Episode 116: Mercury Rx in Libra: Your Time To Rethink Powerful Relationships In your Business

by | Sep 26, 2021

Mercury Rx in Libra is here! And there’s no need to freak the F out if you understand how to work with the energy in your business. Yes, slow down, triple-check communications and back up your tech. But also you get to rethink and redefine the important relationships in your business (and life). In this episode, I’ll share with you the 6 things to do and not do with relationships in your business, the 6 astrological influences that will play out during the retrograde as well as this week’s Biz StarCast for the week of September 26 – Oct 2, 2021. It’s an info-packed episode, you can’t miss.
✨ 4 Relationships to rethink in your business⁠
✨ 6 Things to do in your business⁠
✨ 5 Things NOT to do in your business⁠
✨ Mercury Retrograde Schedule + Reminders⁠
✨ Astrological influences for Mercury Rx Libra⁠
✨5 Ways to personalize your Mercury Rx in Libra⁠

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

In Libra – Rethink these 4 relationships in your business

  • Soul customers – the people you adore and are committed to serve via payments or contracts
  • Soul partners – the people that are committed to you to help you accomplish your goals
  • Soul collaborators – the people with common visions you are meant to uphold
  • Soul co-creators – the people in your field that do similar work but are not meant to be competitors

6 things to do in Mercury Rx in Libra

  • Rethink relationships in your biz
  • Redefine your leadership
  • Reassess partnership expectations
  • Reconnect at a deeper level
  • Relearn your most powerful offers
  • Remind your peeps your big message

6 things to not do during Mercury Rx in Libra

  • Get angry over miscommunications
  • Commit to imbalanced power dynamics
  • Rush into relationships
  • Force obligations
  • People-please
  • Be codependent

Mercury Rx in Libra Reminders

Reminder for MRx Libra 2021

✅ 9/7 Enter Shadow – Libra 10°: what are you noticing in relationships that need reorganization or re-definition?
✅9/26 Retrograde – Libra 25°: What breakdowns in communications and relationships are happening? How can you slow down to rethink things?
✅10/9 Combust – Libra 16°: What new reconsiderations are now being fully illuminated where you must express boundaries?
✅10/18 Direct – Libra 10º: What plan of action will you take to call in your soul collaborators, soul customers, and soul co-creators?
✅11/3 Leaves shadow – Libra 25°: Fully embrace your new role in powerful relationships and stand in your power.

6 astrological influences for Mercury Rx in Libra

  • Mercury dances with these planets influencing how you are meant to rethink your business relationships
    • Trine with Jupiter 3x – call in your people with your big message and vision
      • September 20
      • October 3
      • October 31
    • Square Pluto – transformative, powerful relationships – balance of power
    • New Moon in Libra 13° – Set your intention of motivation
    • Midpoint illumination combust with Sun and Mars
    • Opposite Chiron – communicate your past wounds that you’ve overcome to call in your people. Your wounds as seen through Chiron is the wisdom gift you are meant to offer through your business.
    • Goes forward the same day as Jupiter also goes forward

5 ways to personalize your Mercury Rx in Libra

  • Discover Libra 10° – 25° – The 15 degrees highlighted in your chart by 3 passes by Mercury
  • Discern the house(s) that contain this area. This is the area in your life and business where you need to rethink your business relationships (soul customers, soul collaborators, soul co-creators)
  • Reveal any natal planets or angels in this area of your chart. As Mercury passes over natal energies, it will give you a fresh perspective about your relationships and connections.
  • Uncover other Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn) energies between 10°-25°. These planets and angles will add creative tension that wants resolution in your rethinking.
  • Illuminate other Air (Gemini, Aquarius) energies between 10°-25°. These planets and angles will support your relearning.

Mercury Rx in Libra House Activations

The house(s) that contain Libra 10°-25° is the area of your business you need to rethink and reconnect to your:

  • 1H (maybe Libra ⬆️): Leadership Role – Rethink your role as a diplomatic leader, how do you want to show up as a powerful peacekeeper?
  • 2H (maybe Virgo ⬆️): Valuable Relationships – Reevaluate your relationship values and value-add. What relationships are you investing in and how are you adding value in relationships?
  • 3H (maybe Leo ⬆️): Communication Collaborators – Refine and communicate your prosperous message with others. Who can you partner with to communicate to a wider audience?
  • 4H (maybe Cancer ⬆️): Family-like Partners – Reorganize your ability to connect with others that feel like a healthy family unit. Who do you need in your closest community?
  • 5H (maybe Gemini ⬆️): Passionate Co-Creators – Reignite collaborative fun passion projects in your business that spark joy.
  • 6H (maybe Taurus ⬆️): Organizational Partners – Reorganize routines, wellness, and systems in partnership to help you keep going.
  • 7H (maybe Aries ⬆️): Soul Customers – Rethink your soul customers in your business with peace-loving, people-centric leaders.
  • 8H (maybe Pisces ⬆️): Transformational Accomplices – Reflect on healing your relationships with intimacy and truth in and through your business
  • 9H (maybe Aquarius ⬆️): Explorer Comrades – Reimagine exploring your big vision of the future and humanity with natural-born connectors.
  • 10H (maybe Capricorn ⬆️): Goal Getters – Recommit to delivering on your mission of connection and collaboration with other likable goal-getters.
  • 11H (maybe Sagittarius ⬆️): Impact Allies – Reactivate your visionary social impact of bridge-building for the future.
  • 12H (maybe Scorpio ⬆️): Wisdom Companions – Reveal what inner, soul-level peace and connection co-creators you need to bring ease to your business.

