Episode 118: October 2021 Highlights, New Moon in Libra + Biz StarCast: Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of Oct 3-9, 2021

by | Oct 3, 2021

October is an intense month with 4 planetary shifts and opening with a powerful New Moon in Libra. In this info packed episode I’ll share with you October’s highlights, everything about the Libra New Moon and the astrology for the week ahead. This month, the stars ask you to reorganize, reconsider and realign your offers to your soul customers. Don’t fear October’s intensity, rather recognize and embrace the energy as the nudge you need to make deep change in your business to call in your soul partners. Get ready to call in your soul customers and collaborators with the New Moon too!

This week we cover:

  • New Moon in Libra 13°
  • Pluto Direct
  • Venus enters Sagittarius
  • Sun conjunct Mars
  • Sun combust Mercury Rx
  • Mercury Rx conjunct Mars

October Overview

Reconnecting with your Soul Customers

Get ready because October is an intense month full of realizations, people power and big shifts.

Relationships are central to the vibrancy, viability, and visibility of your business. In Libra season you commit to aligned partnerships on which you’ve built your business. From soul customers – those you commit to over a desired result, to soul collaborators – those you co-create with over shared values, and soul partners – those that help you build over shared vision.

Astrologically you are supported in rethinking your business relationships and shifting your big message, your expectations and your most powerful offers to align to your new balanced and powerful relationships.

If your relationships in your life and business are not where you want them to be, you get a chance to get really clear on what you want, where those gaps are.

Do not get stuck in figuring out the “how” and strategies – you can get stuck before you even start. Instead, focus on what you want (or do not want) and get really clear with that partnership energy you want to call in. As you get clear, the Universe will show you your aligned step. It’s magical how the Universe works in that way once you know what you want.

If you are happy with the relationships in your business, focus on what makes those relationships so wonderful and get curious with how to amplify that energy to call in more people. Personally for me, this is where I am, I am in awe of the powerful leaders that are in my communities – thank you thank you thank you.

Your soul customers and offers, from an astrological perspective is the intersection of:

  • What you radiantly do so well (Your Sun)
  • The challenges and wounds that have turned into gifts (Your Chiron)
  • Your dedication to act on what you do so well (Your Mars)
  • How you speak and express the values and results of your offer (Your Mercury)
  • How you will take lead and initiate on your offer (Your Rising)
  • And the soul customer your offer is meant to serve (Your Descendant)

And this month we dance between all these planetary players that will light up and allow you to reorganize, reconsider, and realign your offers to where you and your soul customer are NOW.

Holy shift! Also in October, in the span of 2 weeks, 4 planets will change direction. It could feel a bit shocking but let the shock give way to deep realizations.

Don’t fear October’s intensity.

Rather recognize and embrace the energy as the nudge you need to make deep change in your business to call in your soul partners.

You got this!

This month we see:

  • Pluto goes direct (October 6)
  • Venus enters Sagittarius (October 7)
  • Mercury Rx midpoint with Mars (October 9)
  • Saturn goes direct (October 11)
  • Mercury goes direct (October 18)
  • Jupiter goes direct (October 18)
  • Sun enters Scorpio (October 23)
  • Mars enters Scorpio (October 30)


  • New Moon in Libra 13° (October 6)
  • Full Moon Aries 27° (October 20)

Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of October 3-9

“I won’t stay silent so you can stay comfortable” – author unknown

This is the theme for this most action-oriented weeks. Although we are meant to slow down and reflect during Mercury Retrograde cycles, that doesn’t mean we come to a stand still. In fact, you are being asked to take action, to give voice, to speak up – through taking action. What needs advocacy in your business this week? How will you notice things building and take a stand? You may ruffle feathers but you can’t hold it in anymore. Something must be done.


Mercury Rx trine Jupiter Rx

5:05 PM PT / 8:05 PM ET

Rethinking ideals has rewards

What principles have you erected that need reconsideration?

Note a few weeks back to September 20. We experienced this same energy of Mercury, your ability to perceive and Jupiter, your ability to believe. You shared a message of inspiration then. Is that message still relevant to where you are now? If so, reshare – keep on with your big message – others will hear it in a different way and need the repetition. If your intention has shifted, reframe your ideal and share what has shifted. It’s still a prime time to communicate and everyone loves a good story about a shift in belief.

