Written in the Stars – How to read your natal chart for business using the AstroBrand™ Method


Learn how to create, direct and navigate your business using astrology in a way that is inclusive, empowering and 100% unique to you!.

Even if you know how to read your chart, or you’ve taken this last year with me, you’ll pick up even more in this optimized experience!

Written in the Stars show you how to:

  • View your chart in a holistic view, not just singular ingredients in a list.
  • First step to reading your one-of-a-kind potentials.
  • Get a holistic empowered view of your business.
  • Understand and read the symbols in your chart.
  • Personalize New Moon activations and other cosmic cycles to your chart.

This training is a prerequisite to Star Powered 4-week intensive using my AstroBrand™ method.


  • Week of August 16-20
  • 5 pre-recorded trainings (20 min or less)
  • Daily live Q+A via zoom for the week
  • FB community and group support
  • 60 min Illuminate master class to put it all together

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