Episode 81: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini – Rethinking Your Mind, Facts and Truth

by | May 26, 2021

Mercury is already pumping on the breaks and goes backwards later this week, part of the process that initiated with Saturn Rx last week and the powerful Eclipse season that opened up on Wednesday. If you’ve done the work to forgive and release limiting self-beliefs, Mercury Rx will help you rediscover the truth that has been you all along. As we head into our second Mercury Retrograde of 2021, in its home sign of Gemini, we get to rethink our truth, reconsider our big message and relisten to our soul’s work and how we live that purpose through our businesses. There is more intensity ahead, permission to slow down, permission to feel all your feels and permission to trust yourself. You are ready.

In this episode:

  • Gemini Mercury Rx in Meaning (13:38)
  • Fascinating Facts of Mercury Rx in Gemini 2021 (18:26)
  • Why Mercury Retrogrades Are So Important (21:27)
  • 10 things to watch out for in your business during Gemini Mercury Rx (24:31)
  • Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Schedule (32:05)
  • Personalize Your Gemini Mercury Rx (36:10)
  • Gemini Mercury Rx House Reflection (39:30)

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Mercury Retrograde seasons are meant to be inquisitive and reflective, a time to reset our mindset. ⁠

Isn’t it perfect we get these resets 3x a year? ⁠

While there is so much fear-mongering about don’t do this or that, if you know how to work with this energy vs against it, you can uncover deep new truths that fit your current reality.

We feel Mercury Retrogrades on an intimate, personal level, partly because as a personal planet Mercury is so close to the Earth, and when its retrograde its even closer. And as a messenger to our Sun’s consciousness, Mercury is constantly on the run relaying information in and out of us. ⁠

What communications and mindset do you get to rethink that add to your truth?

This Mercury Rx through its home sign of Gemini shows us where we’ve outgrown our truths and need to redefine our understanding so that we can express ourselves in alignment to our current reality.

For the first half of the Rx cycle, now through June 10…

You’ll be discovering what you need to unlearn. It is not crucial to take action. In fact you’ll have a better go of understanding if you give things space to present clarity on their own. You can’t rush this.

Be prepared for things to take longer than expected, the need to re-explain or re-read.

Permission to misunderstand and not be clear.

You get this opportunity to rethink your truths and your core messaging in your business.


To learn more about Mercury Retrograde:

Gemini Mercury Rx in Gemini Meaning

Rethinking Your Mind, Facts and Truth
Get Curious = Ask + Listen

What is Mercury Retrograde?

  • Cycle between Mercury and the Sun
  • From our perspective on earth, Mercury appears to be going backwards
  • Happens 3x a year as Mercury zips around the sun much faster than us – about 88 earth days
  • Mercury, a personal planet goes retrograde, it’s at its closest point to Earth and we feel it on a personal level
    • Generally Mercury transits are quick
    • Fastest and closest, that’s why we feel it so much
    • How we process info
    • Messenger to our soul, never far away from our conscious
  • Mercury ruler of Gemini and Virgo – In Gemini, it wants to know everything and then moves it into Virgo our body to organize and act upon the information
  • In Retrograde, the process is reversed. Process in the body to intellectualize

Fascinating Facts of Mrx In Gemini 2021

  • Longer in duration, 25 days; in February it was 22 days
    We get more time to reflect and rethink our new truth
  • Covers a shorter area in the ecliptic, 8° in February it was 15°
    We get to go deeper in this one area of our lives and businesses
  • Midway point, the combust, happens the same day, at the exact same degree as the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini 19°
    We get to have a blast of new downloads that quantum leap our mindset
  • Mercury only makes major exact aspects to the Moon and Neptune
    We get to clearly focus on our ideas, how we feel about them, and how we are connected to them
  • Mercury starts the Rx after it touches off with Venus at Gemini 24°
    We get to be reminded of our shared ideas and values
  • Mercury Rx is within orb of a trine with Saturn Rx in Aquarius for later part of cycle
    We get to concentrate on internalizing our newly redefined truths

Why Mercury Retrogrades Are So Important

Our energy to receive and express information needs to reset 3x a year.

