home sign of Gemini for an extended stay of 6 weeks through July 12. While at home in chatty Gemini, Mercury is particularly strong while moving forward, taking care of business through sharing ideas, teaching, writing, and all things communication. You may have a ton to say and share but remember, Gemini at its highest is about being curious and listening too. In a few weeks, Mercury will step on the brakes to begin its second retrograde cycle where you will get to rethink, reflect and re-understand to gain more clarity. Your thoughts will be moving quickly, be sure to always have a notepad or note app handy to capture your ideas.


Venus trine Pluto Rx

4:25 AM Pacific | 7:25 AM Eastern

Power to manifest and overdo

What now feels gratefully easy and impactful? What do you need to notice so that it doesn’t go overboard?

A few days leading up to and leading away, you could see deep and meaningful relationships and investments manifest or climax. This could be really wonderful yet there is some caution to not go overboard.

Energies can feel magnetic and powerful, and that feels amazing, yet there is great potential for this enthusiasm to teeter on the compulsive or overzealous. Enjoy this time and notice what manifests when it comes to support from the right people and the right resources AND be wise with investing all your energies into one basket.

Venus Taurus 26° trine Pluto 26°. Look to 26° +/- of Earth signs in your natal chart. If you have planets or energies there, these will add to your support and flow. Fixed or Cardinal energies around 26° +/- will add some creative friction.


It’s a big day with Venus squaring off with exuberant Jupiter before moving into chatty Gemini! What a great way to start your week.

Venus square Jupiter

6:38 AM Pacific | 9:38 AM Eastern

Have some fun, be generous… mindfully

What fun, social tasks can be had?

Have fun yet don’t over do it! This continues to be your theme for the days leading up to and away from this exact square off. This feels like a social time where you get to exchange your big, socially conscious ideas with your larger communities. Where you get to share your value systems and expand on them. Part of Taurus season for which we are still in is about putting your money where your values are, so you may feel the urge to invest in some big dreams. And yes, invest in your big dreams but not in such a way that it will overburden you. With Jupiter involved, we can sometimes break off more than we can handle. This energy can be expansive, joyful and fun – go for it – and be mindful about what you can handle, this would not be a good time to have any remorse.

Venus at Taurus 29° squares with Jupiter Aquarius 29° – the final degree of Fixed signs – can cause some of the shadows of both Taurus and Aquarius to come alive. Taurus shadow may be excessive and have difficulties letting go. Where Aquarius shadows can veer on the side of feeling excluded or too much like an outlier. If you feel this energy come up instead of the fun generosity, get curious with your personal experiences of sharing wealth or sharing your wild ideas. This energy passes quickly and any hard feelings will pass quickly too.

Venus enters Gemini

7:01 PM Pacific | 10:01 PM Eastern

Connect over shared interests and dialog

What connections can you make with those with whom you can chat endlessly?

Now through June 3, Venus, our connection to the people and resources we need to succeed is gliding through social Gemini where she wants to connect with others through intellect, engaging dialog and shared ideas. When Venus is in Gemini, your values scatter a bit as everything holds interest, life is so fascinating. This isn’t the time to commit to any single relationship or interest. Instead, use this energy to meet new people over shared interests, join or start a writing group or a book club. Let your mind take lead with connecting you to the right people and resources you need. Oh and if you’ve had a hard time connecting over social or blocks with your communications, Venus is here to send you some love in this area.

If you have any planetary energies or angles (Rising, Descendant, Midheaven or IC) in Gemini, over the next few weeks, lucky Venus will be sharing her sparkles with you.

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