Episode 97: Moon Sign in Your Business Q+A

by | Jul 21, 2021

We are the tail-end of Cancer season and what better way to close out this season with one final episode all about the Moon Sign.

You know that I love talking about the Moon Sign. A few weeks ago I posted a question in The Savvy Luminary about your business and your moon sign, and there were so many great questions.

So before I left for Hawaii, I decided to hold a fun Q+A about the Moon Sign in your business in my free Facebook group, The Savvy Luminary. Enjoy this fun, conversational Q+A about how you can use your moon sign in your business.

In this episode:

  • Your Moon Sign
  • What it means in your business
  • Moon by Elements
  • Q+A Segment

Moon Sign

  • Our Moon sign is our energy of the expectations that we have on our mother.
  • This is the WHY, the WHY we do things.
  • Represents our family stories (intergenerational stories)
  • The importance of understanding these stories is to help you unfold YOUR truth and your WHY.

Moon by Element

Water Moon

  • Cancer, Scorpio Pisces
    • These are our healing and emotional signs.
    • They are deeply connected and united through emotional understanding
    • Creating boundaries with other people.
  • Cancer Moon
    • Creating that safe space
    • Protecting the Space, but still be inclusive.
  • Scorpio Moon
    • Looking at all the taboos or shame and understanding how we can use these stories to feel better.
    • Trust and Power in their own institution
    • Trust in your own deeper power
  • Pisces Moon
    • Needs boundaries
    • Feels so much

Air Moons

  • Gemini, Aquarius and LIbra
    • Social Moons
    • Connecting through
    • Ideas
    • Communicating
    • Socializing
    • Creating Relationships
    • Sharing Information
  • Gemini Moon
    • Collects Information
    • Needs to be heard and understood
  • Libra Moon
    • Feel they are connected to someone
    • Having deep interpersonal relationships
    • The need to feel they are part of a group
  • Aquarius Moon
    • They also want to be part of the group
    • But they want to be part of a movement
    • They want to be part of a big social structure that is affecting change
    • They want to feel like they are being innovative.

Earth Moons

  • Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo
    • Receptive Signs
    • Creational Signs
  • Taurus Moons
    • Creating Physical security (why do I need to serve, food, clothing, etc)
    • Creating a Legacy
  • Capricorn Moon
    • Achievement Oriented
    • Goals
  • Virgo Moon
    • Analyze
    • Need things to be perfect as possible
    • Want to feel healthy
    • Want to feel Organized
    • Be part of a wholeness

Fire Moons

  • Leo, Sagittarius, Aries
  • Aries Moon
    • Needs to be the first
    • Claim you are the best
  • Sagittarius Moon
    • Feeling of freedom
    • Experiencing new things
    • Needing to have a choice
  • Leo Moon
    • Know what they want
    • Prideful
    • The need to be recognized and adored

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