Episode 92: New Moon in Cancer + Biz StarCast: Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of July 4 – July 10, 2021

by | Jul 4, 2021

This week’s theme for the week of July 4-10 is “Be Kind to yourself and others”. The tension of the previous week is beginning to fade, you’ve gone through most of it. You need a bit of time to slow down, it’s still not a time to rush full speed ahead. This week, we have a few squares with Mercury and Neptune, along with Venus squaring Uranus. Then at the end of our week, we have our New Moon in Cancer 18° where we get to plant the seeds to nurture self-care in our business. Want to feel productive this week? Practice self-care.

This week we go over:

  • Mercury square Neptune Rx
  • Venus opposite Saturn Rx
  • Mercury leaves shadow
  • Venus square Uranus
  • New Moon Cancer 18°

Astrology for Entrepreneurs for the Week of July 4 – 10

Be kind to yourself and others

For those of you in the States, happy Independence Day. The tension of the previous week is beginning to fade, you’ve gone through most of it. You need a bit of time to slow down, it’s still not a time to rush full speed ahead. You may feel a bit restricted with your money or resources, and while your thoughts and visions for the are moving quickly, you can’t quite capture the clarity of what needs to be communicated, just yet.

Want to feel productive this week? Practice self care – permission to nap, get a massage, turn off your notifications, say no to social gatherings, or eat that cupcake.


It’s a day where you are getting signals of your next big step yet there are people and resources that you now see clearly that are in the way of your big picture. Listen and decide today. Wait a few days to act on your decisions.

Mercury square Neptune Rx

12:39 AM Pacific | 3:39 AM Eastern

Inspired dreamlike thinking

What signals are you now receiving?

Communications are not exactly clear today, but they are visionary and meaningful. You may be getting messages in the forms of symbols, sounds, or other intangible means. Pay attention to these symbols, they are showing you the way. If you are sending communications or doing a lot of transactions, be hyper vigilant to triple check details. Or, instead of a long email, send a song lyric or haiku to get your point across.

If you have lots of Mutable energy (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) you will feel this dreamlike state more.

Mercury 23° Gemini square Neptune Rx 23° Pisces

Venus opposite Saturn Rx

7:36 PM Pacific | 10:36 PM Eastern

Discomfort moves quickly

What constraints in resources and partnerships do you need to cut?

For a few days around this exact meeting, people may show their true colors and investments may come to a critical deciding point. What people and money issues are making you feel trapped? This feeling may come as a surprise to you. Yet, you need to decide now to say goodbye to someone, maybe a business collaborator or client? Or you have to let go of an investment, maybe stopping a subscription or canceling a contract that isn’t of value for you. The space you create by saying goodbye will allow you to focus on the things that matter. Make the decision today and wait for a few days to inform the people you want to let go.

If you have lots of Fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) you will feel this need to make a cut.

Venus 12° Leo opposite Saturn Rx 12° Aquarius


Mercury leaves shadow

Clear thoughts ahead

What new truths and beliefs will you now communicate?

Mercury Retrograde ended a few weeks ago and now Mercury has crossed the point in the sky where it retraced its steps – out of the shadow zone. Mercury is now moving forward with your new thoughts and truths that you have recovered during the retrograde cycle. You could start to move ahead with your new communications plans or projects, yet Neptune is still adding a bit of unfocus, potentially making any important communications less than clear. If you can wait till after the New Moon to make any important announcements, you’ll be better off.

Look to your chart from Gemini 16° – Gemini 24°, the area of your chart highlighted by this past Mercury Rx. If you have planets or angles in this area, those energies have a new truth that want to be given a voice.

What to find your brand voice? Here’s a fun micro training.

Mercury at Gemini 24°


Venus square Uranus

12:25 PM Pacific | 3:25 PM Eastern

Unexpected revelations

What social or money surprises come to you now?

If you did your work and decided what/who to let go in order to focus on the things that matter, then you could be in for a lucky breakthrough. Notice aligned people or resources that cross your path. These aligned people or resources may not be what you expected, but with this kind of energy, say yes to the unexpected and don’t judge an experience as bad – as it might be the silver lining you need.

If you have lots of Fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) you will feel this a bit more intensely.

Venus 14° Leo square Uranus 14° Taurus

New Moon Cancer 18°
6:17 PM Pacific | 9:17 PM Eastern

Today I plant the seeds to nurture self care, safe spaces and soft power in my business

Emotional security is the foundation to your achievement and success. If your emotional center is not rooted, there is nothing you can care for or nurture in your life or business in a meaningful way.

Others may see you as successful, but you don’t feel it.

Or you chase success without creating your safe inner landscape.

This goes for your customers too.

In creating safe spaces for them, their success and results are bound to happen.

True healing and success can only happen in these safe spaces.

This safe space is created with Cancer energy.

Creating safe spaces doesn’t take muscle power, it takes soft power.

Cancer, a water sign, is the ultimate soft power. Nothing is softer than water but there is nothing that can withstand it.

What does soft power look and feel like for you? How can you use this in your business to move mountains?

Decide today what emotional security and safe spaces look like and do for you in your business. In your loving and soft-powered terms.

House Activations to Personalize Your New Moon Ritual

What house contains Cancer 18°? That is the house that is being activated and wants a fresh intention around emotional security and the feeling of success.

Today I plant the seeds to nurture self care, safe spaces and soft power in my business’s:

1H (Cancer Rising): Nurturing brand identity and leadership role
2H (Gemini Rising): Sharing inclusive values and adding value through your brand voice
3H (Taurus Rising): Safe communications and stable, embodied promotions
4H (Aries Rising): Emotional leadership in community-centered safe spaces
5H (Pisces Rising): Consciously creative heart-centered play for self care
6H (Aquarius Rising): Innovative day-to-day health and self care for emotional effectiveness
7H (Capricorn Rising): Inclusive collaborations with expert ideal customers and co-creators
8H (Sagittarius Rising): Expansive and inclusive transformation through shared resources
9H (Scorpio Rising): Deep purpose, vision and philosophy through emotional intelligence
10H (Libra Rising): Safe spaces as my ultimate mission in my brand
11H (Virgo Rising): Social impact and inclusive community building that creates belonging
12H (Leo Rising): Ability to offer pleasurable emotional restoration and retreat

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