Note the rising signs are suggestions – to accurately know the house that is being highlighted for you, look for the house(s) that contains Libra 10°-25°.

Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of September 26 – 30, 2021

Think twice

“The best thinking is rethinking”– Shane Parrish, Entrepreneur

Mercury Retrograde starts, the third one for this year, where you get to rethink your relationships in your business. Relationships are everything in your business.

Are your relationships with your true collaborators? Collaborators that are as powerful as you? That trust themselves like you? That value the same outcomes as you?

Venus, our power to connect, activates both Neptune and Jupiter this week. Our feelings could be expansive but we need to really focus in and choose our actions wisely otherwise there could be repercussions from overdoing it.

We get to rethink who and how we attract.


Mercury Station Retrograde – Libra 25°

10:10 PM PT | 1:10 AM + 1 ET

Rethink powerful connections

What new perspectives on relationships in your business are coming through?

Relationships challenge you to be the best version of yourself. You need relationships in your business that inspire change in yourself and others. Relationships that show you how to take lead, even if you’ve been hurt taking initiative in the past. Relationships that let you stretch and expand your capacity to build platforms and communities of other changemakers.

During this Mercury Retrograde, as you rethink relationships, you will be sparked to rethink connections and add a new spin in your business relationships with those that share your impactful values.

Today on Sunday, September 26, Mercury steps on the brakes and appears to come to a stop before shifting backwards. Now through October 18, Mercury will appear to be in reverse and not complete the entire retrograde cycle on November 3. When this thrice yearly reset is complete, you will have a new view on relationships in your business and call in those that stretch you into committing to yourself and your collaborators so you can all move past your old wounds and change the world.

For a day before and after as Mercury drills down on Libra 25°, if you have planets or angles near 25° of Cardinal signs, this feels particularly intense as your mind begins to question as previous understandings begin to break down. This breakdown is needed so you can break through. Trust in the process. Get curious with this intensity, it’s giving you a clue at what needs to be reorganized.

For the next few weeks through November 3, see where on your chart contains Libra 10° – 25.° This is the area of your business that requires rethinking relationships. Mercury will highlight this area by highlighting it two more times – the first time started back on September 7.

Mercury Retrograde Schedule – September 26, 2021 – October 18, 2021

9/7 Enters Shadow – Libra 10°
9/26 Stations Retrograde – Libra 25°
10/9 Combust – Libra 16°
10/18 Stations Direct Libra 10º
11/3 Leaves shadow – Libra 25°


4Q Moon Cancer 6°09′

6:57 PM PT | 9:57 PM ET

Relax and take care

What deep hurts need releasing today?

A great day to spend with yourself

The last quarter moon phase is an integration phase in our lives and business. A time to cultivate all that we have learned and assess what we want to continue with and what we want to churn back into the earth as nourishment for the seeds we’ve planted.

If your emotions are running high thinking of the past, ride this wave and do your best to move it through. Do not let the emotions take root in your vessel. Sometimes a good cry or scream in a pillow is so healing on a day like today.

With the Cancer 4Q Moon, spend some integration time, taking time for self care, family time, or cozy time at home. Self care isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity you deserve.


If you’ve moved any hurt feelings out of your body yesterday, you now have the emotional, spiritual and physical energy to create. Two exact aspects support your vision and will power.

An amazing day to charm and create

Venus trine Neptune Rx

9:14 AM PT | 12:14 PM ET

Heightened manifestation

What beauty do you now recognize?

There is something subtle today that feels so true and powerful. This something is more energetic than tangible. It’s as if someone has put on your rose-colored glasses and now you can see the truth and beauty that was already there. You feel an openness despite the challenges that allow you to feel compassion and kindness. If you choose to do anything with this energy be gentle, be magical, and experience the pleasures of life. When you do, your attraction and charm powers will work their magic in your business and romantic life.

Venus Scorpio 21° trine Neptune Rx Pisces 21°

Especially magnetic if you have planets or angles in late Water signs.

Sun trine Saturn Rx

3:19 PM PT | 6:19 PM ET

Creative restrictions prove fruitful

What containers can you create to focus your creative powers?

Today you may be feeling expansive and magnetic but you still have focused energy to work and create. To help you contain this energy, see what you can remove. See how you can create more with less. Aim for mastery instead of all the bells and whistles.

Sun Libra 6°29’ trine Saturn Rx Aquarius 6°29’

Especially creative if you have planets or angels in early Air signs.


Venus square Jupiter Rx

4:31 PM PT | 7:31 PM ET

Shine brighter and be noticed

With whom can you share your elevated feelings?

Venus and Jupiter, the two traditionally lucky planets, meet up today for a bit of creative friction. You may feel energized and excited but this energy can easily turn into impulsiveness. Be aware to not over give, over do, overspend. Instead over-thank, over-contemplate, and uber-radiate. Choose wisely how you share your feelings and with whom you share your graciousness. Today can be a fun day if you consciously work with this expansive energy.

Again be aware of over exaggeration or over spending.

Venus Scorpio 22° square Jupiter Rx Aquarius 22°

Especially energizing if you have planets or angles in late degrees of Fixed signs

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