Episode 76: New Moon in Taurus, Jupiter enters Pisces and Biz StarCast: Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of May 9 – 15, 2021

by | May 9, 2021

The stars support us this week to open up to all kinds of new possibilities with our New Moon in abundant Taurus and Jupiter entering its home sign of Pisces. With the New Moon in Taurus, it’s your chance to plant the seeds of abundance and profit and all things value in your business. And lucky, abundant Jupiter moves into his traditional home sign of Pisces where we get to revel in deep expansive imagination and potentiality. Get ready to clear your mindset to open yourself to the abundance coming your way in your businesses – if you choose! Are you ready?! Because I am!

In this episode:

  • New Moon in Taurus
  • New Moon House Activations
  • Jupiter dips its toes into Pisces
  • Special Invite to the Taurus New Moon Ceremony with Natalie Miller


New Moon Taurus 21°18′

12:00 PM Pacific | 3:00 PM Eastern

Today I plant the seeds to call in my impactful value and abundant profit in my business and brand.

How do you add innovative value and how do you clearly communicate your value?

Abundance, profit, resources, value…whatever you call it, we need it in our physical life here on Mother Earth. Each of us wants different things and has our own reasons for desiring moola. It’s up to us to understand what we want and what allows us to gain it. Equally, the value that we deliver to our customers has different meanings and it’s up to us to deliver and define our value.

There are many things that go into our ability to earn the resources we need and at the core is how we value ourselves and what we offer in the world. The first step is to recognize and embody your value – this is true worthiness. If you don’t value yourself or your offerings, no one else will.

Do note that at the time of the New Moon, we all have a Chiron square Mars, our feelings and old hurts may be a bit sensitive. If you are feeling disconnected from your value and how you add value, get curious to understand if there are still lingering doubts about your ability to take lead.

Spending time in quiet meditation or another spiritual flow state can open the doors to deeper understanding.

Decide today what abundance and value-add looks like to you in your spiritual business. On your individualistic expansive terms.


Mercury trine Saturn

11:34 AM Pacific | 2:34 PM Eastern

Time to concentration

What communications or writing project needs step-by-step evaluation?

A great day to plan out your marketing or write your book outline

For a few days leading up to and away from this exact aspect, we are all feeling the need to think deeply. We have the mental space to clear out distractions and focus on creating some foundational structures we need for bigger communications projects. If you’ve been meaning to plan out your marketing project, podcast season, or next book, this is the energy you need.

On another note, if you’ve been meaning to have a difficult conversation with someone, this energy could be on your side to help you focus and stay on track with your boundaries.

Mercury in Gemini 13° trine Saturn Aquarius 13°. Look at your natal chart to see if you have any energies around 13° of Air signs, these energies will add to the supportive energy. If you have energies near 13° of Mutable or Fixed signs, these energies will add to a bit of creative tension for this shift.


Jupiter enters Pisces

3:36 PM Pacific | 6:36 PM Eastern

Expansive visions

What will you dream in and up?

Now through July 29, Jupiter makes a splash in his traditional home of visionary Pisces. Jupiter has been rushing through Aquarius to take a dip back home where he can expand on his big dreams, illuminating imagination and opening up possibilities that he discovered during his time in Aquarius.

While Jupiter is in his home sign, he is super powered and super sensitive giving you an energetic sensy-boost. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, we all get a dose of his imaginative, illusionary powers. Add rainbow effervescence to everything!

In July, expansive Jupiter will come back to Aquarius during his retrograde cycle and stay there till the end of the year. When Jupiter returns back to Aquarius for the rest of the year, you will have the gift of vision and imagination from Pisces, that you can build into your social impact strategy.

For the moment, while Jupiter is in Pisces for the next few weeks, expand on your work that benefits from your vast intangible imagination – anything to do with photography, video, music, and Divine Spirit. Pay attention to your sleeping and waking dreams, this is where Jupiter’s magic will beam in.

If you have any planets or angels at 0°-2° of Pisces, as Jupiter dips its toes over the next few months, your Picsean energies will be abundantly activated! Woo hoo!


Mercury enters Shadow – Gemini 16°

May 14 8:18p PT / 1 1:18p ET

Effective business communication review

What communications and mindset do you need to rethink in your business?

Time to start backing things up and make space for misunderstandings – all the usual things

We are coming up to our second Mercury Retrograde of the year, this time in Mercury’s home sign of airy Gemini. This Mercury Rx could be extra potent for many of us so let’s get ready.

Mercury Retrogrades are wonderful times to reflect and reset. This is not the time to resist, push through or rush.

As Mercury moves into the shadow zone (the area that Mercury will travel back through as it goes backwards) gives us a preview of the thinking and communication points we will get a chance to redo.

Communication is such a vital part of entrepreneurship and what you say, or don’t say, can make or break you.

With this first phase, start to pay attention to what you say, what you think and how you say it. What we express (or not express) is a clear indication of what we are thinking on the inside. And gives us the keys to the mindset issues we need to resolve.

  • Are you confidently speaking your mind?
    Is your mindset causing you to not say something?
    Are you overgiving because you don’t see your value?
    Are you not sharing information because you don’t trust yourself?

This is where communications and mindset meet.

Mercury Retrograde Schedule (Gemini 16° – 24°)

  • 5/14 Enters Shadow Gemini 16°
    What communication and mindset issues are you becoming aware of?
  • 5/29 Stations Retrograde Gemini 24°41’
    What thoughts and truths are not clear?
    What communications and mindset do you get to rethink that add to your value?
  • 6/10 Combust Gemini 20°
    What is now fully illuminated that you are overthinking?
    What will you reorganize in your communications and mindset?
  • 6/22 Stations Direct 16°10’
    What do you now have clarity and what will you take action on that you need to reorganize?
  • 7/7 Leaves Shadow Gemini 24°
    How have you upped your value through your communications and mindset?

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