New Moon Rituals for Entrepreneurs 2021 book


Design your success with the power of New Moons

Working with astrology and rituals in your business? Yes! They are powerful, practical tools you can use.

New Moons are potent times of the month when the Moon and Sun meet. It’s the time to set your intentions to clearly ask the Universe for what you want.

New Moon Rituals for Entrepreneurs will show you how to:

  • Create effective New Moon rituals each month
  • Work with astrological timing to focus on each area of your business
  • Personalize your rituals with your natal astrology
  • Design success in your own way

Leslie Tagorda – creator of the AstroBrand™ Method, host of The Savvy Luminary Podcast, and business astrologer to spiritual entrepreneurs and change-makers—is your navigator to stepping into your own star power.

When you create space monthly, to harness the power of the New Moon, you will gain clarity in what you want from your business to design success on your terms.

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