Episode 60: New Moon in Pisces Setting Intentions to Create Ease + Flow in Our Business

by | Mar 10, 2021

Our upcoming New Moon in Pisces is ripe to bring more ease and flow in our business if we have the power to define where and how we want to add flow into it! In this episode I’ll be sharing the interconnectedness of Pisces and how to work with it in your business to bring flow. I’ll also go over setting your intention and calling in the Divine for support. Time to dream big and easy!

In this episode:

  • All about Pisces energy
  • How to work with it in your brand and business
  • Astrology of the New Moon in Pisces
  • Answering user questions
  • Personalizing your New Moon by house activation
  • Setting big dreamy intentions

Planets in Pisces

These are gifts to work within your business. ⁠

RISING: I lead and guide…⁠
SUN: I create and radiate…⁠
MOON: I feel and heal…⁠
MERCURY: I think and express…⁠
VENUS: I attract and connect …⁠
MARS: I motivate and energize…⁠
JUPITER: I expand and believe…⁠
SATURN: I structure and achieve
URANUS: I innovate and individuate…⁠
NEPTUNE: I unite and inspire…⁠
NORTH NODE: I stretch into my visionary potential…
SOUTH NODE: I let go of past disillusionment patterns…

…. with ease, flow and support from Spirit 💜💜💜

Pisces on the Cusp

With unity, connection to spirit with an added imaginative flair, I …

1H: Initiate and take lead
2H: Add and create value
3H: Communicate and share knowledge
4H: Create emotional security and safety
5H: Play and live my passion
6H: Organize and serve others
7H: Partner and collaborate
8H: Heal and deeply transform
9H: Vision and dream big
10H: Live out my ultimate mission in the world
11H: Create social impact and build communities
12H: Restore and reform to prepare to start again

Pisces New Moon 23°

Beautiful and dreamy, this New Moon is your connection to the Divine.

Imagine your most divine self, showing you the past, present, and future vision. She has chosen this path that you are on of spiritual entrepreneurship. Goddess, you know entrepreneurship is for the courageous of heart. And the most courageous of hearts are those that can hold vast empathy and compassion.

When you dream of the visions for your business, how simply can you attain this vision? How in ease can you work? And what can you accomplish when in flow?

What if your spirituality is the way to innovate and make impact in your business?

Decide today what ease and flow looks like to you in your spiritual business. What does your connection to Spirit want you to see?

New Moon in Pisces 23° Astrology

  • Mutable Water
  • Neptune conjunct Venus
  • Pisces Stellium (Sun, Moon, Venus, Neptune)
  • New Moon sextile Pluto
  • Mercury leaves shadow zone

4 Steps To Personalize Your New Moon Ritual For Business Pisces 23°

  • What house is being activated? What area of my business is available to add to my intention?
  • Do I have any energies/planets within 5° of Pisces 23°? If yes, how do those energies want to blend in?
  • Do I have any other Mutable energies within 5° of, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius 23°? If yes, how do those energies want to add creative friction?
  • Do I have any other Water energies within 5° of Cancer or Scorpio 23°? If yes, how do those energies want to support my new moon intention?

House Activations for Your Business

Today I plant the seeds to bring more ease and flow and connection to the Divine/Highest Self in my business’s:

1H: Spiritual brand identity and leadership style
2H: Compassionate values and sales promise
3H: Creative communication and promotional style
4H: Dreamy safe spaces I create for customers
5H: Imaginative and artistic Creative process
6H: Flowing day-to-day operations and business wellness
7H: Empathetic connection to my ideal customers and co-creators
8H: Interconnected money stories and relationship with shared resources
9H: Vast visioning and global reach to share your visionary message
10H: Delivering your best work with infinite ease and flow
11H: Spiritual community outreach and platform building
12H: Restoration and completing of unfinished business with ease

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