Star Powered – 4 Week Intensive


Become the luminary business leader you were born to be by star charting your what, why, how and who of your unique brand identity.

Star Powered teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to use astrology in practical ways to develop your business, empower your clients’ transformation, and propel your brand leadership.

Star Powered Position if volume 1 of 3 that shows you how to:

  • Accurately interpret your natal chart to remove second-guessing your business decisions
  • Release the need to compare or copy others when positing and building your brand
  • Reduce trial and errors when selling your signature offers to your ideal customers
  • Gain a deeper understanding of who your are, regardless of what the “system” tells you you are
  • Awareness of inner needs to access conscious decision making aligned with your unique purpose
  • Consciously connect your inner and outer aspects to inform you business and personal growth


  • 4 weeks starting September 6
  • 4 pre-recorded trainings
  • 5 weekly live Q+A via zoom
  • FB community and group support

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