Aloha, Mystic Monday's Coven!

So nice to meet you during our mini training - Star Power Life! Here are the all ways you can connect with me and the goodies that I mention.

Illuminate your business with Brand Astrology

AstroBrand™ Readings

1-on-1 Business Astrology Sessions

Gain specific beyond-branding insights to grow your brand visibility in alignment to your stars.Learn your unique brand positioning, communication keys, and leadership styles that magnetize your soul customer. And get strategies to integrate them into your business.

2021 in the Stars

Business Astrology Books + Power Pack

2020 has been a year of revealing our truest desires, testing our limits, and creating connections (both on and off of zoom calls).

As we look forward to 2021, I’m willing to bet that you wouldn’t mind a bit more control. It’s not that you want to micromanage the Universe, you’d just prefer to be clued in and create a more collaborative process.

I get it, and yes…there’s an insight tool for that.


$222 value

To make your 2021 even more intentional and fulfilling I’ve created the ultimate bundle, Power Pack.

New Moon Rituals for Entrepreneurs 2021

$24.99 value

Design your success with customizable New Moon Rituals for your business

Star Powered

$24.99 value

Create your one-of-a-kind brand so you can be seen as the luminous leader you are born to be

2021 Business
StarCast Planner

$199 value

Plan your day, week, month, and year according to the energy of the stars.

Aloha!🌺 I am Leslie Tagorda

I’m Leslie Tagorda (she/her), a multiracial brand astrologer, designer, podcast host, and author. As an Aquarius and Human Design Projector, I’ve found my calling in helping spiritual entrepreneurs, social impact makers, and visionaries become the luminary leaders they are born to be.

How do I do this? I’m here to serve as your “Brand Navigator” — helping you validate, embrace, and amplify your entrepreneurial gifts through my AstroBrand™ Framework that combines professional branding and business astrology.

​​I’m passionate about making astrology accessible to the world through education, hands-on brand strategy and design work. Since 2004, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and social impact organizations stop hiding their light and contribute their unique, remarkable expertise to the world through infusing their vision in their websites, social media and content.

If you’d like to learn more, I host a podcast and corresponding Facebook community, “The Savvy Luminary – Astrology for Entrepreneurs,” where I talk about the current transits and how you can seize opportunities to take action and trust your intuition within your business. Let’s connect — you can find me @newmooncreativeco on Instagram or at

When not stargazing and advising, I’m a professional classical clarinetist touring with my nationally-recognized chamber ensemble or playing in the pits of groups like the San Francisco Ballet and the San Francisco Opera. (Hopefully we’ll resume touring soon).

I reside in the occupied land of the Ohlone Ramaytush currently called San Francisco with my husband and son.

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