We are inundated with info so we get to give ourselves permission to slow down, recalibrate and re-do the things that need attention.⁠

We get to:

  • Redo
  • Reorganize
  • Reflect
  • Rewrite
  • Rethink
  • Anything re-

Such a lovely way for the Universe to give us the energy to make sure we are on the right path. And if we’re not to pivot!

When Mercury is retrograde, our thought processes, communications, short distance travel may take a bit longer or misfire.

We may experience our ability to think and communicate in a different way than usual.

10 things to watch out for in your business during Gemini Mercury Rx

5 things to do in your business

  • Review your existing content and make a plan to revise or reorganize
    Inventory your content and prioritize what you want to keep and what you want to let go. Once you prioritize, review the content you want to keep to see if there are opportunities to improve your message.
  • Refine your teaching methodologies to serve your customers better
    Dig into the why and truths of what you teach and how you teach. Look at your courses, workshops, informational posts, anything where you can deepen the connection and experience of your students.
  • Rewrite highly trafficked posts or pages on your website
    Look at your site analytics to see your highly visited posts and pages (even on LinkedIn, Medium or other sites) and see what you can revise and fine tune. Optimize and maximize them by adding links to your freebies or links to work with you.
  • Edit existing writing and communications projects
    This is a great time to do a second or third draft of your writing projects like books, articles, or guides for opt ins. The extra care you put in now will go a long way.
  • Reconnect with your closest neighborhood and communities (siblings, too)
    Whether your groups on social media, or your next door neighbors, the people you consider close to you in proximity would love to hear what’s been on your mind or what you’re working on. Make this a daily ritual during this Rx cycle and see what comes up, especially for those with relaxed Covid restrictions.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Schedule

Personalize Your Gemini Mercury Rx

  • House: Which house contains Gemini 16° – 24°
    House tells you which area of your business needs rethinking. If you have two houses being highlighted, focus on the house with the cusp line that is activated. It is that doorway to that area of your business that is being emphasized.
  • What natal planets are in mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) between 16°-24°
    Mutable planets will add creative tension to your Rethinking, their energy will want a voice in what matters.
  • What natal planets are in Air signs (Aquarius, Libra) between 16° – 24°
    Air planets will support your rethinking, their energy will work in flow with your reorganizing your truth.

Gemini Mercury Rx House Reflection

Which house is being highlighted by Gemini 16° – 24°?
This house is the part of your business needs a fresh perspective*

Permission to Change Your:

  • 1H: Identity
    Rethink your role as a curious leader, what is your big message that you are really meant to share.
  • 2H: Values
    Reevaluate your intellectual values, you are not here to change anyone’s mind, but to understand how you are adding value.
  • 3H: Mind
    Refine and communicate your big message to teach others through your business as a truth teller.
  • 4H: Heart
    Recreate your safety and security by gaining an understanding on what you need and sharing your needs with your closest community.
  • 5H: Passion
    Reignite inquisitive creative passion projects in your business that spark play in your inner child.
  • 6H: Service
    Reorganize teaching and learning as acts of service through your business where listening is as important as speaking.
  • 7H: Relationships
    Rethink your collaborative partnerships in your business with other curious creatives to create a shared message of understanding.
  • 8H: Healing
    Reflect on healing your voice to be heard as a necessary part of your truth in and through your business
  • 9H: Dreams
    Reimagine sharing your big vision of a diverse and equitable future built on understanding and inquiry.
  • 10H: Goals
    Recommit to delivering your breakthrough message as a platform to building equitable success through listening and empathy.
  • 11H: Impact
    Reactivate your greater social networks of truth tellers through humanitarian education efforts and activism
  • 12H: Wisdom
    Reveal what reformations of inner, soul-level truth are needed to restore ease and understanding in your business

* If you have two houses being highlighted, focus on the house with the cusp line that is activated. It is that doorway to that area of your business that is being emphasized.

For example, if you have 12H and 1H being highlighted, your 1H is emphasized because your Ascendant (1H cusp) is pointed out.

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