Especially illuminating for Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Mercury Rx Libra 22° trine Jupiter Rx Aquarius 22°


Mark this day on your calendar!

In the wee hours of the morning, we have our beautiful New Moon in Libra where both the sun and moon are in tight union with Mars in Libra – all opposing Chiron in Aries. And a few hours later in the day, Pluto releases the pressure a bit as it officially moves forward.

Remember to set your intentions and be kind to yourself with this intense energy that may bring up all the reasons why relationships are too hard in your business.

New Moon Libra 13°

4:05 AM PT | 7:05 AM ET

Today I plant the seeds to rethink collaborations and recall in my soul customers in my business and brand.

Our last Mercury Retrograde in Air for 2021 favors our Libra New Moon. It’s time to rethink partnerships and reorganize your collaborations. What has shifted for you with committing to and calling in your ideal customers, your contractors, or your co-creators?

At the time of the New Moon when the sun and moon meet, Mars will be joining for a powerful threesome, adding energy to the normally peaceful New Moon. As you intend new energy around relationships, honor past mistakes and difficulties in relationships as Chiron, the wounded healer, wants you to face the hurts, not to judge, but so you can see how much you have worked through despite those old hurts. Plant the energy of what you’ve surmounted in the new relationships you will call in.

We rise together is the theme. Yet, what needs revisiting? What has caused pain in partnerships? What new thoughts have come up?

You have great drive and initiative when the partnership is right. Pay attention to your motivation. If excitement is replaced by anxiety or frustration, something requires rethinking.

Decide today what soul customers, partnerships and collaborations you want in your spiritual business. Your individuality serves the partnership, not to compromise in order to make peace.

House Activations to Personalize Your New Moon Ritual

Today I plant the seeds to partner, cocreate and call in my soul customers through my business’s:

1H: Friendly and welcoming brand and guidance
2H: Kindness-based values and value add to my customers
3H: Peaceful communications and promotional messaging
4H: Loving, connected, emotional safe spaces
5H: Collaborative pleasure, joy, and purposeful creativity
6H: Balanced routines and systems
7H: Connections with peaceful warrior ideal customers and co-creators
8H: Relationship healing and transformation
9H: Joint ventures and partnered public relations
10H: Delivering in partnership your ultimate mission
11H: Alliances for diplomacy and peaceful community building
12H: Harmonized and balanced renewal

New Moon in Libra Ceremony

Tracy Neely will be my co-host for our potent Libra New Moon. This isn’t an ordinary New Moon as the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury Rx – all in Libra, face off with Chiron, our wounded healer in Aries.

Tracy will open and harmonize our energy with an intuitive alchemical process using breath, movement, and whatever else Spirit calls forth.

I’ll be sharing the astrology of the New Moon and insight on how to set your intentions to call in your powerful and balanced soul customers, collaborators, and partners.

Join us for the first New Moon ceremony since Cancer season.

Pay what you can, suggested contribution $47 – $97

For those that pay $97 or more receive an extended Loom video providing insight into the Mercury Retrograde AND the Libra New Moon.

Pluto Direct

11:29 AM PT | 2:28 PM ET

Shadows to light

What has now passed away in your business?

Since April 27, 2021, Pluto has appeared to move backwards in the sky and now this tiny yet mighty dwarf planet of power and transformation appears to move forward.

You have been through quite the transformation over the last few weeks, few months, heck few years! Pluto has completed this round of distillation, purification and elimination breaking down structures you have built in your life and business that do not fit your current path.

If you’ve been resisting change, this has felt oh so difficult.

If you’ve been embracing change, seeing the need for the old to be demolished, yes, it’s still been hard, but you’ve had more control in how this breakdown has occurred.

You are not yet free to go about. Instead it’s time to practice control and focus as Pluto now needs to move forward through this one area of your chart making sure that what is now broken down is ready to be rebuilt with power and trust.

Look to your natal chart for the area between Capricorn of 24°-26° where Pluto retraced its steps back.

