Episode 75: Plentiness and Reckoning with Natalie Miller

by | May 5, 2021

Witchy feminist Master Certified Life coach and dreamy Libra, Pisces, Pisces Natalie Miller shares her brilliance in this special episode to explore the truth and reckoning of full-hearted plentiness. How do you live a plentiful life when others go without? How do you come back from a blowback in business? How do you look at a challenging situation and decide who you want to be? In full Taurus splendor we chat values, money mindset, astrology and how they intersect so that we can all create plentiful businesses that satisfy every part, mind, body and soul.

Meet Natalie Miller

Natalie Miller is a Master Certified Life and Leadership Coach who helps feminists create self-honoring, community-enriching everyday lives. She offers private and group coaching, trains and mentors new coaches, and leads retreats around the world. Natalie lives just outside Washington, DC with her partner, teenage daughters, naughty dogs, and jungle of houseplants. Get more acquainted with her magic via her weekly podcast, Mind Witchery

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