Episode 84: New Moon Eclipse in Gemini, Mars Enters Leo and Biz StarCast

by | Jun 6, 2021

We are almost at the midway point of our Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. Are you drained, like me, because you’re still trying to push full speed ahead? Or are you luxuriating in the re-knowing of your truth because you’re making space to be? This week we must choose to slow down because of the New Moon Solar Eclipse and Mars entering Leo. If we don’t slow down, the surge of powerful energy could fire up and ignite. Yet if we learn to control the temperature, this is great simmering energy to find your powerful voice. Your voice matters.

In this episode:

  • New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini
  • Ritual or no ritual during an eclipse?
  • New Moon in Gemini Activations by House
  • Mars in Leo

Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of June 6 – 12


Big day of rethinking your truth to jump into your highest potential.

With an annular partial eclipse and Mercury joining the Sun shortly after the New Moon as a combust, it is a quantum leap in understanding, perspective and what is possible when you speak your truth.

This is not the day to take action, try to control, or exert your power. This is the day to be open to floods of clarity and go with the flow of new information coming to you. Feel into your heart and body to discern what is true for you, while being open to all possibilities.

What reframe do you now understand so that you can clearly communicate the voice of your soul and brand?

New Moon Solar Eclipse Gemini 19°47′

3:53 AM Pacific | 6:53 AM Eastern

What jump in communications and understanding your truth

Today I plant the seeds to redefine powerful clear messaging and engaging
dialog in my business and brand.

The ruler of Gemini, Mercury, is at the halfway point of this second retrograde season. And we have a Solar Eclipse. Overload of information! While you may not be able to find the exact words or get clear on your exact thoughts, if you go one level below those thoughts, you do KNOW how you want your message to be heard. You do know why you want your brand voice to be heard. And you do know the impact you want your message to have in your circles.

It’s a powerful New Moon with all the other cosmic support to rethink your brand voice and all that it means.

Decide today the impact you want your message and brand voice to have and be known for in your spiritual business. Rethink what is possible.

Astrology of the New Moon Solar Eclipse

  • North Node eclipse – leap into potential
  • Mercury Rx conjunct New Moon and NN
  • Mercury Rx combus (Full Moon phase of Mercury and Sun later that day)
  • Jupiter farthest out into Pisces before heading Rx – Visionary Preview
  • Neptune square – visionary, imaginative and spirit allowing inner integration

Sun combust Mercury Rx

6:13 PM Pacific | 9:13 PM Eastern

Thinking and information blaze

How can you make space to take in all this new understanding to reflect without yet making a decision.

This is the middle point, like the Full Moon phase, of the cycle where Mercury and the Sun meet. You could feel a surge of information, as your learnings become illuminated. Things may feel intense. Time to reflect.

After the combust you will have a clearer understanding of what you need to be integrated into your business after your re-examination.

If you have any natal energies near Gemini 19° these will add fuel to your download. Air energies (Aquarius, Libra) near 19° will be in flow with your perception and Mutable energies (Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces) near 19° will add more creative fuel that will ignite your truth.

MRx Schedule

  • 5/14 Enters Shadow Gemini 16°
    What communication and mindset issues are you becoming aware of?
  • 5/29 Stations Retrograde Gemini 24°41’
    What thoughts and truths are not clear?
    What communications and mindset do you get to rethink that add to your value?
  • 6/10 Combust Gemini 20°
    What is now fully illuminated that you are overthinking?
    What will you reorganize in your communications and mindset?
  • 6/22 Stations Direct 16°10’
    What do you now have clarity and what will you take action on that you need to reorganize?
  • 7/7 Leaves Shadow Gemini 24°


Mars enters Leo

6:34 AM Pacific | 9:34 AM Eastern

Lead with your heart

What passionate heart-lead projects now drive you?

Now through July 29, Mars will heat things up in passionate Leo. At this time you could stand up for your creative efforts and justify your passion projects. It’s from this passion that is the source of purpose. After all, if work is fun and pleasurable it transcends vocation to calling. Follow your bliss in all that you do and watch your work come to life as purpose.

If you have natal energies or angles in Leo, you will get a boost of motivation and drive as Mars passes through.

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