If you have natal energies or angles near these degrees in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, the distillation you have felt this deep and powerful transformation, albeit at times uncomfortable.

If you have natal energies or angles near these degrees in Earth, change has felt in control and supportive.

Remember, Pluto stays in Capricorn until January of 2024. We are not yet dismantling old structures and systems in our lives, society or businesses.


Venus enters Sagittarius

4:21 AM PT | 7:21 AM ET

Connect through inspiration and exploration

What expansive connections will you call in?

Now through November 5, Venus graces the optimistic sign of Jupiter. For the next few weeks you feel a sense of abundance, luck and if you can channel this energy into your business, you have a certain charm. Your attitude in the way you approach people and resources has lightened and now becomes self-fulfilling. Be on the lookout for opportunities through people or resources that help you and your business expand your mind – whether this is travel to far off places or your ability to connect your big message across the globe. Connect with those that dream as big as you and hold a similar vision or belief system.

If you have your natal Venus in Sagittarius, you value and connect with others over morals, beliefs, justice, optimism, spirituality, and expansiveness. Balance your openness with others that go big – but also stick to their ability to accomplish their big dreams.

If you have planets or angels in Sagittarius, as Venus graces through, she will share her blessings with your natal energies. Give thanks to fully enjoy.

Sun conjunct Mars

9:01 PM PT | 12:01 AM +1 ET

Take creative lead

What will you accomplish with your motivation and drive today?

Energy is building and you have lots to do and say. Today isn’t a day to hold back or repress your energies as this can turn into frustration or even anger. Do what you need. Say what you need. Take aligned action in all you do today and for a few days before and after. Your intuition is also high today, so trust your intuition to stand up and do the things that feel a bit scary, but ultimately you know are the things that move you in the right direction.

Especially activating for Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn)

Sun and Mars at Libra 16°


The Sun/Mars meet up are still activated as now Mercury (your communications and understanding) join the party. What you’ve been motivated to take action on now has voice, now has understanding, now has a refreshed perspective.

This is not a time to stay silent. Raise your voice and act.

Sun, Mercury Rx and Mars meet up at Libra 16°

Especially activating for Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Especially supportive for Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Note the house that contains Libra 16°, that is the area of your business where you need to redefine powerful, collaborative, relationships.

Sun combust Mercury Rx

9:18 AM PT | 12:18 PM ET

Mercury Rx conjunct Mars

3:48 PM PT | 6:46 PM ET

Re-act to your leadership and boundaries in relationships

This is the middle point, like the Full Moon phase, of the cycle where Mercury and the Sun meet. You could feel a surge of information, as your learnings become illuminated. Things may feel intense. Time to reflect. With Mars (our motivations and physical energy) in the mix, there is a potential for anger to come to the surface.

Anger is not meant to be repressed or bottled in.

Anger shows us where we have boundaries that are being trespassed.

You now have a clear understanding, especially in the relationships in your business, where you may have not set up healthy boundaries, OR the boundaries you have been set have not been upheld.

While normally during the midpoint of a Mercury Retrograde it is suggested to ride out the intense realizations. Yet with Mars you must take constructive action.

This is not blowing up at a client or your partner.

Instead this is taking a breath, writing out what you now know, or kindly yet assertively expressing how things are not right, and making an appointment to speak about it in the near future when you have a clearer mental space.

You must do SOMETHING. You can’t simply sit silent.

After today, you’ll have cooled down and be able to clearly express what boundaries, agreements, terms of relationships you want to re-calibrate and reintegrate into your business.

Alternatively, if you have previously set great expectations and your relationships are working smoothly, it’s time to reorganize and re-connect with your committed customers and business partners to let them know how re-energized you are to collaborate with them. Yay!

MRx Schedule

  • 9/7 Enters Shadow – Libra 10°
  • 9/25 Stations Retrograde – Libra 25°
  • 9/26 Retrograde – Libra 25°
  • 10/9 Combust – Libra 16°
  • 10/15 Station Direct – Libra 10°
  • 10/18 Direct – Libra 10º
  • 11/3 Leaves shadow – Libra 25°

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