Finding Your Brand Voice


Your voice is powerful.

Your message matters.

n your business or leadership role, have you ever struggled to hone in on your meaningful message or your conversational style?

What do you want to say?

How are you meant to say it?

Where is the area in your life and business where you are best heard?

You might have paid coaches, consultants and copywriters to help you.

But results weren’t quite right because you didn’t YET know what you want to say nor how to say it.

The meaningful message that you are meant to share to inspire, inform and call to action is your brand voice.

And your unique voice is written in the stars.

When you use your unique astrology (aka your natal chart) you no longer need to guess, copy or compare in finding your powerful brand voice.

Knowing the energies you are designed to bring through in your messaging AND a commitment to stepping into your voice with practice is how you clarify your powerful brand voice.

Clarity inspires action.

Action inspires clarity.

Let’s go define your brand voice.

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